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Challenge Completed: 100 SNG Challenge

Well, it ended up only taking me 72 days to finish off the 100 SNGs in 100 Days Challenge. I don't whether this is a good or bad thing. All I can say for now is that I don't want to play another SNG for a little while.

It was a real grind and though I may be a bit better at the $5 SNGs after the time I spent playing, my results seem to confirm my suspicions that:

  1. I am not very good at SNGs.

  2. The $$/hr earned while playing SNGs is well below what I can make playing cash games.

  3. My ability to read players is piss poor resulting in too many folds when I should call, too many calls when I should fold, and too many suckouts when I correctly call.

It was a fun little experiment though. And for those interested, I'll break down some numbers because that's what poker's all about, right?

SNGs Played:  100
Return:  $39.45
Time Spent:  71.5 hrs
$$/hr:  $0.55/hr
ITM %:  43%
ROI %:  7.2%

1st place: 10
2nd place: 17
3rd place: 16
On-the-bubble: 17
Craptastic: 40

Site Rankings

  1. Eurobet: $45.00 (10)

  2. PartyPoker: $17.00 (33)

  3. InterPoker: -$1.00 (11)

  4. TigerGaming: -$1.05 (11)

  5. Pacific Poker: -$3.00 (1)

  6. Absolute Poker: -$7.00 (1)

  7. PokerStars: -$10.50 (33)

As you can see, Eurobet and PartyPoker were my two biggest payers. In fact, PokerStars was sitting pretty until yesterday when I dropped 3 straight due to various suckouts and unlucky draws.

Strangely enough, the TigerGaming $3 SNGs were awful for me. MrVercetti has an ITM of 50% on these things and has made a pretty penny playing them. For me, though, they are a money pit better left to others.

I didn't place any ROI conditions on the success or failure of this challenge. Honestly, I knew from the get-go that once you get into the top 3 in an SNG, you're pretty well gambling to win the thing unless you've got a good chip lead. My SNG style is one of outlasting the others at the table then taking on the chip leader for the win.

Sure, my style results in many more 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes; however, it also puts me in a good spot to actually make money playing poker. And as we all know, being in the black is a good thing for a poker player.

So that's it - challenge completed. It was a long road and I'm glad it's behind me. Now I'll have more time to really focus on my ring game play.


huma said...

Return: $39.45
Time Spent: 71.5 hrs
$$/hr: $0.55/hr

Man, that's depressing. I hope you had fun playing all these hours :)

Klopzi said...

SNGs are definitely a grind for me - I'm more of a cash game player.

The thing I find about SNGs and tournament play in general is that it is too easy for someone to risk all their chips on a hunch.

For example, in a NL cash game, you're not going to push on the turn with a flush a draw on the come. In an SNG, it's a donkey's favourite move...