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Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Another night at the NL ring game tables, another slight addition to my bankroll. Although I was up by the time I went to bed, the night was truly marred by a spectacularly bad play on my part.

I decided to sit down at the $10 NL tables at Pacific Poker (another affiliate...I am shameless...) with the last of my bonus money. This money was just sitting there and I was unable to withdraw it due to wagering requirements.

It only took me 50 minutes to lose it all and I still can't believe that I make the same mistakes over and over again. Here's the scoop:

I'd been card dead for the last 20 minutes and I'm down to $7.40. Suddenly I've picked up JJ and I'm dreaming of all the money I'm gonna make. Three limpers to me in late middle position (MP3); I make it 50 cents to go. I can feel all the high rollers out there smirking...

Guy on the button re-raises to $1 and all fold to me and I call. Flop comes down 6 6 9. With $2.35 in the pot, I bet $3. Why did I bet so high? Was I trying to commit all my chips to this one pot? Why not bet $1 or $2 and see what happens? Well, the button comes back at me for all my chips.

Hmmm...I've got an overpair and I'm being put all in. What could he have re-raised me with pre-flop? A big pair? Likely but I was hoping that I wasn't getting cold-decked yet again with a big pair. Big drawing hand (AK, AQ, etc.)? Very possible. A hand with a 6 in it? Pretty unlikely, although I've had my share of bad luck when making this assumption. A hand with a 9 in it? Possible.

Here are the things that I missed that led me to making a bad call:

  1. I had a tight table image, having not played a single hand for the past 20 minutes - chances are the button had the goods.
  2. There were already 3 limpers in the pot, so the chances of the button thinking that I was on a steal were nil.
  3. By over-betting the pot, it made it look like I may be trying to buy the pot while also making it easy for the button to put me to the test for all my chips.
  4. When a player re-raises the pre-flop raiser all in, he's usually got something good.

Obviously I made the wrong move and called off all my chips. The button turned over cowboys and I was dead to two outs which never came...

I have lost many times to this exact play. I've got to learn how to play big pairs I guess. Either that or stop pushing all in with only a pair! Phil Gordon would be rolling in his grave were he not alive and winning more money on a single hand than I have in my bankroll.

Anyway, the hits continued at TigerGaming...I pick up TT and raise it to 5xBB and get two callers. Flop comes AKT. I've got both players well covered at this point and push - both call. One guy shows KK and the other AJs. Set over set?! Saw that happen to Ted Forrest the other day on High Stakes Poker on GSN. Luckily for me, I only lost an extra $1.50 when I won the side pot with Mr. AJs when he missed his flush.

Other than that, I got beat by rivered flushes four out of the six times that I put someone all-in when they were on a draw. However, I did play pretty solid and started throwing my weight around with my big stack (I was up to $23 at one table where the max buy-in is $5).

All in all, up around $2 on the night. That puts me at about 10 BB/100 for my play all evening - not great but I'll take it. It's just a shame that the BB in this case is only 10 cents...

Well, going to my mom's place for dinner tonight with my wife so I may not get to play this evening. If I do, it'll be an SNG at Party or at PokerStars (surprisingly, still no affiliate code...) Going out with friends tomorrow night (freaky - the lights just went out here at the office...) but I may play some drunken poker when I get home.

Ok the lights keep going on and off so I'd better wrap it up...


Another new blogger: check out Huma at Humanaut's Boring Poker Blog. Yet another new online player making a better go at it than me. Still, any new players out there brave enough to hit the NL ring games have more of a fighting spirit than I and they deserve to do well.


I have a sneaking suspicion that, in my haste, I've set up my affiliate links wrong. That would be something to worry about if people were visiting this site in droves. I guess it's something I'll get to fix on my birthday as I sit around in boxer shorts and eat cake...


Just read something funny - I've been there before:
Ex-employee: I just got let go.
Employee: Really? What did they say?
Ex-employee: "Bye."

- Overheard in the office


Go check out Overheard in the Office - they have some funny sh*t! I guess the site's comprised of numerous conversations overheard at various workplaces. I'll put one more here that I found particularly funny, but after that, you're on your own.
4PM Order Supplies
Co-worker #1: Can I borrow a colored pen?
Co-worker #2: Here's a red one, but I may need it later for drawing fire.

525 7th Avenue
New York, NY

Good to see that the people of NY are working so hard...


drewspop said...

Those are always really tough decisions because you always want to think that the dude is just trying to bully you. I will leave it to the real players to clue us in on how to better play those ones because it is always the calls that bust you that you remember. Not the ones you call and win with right?

If you are on pokerstars, maybe I will run into you in a SNG. What do you play?

Klopzi said...

It's true...I tend to remember the plays where I f*cked up. The ones that I win are usually very similar: I have the nuts, I bet, everyone folds or one donkey goes broke looking me up. Looking at my stats last night, of the 25 hands that I won, I only showed down twice.

I play the $5 SNGs for now. I may see you there...depends how long dinner runs tonight. I've only got $10 left at PokerStars - I may need to build it up with some ring game play.

huma said...

Don't feel too bad about the set-over-set - it happened to me twice in a row last night. Jacks over fives, kings over tens. In both cases, I was holding pocket pairs and the board paired an overcard. Grrr.

I've only got about $10 left on Stars as well, but I'll be buggered if I'm slogging it out at .10/.20 for 3 hours to make a few bucks. I'm gonna have to make a new deposit anyway if I'm going to play those $5 sng's.

I play on both Stars and Party as 'humanaut' but you probably won't see me as we're in opposite time zones. In fact, if you do see me, tell me to go to bed :)

Klopzi said...

Huma, sorry it took me so long to respond. I did sit down at PokerStars last night around 10 pm EST. You weren't on - either that or the search lied.

Anyway, hopefully you had better luck than me. I ended up having to grind it out at the 10 cent tables. I have money sitting in my Neteller account, but I played the micro-limit NL as a form of penance for my poor SNG showing.

Regardless, maybe I'll see you around this weekend...I'll be playing...