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Challenge Update: $250 NL Challenge

A quick update to my $250 Eurobet NL Challenge:

After taking a look at some numbers last night, I've decided to broaden my horizons while attempting to win 10 buy-ins at the $25 NL tables. Instead of playing solely at Eurobet, I've decided to start playing at Interpoker (and possibly other sites as well).

The reasoning for starting to play a bit more at Interpoker is due to the fact that I have almost endless reload bonuses that need constant clearing. And my rakeback is slightly higher at Interpoker than it is at Eurobet. However, it is the bonuses that count here since I don't play high enough stakes for rakeback to become a deciding factor.

Also, I get to play against Drewspop at Interpoker, so I've got that going for me too. He took about 50 cents off me last night but I think I'll live. It's the guy who $50 off me that I need to really worry about...

So, the $250 Eurobet NL Challenge has been officially renamed to the $250 NL Challenge.

All I need to do now is learn how to play poker. I clearly demonstrated that need last night...


drewspop said...

Good to play with you. It was a surprise to find my college roommate at the same table. He plays alot too.

I had a very rough night. As you saw, my play was pretty bad in Omaha and my NL luck was no better. Every time I was in a pot, I would hit top pair with a crap kicker from the blinds or have a small pocket that had no chance. It was ugly.

Good to see you though. I am sure I will see you out there again soon.

Klopzi said...

Check out my numbers and you'll see that I had a really rought night. Down almost $70. Definitely one of my worst days ever.

The good thing about poker is that you'll always get better as long as you work on your game. And losing is a great motivator to become a better player.

Although I'd say winning is much better for your overall enjoyment and confidence.