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Again?! Damn it!

If you're reading this post directly from my site, take a look to the right and you'll see the damage that my bankroll suffered this weekend. If you're reading this through bloglines or some other reader, it's probably best that way. Seeing the carnage of this past weekend sure ain't pretty and is best avoided by all but hardiest of poker players.

You see, after a couple mediocre sessions of 1/2 at Interpoker, the Poker Gods decided to give me the proverbial "Fuck you!" and drain the excess monies from my bankroll. And strangely enough, thoughts of giving up the game or taking a break from poker are far from my mind.

Those thoughts get reserved for those times when I've truly pissed away my fortunes with bad play. Although I may have lost an extra bet or two along the way, I can only blame variance for the never-ending string of suckouts.

I won't go into detail about the "bad beats" (they weren't really bad beats but I'll use the terminology for lack of better words). Suffice it to say that each time I picked up a big hand, someone had me beat.

I have an overpair? I'm behind to a garbage two-pair or miracle straight. Who are these people who'll cold-call three bets pre-flop with an 82o? Then call when the flop is capped holding only bottom pair and filling out to two pair on the turn? Yuck...

If I hit top set, someone hit the straight. If I flopped the nut straight, someone hit their full boat on the turn.

The downside of playing the "tight-aggressive" game is that you'll pump a lot of money into any pot where you have an edge. Remember, an opponent's lost EV is your gained EV. So you push your edge on the flop and on the turn. But if your opponent catches his or her 4 outer on the river, you are going to feel the sting.

Needless to say, my opponents were all paid off for taking some extreme pre-flop and flop gambles. It happens and I can only push forwards and upwards.

On a positive note, I've almost cleared the $25 bonus at Interpoker. The numbers at the side are not 100% accurate right now because I turned off my laptop in disgust after a couple short sessions on Saturday and have not played since then. Time heals all wounds, right?

Though I am down 40 big bets at 1/2, I told myself that I would allow myself to lose a full 150 big bets before I moved back down to 0.50/1. I do not want to make that jump backwards and I will strive to improve my game and my luck in any way that I can to guarantee my future success.

I will be posting a bit later regarding a new challenge that I've designed for myself. More details to follow, however this will be another SNG challenge focusing on playing at the $10 SNG tables.

So, that's it for right now. I may be down, but I'm not out. I knew that poker was going to be a real bitch at times when I started playing and I'll take the good with the bad. The most important thing I can do right now is to constantly improve and not give up.

However, if anyone out there wants to help out, please sign up with one of my affiliates. I think I'll probably need the help...

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