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Took the night off

Well, I didn't play any poker last night. Crazy, but true. I spent the night having dinner with my wife and my mom. Afterwards, my wife and I returned home, watched the latest episode of Supernatural, then went to bed. It may sound boring, but it was actually pretty relaxing. Tonight, on the other hand, is a different story...

My plans for tonight are to play some SNGs again and some NL if I get the chance. MrVercetti is popping over to watch the Sens game and I can easily play poker and watch hockey at the same time.

I wish I had something more to say. I did notice that someone found my site by searching for "Matt Maroon" sucks: poor Matt, never gets the respect he deserves. He seems pretty good to me - that's why I ordered his book yesterday. So if Matt Maroon does indeed suck as presumed by fishy google surfers, I guess I'm gonna be sucking all the way to the bank! Does that even make any sense in the English language?

While waiting for my new books to arrive in the mail, I've decided to sit down and read Sklansky's Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players (aka HPFAP). I'm going to work on memorizing the hand groupings and the key rules for using them. I think that my VP$IP of 15% seems a little tight. Combined with my PFR% of 9%, I think I'm missing out on some extra bets each time I sit down to play limit (or NL) hold'em.

The only complaint that I have about the book is that very little of it applies to the games I play. Sklansky discusses necessary strategies and patterns of thinking to use against good players. You know - what does he think that I think that he has? Beginning players think of one thing only - "What cards do I have?". When faced with bets, they look at their cards and decide whether they are ahead or not. This results in the fishy behaviour of checking a lot and only betting when holding top pair or better. Come to think of it, this is very much like what I do interspersed between random acts of unadulterated aggression.

Regardless, I'm told Sklansky is The Man when it comes to poker theory. People may poke fun or criticize his writing simply because he's not as successful as some of the big name players. Still, I was always taught that those who can't - teach. And there are few better teachers than Dave "The Don" Sklansky.

Have I wasted enough of your time? You betcha! Get the hell outta here and go play some poker!

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