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Excuse me - I didn't order the waffles...

Sitting at 91% completion on my 100 SNGs in 100 Days Challenge, I decided to start multi-tabling the SNGs at PokerStars in order to speed things up. And, in all honesty, I think I've played enough of these things to be able to handle two at a time. I did, however, learn one lesson: playing two games at once doesn't work when there's a crazy blogger sitting at your table.

Yep, I sat down with the craziest blogger I know - SirFWALGMan (aka Sir Waffles, Waffle Guy, Wiffle-Waffle, etc.). I actually did pretty good in that SNG considering the fact that I donked about $2000 in chips to Sir over the course of the SNG.

Sir Waffles, let this be a warning to you: the next time I find myself in the lead with only three of us left at the table, I won't take it so easy on you. And on that note, I hope I never sit with Sir again. Reading his blog, you may not believe it, but he's actually quite good at this poker thing (when he plays within his bankroll, that is). Anyway SirFWALGMan, thanks for the lesson - I'm sure we'll cross paths again.

Other than that one SNG, I played five others over a 3 hour period. I came in 2nd twice and 3rd once. An ITM of 50% and ROI of 10% isn't too bad for me considering I was playing two of these things at a time.

I've got another three SNGs to play before this 100 SNG Challenge is done and I can't wait. Although it seems that these challenges I make for myself are solely for the purpose of increasing my self-importance or entertaining my readers (11 of them now - thanks guys), they actually serve a higher purpose.

I'm not one of those people who believe that work is it's own reward. Work sucks. Always. Period. And since luck is a factor in poker, you can't base your poker prowess on the size of your bankroll. The only way that I can keep my head in the game and push myself to improve is by coming up with funny little challenges.

Take last night, for example. I played six SNGs, didn't win any of them, and made a whopping $3 profit. I don't know about you, but that doesn't make me want to run back to the tables, giddily peeing my pants with the excitement of it all. But throw in the fact that I cleared another 6% of my SNG Challenge and I'm content to keep slaving away.

Much like free coffee at a job where you're expected to put in free overtime, my challenges keep me going when many others would simply say "F*ck it!" and turn on the TV.

I'll wrap it up here for now. There's some things I need to attend to (stuff to test, people to yell at, etc.).

I'll see you at the tables...


iamhoff said...

I've railed Waffles, but not played with him. Scary thought. Personally, Whiskeytown scares me. He multi-tables 4 to 6 at a time, is good, and his Avatar is scary. Kinda like Waffle's eyes, only they're real! Congrats on not peeing your pants. Once I win a few more SnGs and pad the PokerStars bankroll a bit, I'll go ahead and bite on some of your affiliate codes. I wanna be as cool as Drewspop!

Klopzi said...

I'm not too worried about playing other bloggers in tournaments and SNGs. They may be more aggressive than me, but I'm a nut peddler and it seems to work out pretty well.

Still, I'd be lying if I didn't say it's a little intimidating to play against players with so much more poker experience than me. But I'll get there one day, I guess.

And if you wanna be as cool as Drewspop, I won't stop you. In fact, I'd encourage you.

It's fun being cool...

drewspop said...

Just catching up here from my binge weekend. Didn't know I was so damn cool!

Klopzi said...

Yep, you are.