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I'll keep it short today (or shorter than I usually do). I played a few hours of $5 NL at TigerGaming last night, hoping to experience the same results as my previous two sessions. Well, I have good news and bad news...

The good news is that I was up by the end of the night. Although I spent about $16 in buy-ins, I came out ahead by about $6. I started out well, picking up some good pots to double up here and there and was generally doing alright. The tables kept breaking up - this seems to happen constantly in the NL games - but I did my best to stay in the game no matter where I played.

However, after the first hour, I went card dead for the most part. I picked up KK and AA once each but got no action from them. Here's a question: how do the other guys know to fold to my 3xBB raise when I'm holding aces but will readily call when I'm holding AJ and they're holding 73o? Invariably, the flop comes down T 7 3 most times and I fold to an all-in flop bet.

Anyway, the thing that really prevented me from leaping ahead money-wise was the crazy calls that people made when I'd try to bully them as the big stack. I lost $4.80 on a hand when a guy decided to call my all-in bet on the flop. I'd raised to 3xBB with QJs in the CO and he was in the BB and called. Flop comes K T x. He bets 0.40 into the 0.80 pot. I decide to put him all in for his last $4.50. Remember that I'd raised pre-flop...this is probably why it took him so long. Well, he eventually calls and shows a K8o. Weak...yes, top pair is a good hand. And no, there is no way in hell that I would call an all-in with top pair, shitty kicker, when the big stack raises pre-flop then pushes on the flop. I missed the straight and the backdoor flush draw and the extra outs that I picked up on the turn when a J fell.

So that's how it was most of the evening. Win some small pots, fold a heck of a lot, win a big pot, give it back to a player who's lost his patience, repeat.

My new goal, in addition to the 100 SNG Challenge, is to clear $100 at Tiger's $5 NL ring games. If I can do that, I'll move up to Interpoker's $25 NL games and see how well I do. With the rakeback and bonuses at Interpoker, I think it'd be a good move for me.

Lastly, so that we end off on a good note, I'll let you know that I won $7 on one of my last hands of the evening. This one actually occurred a few hands before the QJ vs K8 fiasco. I had 22 UTG and I decide to limp. In limit poker, this is a big no-no for me but I'm definitely getting pot odds in these loose NL games (because most pots are unraised 8 callers) and implied odds if I hit the flop. Flop comes down 2 4 8. Sweet! SB bets 0.50 into the 0.60 pot, BB raises to 0.75, and I smooth call hoping for overcalls. Although there are two flush cards on the table, the SB and BB would most likely call had I raised and I was assuming that one or both had flush draws. Everyone folds to the SB who pushes all in for his last $3 or so, BB pushes for his last $3.50, and I insta-call.

Well, the BB shows AJs for the nut flush draw. The SB shows...K8o for top pair (little did I know that K8 would gets its revenge a few hands later). Turn is an 8 of diamonds, giving me the boat. The river is the case 2 and I have quads! Actually, at first I got scared that I was going to lose with a my boat to the SB's eights full of twos. Silly me...quad 2s beat everything!

Now, had the river been an 8, I would've had a great bad beat story. As it is, I guess we'll all have to savour my victory. Strangely enough, I'd picked up JJ on the other table I was playing at the same time and took down a small-ish pot of $1.65 at that table. So, in the space of 30 seconds, I was up for the night and happy.

Before I go, you'll notice I've placed some ads for Interpoker and TigerGaming in my sidebar. These are both places that I enjoy frequenting - if you read my blog somewhat regularly, you'll know that Interpoker is my current "home" site. If you're feeling bold and want to start playing at either of these sites, feel free to click my links and sign-up. Both sites have great deposit bonuses and Interpoker has the best monthly reload bonus around.

Ok, I've whored myself enough. See you at the tables...


Geez...And I thought that I set my sights pretty high. Guess not...

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