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Busy day...

Sorry for the late post...it's been a busy one at work today. I've got two posts to make - this post will recap my play last night. My next post is one that I've been writing in bits and pieces whenever I had time - I just updated it a few minutes ago and will post shortly.

Without further ado...

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Signed up with Rakeback Poker for the 40% rakeback for life. This sweet deal was brought to my attention by the good folks over at RakeTheRake. Basically, I'll get be getting a juicy rakeback deal at Rakeback Poker whenever I play there. And the cool thing is that you can request to have your rakeback deposited directly into your account on a daily basis.

Anyway, I dropped $100 onto the site and played some 0.50/1 limit poker for 25 minutes just to get my account going (it's a rakeback thing). I dropped $10. I'm not playing 0.50/1 anymore...1/2 from this point on.

Most of that loss is actually due to one hand. I raised in EP with an AQ and got two callers (one in MP, the other on the button). Flop comes A 8 7 with two diamonds. I check-raise and both callers are still in it. When the turn comes with a rag, I bet and MP raises me. I call the raise and his river bet only to find myself losing a good-sized pot to his 78o.

Funny, I was under the impression that cold-calling an early position player's raise with junk hands was a recipe for disaster. I'd put him on AJ or AT - I could've put him on a set as well, but it's limit poker and I was feeling bold. Oh well, one more donkey who'll keep playing for at least another week because he's got the game figured out...(question: who was the donkey in the last hand?)

I also played for a few hours at Eurobet's $25 NL tables. Grinded out a $9.50 win, literally. I was card dead for the last one and a half hours at the tables. My VP$IP went from 20% down to 14% in that time. No pairs, no suited aces, and a few suited connectors.

I lost a fairly big pot when I misplayed pocket tens. Rather than play them aggressivly/confidently, I pussed out and took it on the chin when my one opponent pushed all in on the river. I thought for a while but figured I'd fold it, not wanting to call his all-in with my second pair.

The pusher showed an A6o for third or fourth pair. Cheeky bastard...I'll get him next time.

I also got screwed on a hand where I flopped bottom two pair. With two flush cards on the flop, I bet the pot. I got two callers...yuck. When the turn put the third flush card on the board and another over card to my two pair, I was a little worried. I was thinking of going for a check-raise, but the guy to my left pushed all in when I checked it.

I folded because I had no read on him and I was very, very afraid. I did not like my hand at that point...

I also played a quick $5 SNG at PokerStars. I was the chip leader early when I doubled up on a LAG who overplayed his A6o. I'd raised from early position with KK, he re-raised me to half my stack and I pushed. Silly monkey...

One orbit later, he'd built his stack back up to respectable levels by getting lucky on some all-ins. He pushed all in for his last $1300. I was sitting in the BB with JJ and a stack of $3700. I called and he showed KQo. King on the turn sealed it for him...

I finally went out in fifth spot when the blinds hit 50/100. I raised to 300 UTG with a KJs (a little loose, but the table had tightened up considerably). SB calls as does the BB. Flop comes 4 T K. SB and BB both check to me. The pot is at $1000 and I decide to buy the pot - so I push in my last $1600.

Alas, I was insta-called by both players. SB had flopped a set of 4s (f*cker) and the BB had flopped top pair with his KQ (double f*cker).

Easy come, easy go...did I mess up that badly? I don't think so. Every now and then, fate conspires to take you down a notch. They both checked to me on the flop and any bet from me was going to tie me to this pot.

I went down swingin' and I like that...

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