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Busy day...

Man, things are pretty busy at work today. Haven't really had the time to sit down and write anything, but I'll see what I can spit out before my next meeting.

I played some more of the $10 NL game at Eurobet. I've gone back to playing just one table in the hopes that the extra focus will translate into extra BB/100. All it's done so far is make me all that much tighter - I folded trips twice yesterday and didn't raise when I hit a set on the river. I am turning into a fish!

That being said, I still managed to come out $7.35 ahead. This puts me at just about 20% of the way through my new $50 Eurobet NL challenge. Sweet!

Some highlights (and low-lights) from last night:

  • Limping with QJs along with 5 others, Flop comes Q high with two hearts. Checked to me and I bet the pot to discourage anyone from drawing at the flush. I get two callers who I immediately put on flush draws. Turn is a non-heart 7. I bet $1 into the $2.40 pot and both players call. River is a non-heart 7 - both players check to me. I bet $2 into the $5.50 pot as a value bet and get called by one guy who flips over the 37s of hearts. I lose to rivered trip 7's. Yuck!

  • Another hand, I pick up AA. Raise it up to 50 cents pre-flop and get two callers. When the flop comes K T 9, the maniac (VP$IP of 90%) bets the pot. I push all-in and he calls showing his K9o. That one cost me quite a bit. Nice call pre-flop, a-hole!

  • I pick up 88 and raise it up pre-flop and only UTG limper calls. Flop comes A 5 2. Opponent checks, I check. Turn is a 7. My opponent overbets the pot for $1.50. A little suspicious, I re-raise to $3 and he calls. At this point, I'm still not sure if I'm ahead. River is an 8! My opponent bets $4 into the pot and I...call! WTF?! I'm so weak...when you hit the hand you wanted, you're supposed to push! Hopefully I'll grow a set sometime soon (no pun intended). My opponent turned over A2 for two pair.

  • Another hand, I pick QQ and raise it up from the SB to 4xBB and only the button limper calls. Flop comes T 6 6. I check, button bets, I raise, he calls. Turn is a blank, I check, he bets, I call. The button was making substantial bets - $1 on the flop, $2 on the turn. River is a Q! I check, button bets, I re-raise for another $2 and he calls. I made about $6 on the hand. I could've made more, I'm sure, had I bet more on the river.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the boring post. When you don't have time to write anything interesting, just fall back on poorly remembered hand histories.

I'm almost ready to start the $1/$2 limit games. I'm honing my strategy and we'll see if it works out at the tables. If I do hit a bad run at Interpoker, I may try playing some $1/$2 at PartyPoker to see if I can do any better.

Seriously - $1/$2 is not high-stakes. The level of play cannot be that much higher than it is at 0.50/1, right? Although the last time I thought that, I found myself down $150 in the span of four sessions.

I've just got to remember to play my usual tight game. No betting and raising with AK if I miss the flop. And likewise, no giving free cards to people on draws. I am going to beat this game if it kills me.

Ok, meeting time! I hope that there aren't too many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in this post - don't have time to check.

Have a good afternoon everyone!


drewspop said...

Hey, sounds like a good night all in all though. I agree that the $1/$2 limit isn't any better players, but the peaks and valleys are bigger for the bankroll. There are just as many donkey chasers at both levels so even with good starting hands, you can have bad runs. Good luck though, I am hoping you can beat it.

Klopzi said...

We'll see...My strength lies in bankroll management and not in poker itself. Still, I can't keep putting this off. Let's just hope that I get lucky enough early on so that I can build up a little stack and play with more confidence.

I find that my limit play is much better once I'm up - much like it is in no limit as well. I guess winning is good all round.

huma said...

microlimit is so tedious and frustrating that I've given it up entirely, but if I had the bankroll to support (and inshallah, soon I will) I'd play 1/2. Winning or losing a few bucks per hand instead of a few cents would be much more satisfying, and I think I have the discipline to call it a day if I lose 30-40BB in a session.

Anyway congrats on the win, and don't be afraid to push hard with those sets (unless the board pairs an overpair or two!).

Klopzi said...

I've never played anything but micro-limit, so I guess it's not as frustrating to me as it is to most.

Having the discipline to stop playing after drop 30 BBs is good, but if you try to play too high too quickly, you'll find yourself dropping those 30 BBs pretty regularly.

And I did push hard with my sets last night and it did work out. I even pushed pretty hard with my overpairs too...