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February Recap

Well, February ended in much the same way it began - pretty crappy. After barely scraping out a third place finish in a $5 PokerStars SNG earlier this evening, I went against my instinct and played a bit more at both Interpoker and PokerStars. Boy, did that hurt.

My month ended with two costly river suckouts, my cowboys busted twice (once when I was all-in pre-flop against AA...I'm 0 for 6 in that match up this month...), and one tilty hand where I decided to show the donkeys how it was done. Oh well, once a blonkey, always a blonkey.

Let's take a look at the numbers:

  • $10 NL: $46.06

  • $25 NL: $36.03

  • $0.50/$1 FL: -$9.88

  • $1/$2 FL: -$63.75

  • $5 SNGs: $43.50

  • $10 SNGs: -$4.00

  • Feb. Winnings: $40.95

  • Feb. Bankroll: $1340.66

So, another winning month - I guess I can't complain. I did manage to move from the $10 NL to the $25 NL tables which isn't all that bad.

I've left myself some room for improvement. And I've still got quite a ways to go in order to hit my $5000 bankroll goal for the year.

So if you're up for it, looks like it'll be another month of mediocre poker for me.


huma said...

Signed up for interpoker via your affil code. Only 1950 raked hands to go until I clear my bonus!

drewspop said...

An up month is a positive. Plus look at all the pimp cash rolling in ;)

Didn't do so hot in that WWdN last night on Poker Stars but it's a fun tourney. You should give it a try.

Klopzi said...

Thanks for signing up. I really like the site myself and play there exclusively right now for all my ring games.

The bonuses clear pretty quickly, especially at the NL tables. As long as you don't play too crazy, it's very easy to come out ahead once your bonus is cleared.

In fact, I've earned about $300 or so in Interpoker bonuses since October. This would've been much higher had I been playing more and had I been playing the NL ring games or 1/2 fixed limit games.

Anyway, I do practice what I preach and you can find me at the $25 NL tables most nights (although today is Ash Wednesday so probably no poker tonight).

I'll see you at the tables!

Klopzi said...


Thanks for popping by last night. You missed the awful KK vs. AA all-in by a few minutes, I think.

I may try the WWdN at some point. However, I'm really terrible at MTTs so we'll see. I guess it'd fun to try at least once, though.

And hopefully you've had an up month too. With that $76 you earned, you're way ahead of me.

I'll see if I can catch up - I'm about 40% of the way through a bonus right now, with another $100 bonus right behind it, and there will be another $100 bonus after I deposit $100 in the next few days.

Ahh, the never-ending grind that is bonus whoring...

drewspop said...

I was going to put that $100 back in for the extra bonus but didn't want to waste the buck they charge to withdraw again (being cheap I guess).

Now for the monthly bonus, does it show up in your Bonuses at some point or do you just go at it? I checked my bonuses page this morning and there is nothing there so that is what I assume happens. They just give you the $40 once you play the 200 raked hands?

Klopzi said...


Interpoker doesn't give the "$40 bonus for 200 raked hands without deposit" like some of the Crypto sites. Instead, they offer the 100% reload bonus up to $100 each and every month.

Granted, you have to pay a buck to withdraw. But you're looking at an extra $60 in bonus. And don't forget that you can withdraw that $100 any time you like and still have the bonus be active on your account.

All bonuses at Interpoker show up on your Cashier - Promotions - Bonus screen.

drewspop said...

ah, ok, so is it 100 hands per $20 of bonus or always 500?

Klopzi said...

It's always 5 raked hands per $1 of bonus. I think there may be a minimum $20 deposit, but in that case, it would be 100 raked hands.

That way, if you thought you might only have time to play 200 raked hands for the month and you really wanted the bonus money ASAP, you could deposit $40.

I always do the maximum and let my bonuses stack up but you could do it anyway you like.

The biggest draw that Interpoker has for me is the fact that I always have an bonus overlay to all my play there. I'm always clearing a bonus, no exceptions.

It's nice to know that even if I am down $10 at the end of the night, I may have cleared $20 of my bonus. Either way, I win!