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Thank you - please come again!

First, a special thanks to Felicia for stopping by. I'll admit, I have yet to get to Felicia's blog simply because I know that she's a solid 7-card stud player and 7-card stud scares me: I have enough trouble remembering two cards. Still, if you're interested in reading a poker blog written by someone who really knows her stuff, then you'll find very few better than Felicia Lee's blog. And if you're interested in reading mindless drivel then get ready cuz here it comes!

So, I haven't mentioned any of the keyword searches that have delivered people to my doorstep lately. Since I've got some time right now, I thought I'd go ahead and do that. Don't you feel lucky? It won't be that bad - in fact, you may be downright surprised...

aim robot screen name mr knowitall
Hmmm...Man, I wish I could come up with some semblance of an answer to your query. I'm guessing this person is looking to determine whether Mr. Know-it-all is a bot or a human player. Most likely, I'm guessing you got severely out played or called down by second pair when you made a desperation bluff on the river and lost a big pot. Mr. Know-it-all may be a bot, but then again, you may be a donk. And unfortunately, your quest is not finished because I am not mr knowitall, I am Klopzi...whatever that means...

pokerace hud registration code for free
pokerace hud registration key generator
In response to the many, many, many (3) people coming here looking for a PokerAce HUD registration codes, cracks and hacks, I have one thing to say: pay the $25 already. Sure, it used to be free. But it's worth $25. Hell, if you use it to multi-table $3/$6 at Party, it's worth a hell of a lot more than that. This is great software (infinitely better than GameTime+ in my opinion) - you won't regret picking it up. I'll even put up a link at the side for you to follow to buy it - how much easier could it be than that?

And assuming that you can make $5/hour playing poker, you'll spend far longer than 5 hours just trying to find a code that only works for a couple days before the developers block that registration code (although I'm sure duplicate codes are rejected out of hand). Avast me mateys! You're piratey ways will never find that buried treasure.

phil hellmuth blow up videos
If I ever find out that a video is being sold containing a steady stream of Phil Hellmuth "blow-ups", I will let you know where you can get it. If I ever find anything online, I'll let you know. I just thank God that the search wasn't for "phil hellmuth blow up doll" - I think Id have to give up watching poker for fear of seeing Phil Hellmuth. And the thoughts of a Klopzi blow-up doll existing (in the case that I win 9 WSOP bracelets) is too disturbing to contemplate.

5 cents 10 cents fixed limit poker
(Due to firewall limitations, I can't verify any of the following information, but I'll do my best)

If you're looking for some 5c/10c action, here are some places to look:

  1. TigerGaming: This is where it all started for me. I played countless hours of limit poker at the 10c/20c tables trying to build up my bankroll while desperately trying not to vomit from the nervous shakes. Limit was a scary beast for me in the beginning (and still is), but you're not going to find cheaper lessons than at TigerGaming. Just make sure you don't confuse the 10c/20c with 5c/10c $5 buy-in NL (no-limit) ring games. The players may not be good but the two or three above-average players at the table will eat you alive.
  2. UltimateBet: UltimateBet has the smallest fixed-limit ring games on the internet at 1c/2c. I'm sure they have 10c/20c too...not sure though - still, they're worth checking out. I joined UltimateBet because of the 1c/2c tables (which I never played) and because I really like Phil Hellmuth (not blow-up doll like, wise-ass).
  3. Pacific Poker: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Pacific Poker has some 10c/20c tables too. Pacific Poker has some of the loosest games on the internet (according to some of the sites out there). Just remember that there is such a thing as too loose and it's really frustrating to constantly have your top pair lose to sixes over twos.

slow playing rockets poker
slow playing rockets explained poker terms
Slow-playing AA pre-flop is a recipe for disaster unless you really know what you're doing. And most players who know what they're doing raise it up pre-flop with AA. I've sucked out on people slow-playing rockets by hitting two pair on the flop with my T4o from the BB. I had a guy suck out on me the other night because I let him in for cheap in the BB. Here's an idea: instead of limping with AA pre-flop, just raise with other quality hands as well in an effort to disguise your good hands from your great hands.

As for slow-playing rockets after the flop, use the texture of the board and your read on the table to determine how things should play out. I won't elaborate because poker is a game of situations, blah blah blah. Pick up any poker book and you'll see this same stuff dealt with far better than me. You ask me, texture of the board is "felty" and my read on my opponents is spotty at this point in time. If you're ever playing against me, just ask me if you should push with your Aces and I'll let you know, depending on which cards I'm holding at the time...

By the way, all that "you may be surprised" nonsense was a ruse to make you read on. As the donkey said to me when he extracted one big bet from me on the river after slow-playing the nuts on 3rd and 4th street - "Gotcha!".

That's it for now. I may play poker tonight or PS2 - I'll have to see what suits my mood. Winning money is good, losing money is bad, shooting zombiesin the face is always a winning proposition, as is rollingup giant balls of people, cows, and freaky Japanese snack food.

And rather than playing the night away, my wife and I are probably going to watch a couple movies saved on the PVR (or DVR or TiVO...same thing) tonight as well. Tonight is going to be fun...can't wait...leaving soon!


Does my writing come across like it's being written by a 10-year old Japanese schoolgirl? Do I put too many exclamation points in my writing?!!!!! And do I say "yay!" far too many times for a 30 year old male? I should probably stop watching Will & Grace and Sailor Moon...y'know, just in case...


By the way, I'm kidding...I'll never stop watching Will & Grace and Sailor Moon.


That was also a joke...but Will & Grace can be funny. As for Sailor Moon, it's so 1994...that's right, it's Yu-Gi-Oh! time bitches!


Felicia :) said...

Everything you've heard is a lie. I'm a rock, I can get by, but rocks don't book big wins.

Klopzi said...

Well, I just used the "rock" strategy playing some NL and it paid off for me. See - I'm already learning! :)

Anonymous said...

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