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Quick fixes are the best fixes!

Now that my love of "all-things-poker" is back, I'm going to make a concerted effort to improve my game. There are some definite leaks in my game (how many players have said this exact same thing this year?) and some things that I can do to improve. So, how do you fix leaks in your game? Practice is good. Talking about poker with friends is ok. Blogging about poker is pathetic. But I want the quick fix. I know - I'll buy some books!

For the two weeks, I've responded to my wife's pleas of "What do you want for your birthday?" with my standard "I don't know. Nothing. I've got everything I need". On an almost daily basis, this same question comes up and I keep coming up with nothing. And then, this afternoon, I order three books from Amazon.ca , much to my wife's disbelief and frustration. It must be really annoying to be married to me...

Anyways, without further ado, here's what I'm going to work on:

NL Ring Games
I've been interested in taming this beast for a while and I think that, thanks to TigerGaming's ridiculously cheap games and soft competition, now is the time to make my move.

As I posted earlier, I will try to win $100 at Tiger's $5 NL games prior to moving up to Interpoker's $25 NL games. To aid in my quest, I purchased three books that should all put me on course for some pretty sweet mediocre results:

Each of these books should contribute greatly to my successes.

Tom McEvoy I don't know much about other than he's a good poker writer and professional poker player (sorry Tom!). T.J. Cloutier is real pro and seems to suffer as many bad beats as I do. If I'm ever going to succeed, I'll need to seek out his wisdom. He's a big guy and I've got to learn how he manages to restrain himself from pummeling everyone in site when his AK loses to a donkey's A5. Seriously, this book's supposed to be pretty good.

Bob Ciaffone's book is recommended by the 2+2 forum as being one of the top NL ring game books out there. Who am I to argue? At only $20 CDN (that's probably $5 US), this book should pay for itself pretty quickly. I just hope it isn't as dry as his middle limit hold'em book.

Finally, Matt Maroon is one of the up and coming Internet pros and has been crushing the middle limit poker scene for a couple years now, I think. Although his book does have some mistakes when it comes to the pictures and poker hands, I still think it's a great investment. For only $12, how can you go wrong? I already know the difference between a straight, two pair and a full house, so any little editing errors won't bother me. I'm especially interested in the short-handed section of his book.

By the way, when I say that these books will bring me some mediocre results, I am not critiquing the expertise of these writers. I am simply trying to keep my hopes low until proven otherwise. If any one, or all, of these books produce some sort of crazy explosion in my game, I'll send 'em all something nice (assuming I can find out where they live...probably not...). And if they don't work, I'll send 'em all the bill.

Ok, it's quitting time - get out here and go play some poker!

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