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The new year will be pimp-tastic!

Ok, now that all that formatting and rendering foolishness is out of the way, I'm going to go through my reading list (time permitting, of course) and see what's up with everyone. Before I do, however, let me just quickly pimp a new book that I got as a Christmas gift from MrVercetti.

This is a great book for any hold'em players out there with a little experience under their belt. Gordon doesn't really teach you how to play specific hands or what to do when you've raised and a jackal comes over the top at you. Instead, Gordon outlines his thought process in various situations that you'll encounter time and time again at the tables.

I'm enjoying the book and my bankroll will certainly reflect the value of Gordon's teachings - I guess time will show whether or not the book is truly +EV. In the meantime, though, the book is only $19 (and that's Canadian) so I think you should really pick it up. And by pick it up, I mean click on my link above. Buy copies for everyone you know!


The Law School Dropout is still rich, but seems to have lost his love of the game. I fear that is the one downside of focusing primarily on the money gained while playing. I also find that the grind of limit poker can soon get to be too much for many people. I know it's a real grind at 0.50/1.00 - play for 8 hours and if you're up $8, you've had a great session. Now, if only I could 40 tables at once...

My recommendation? Start playing more tournaments! Gamble it up a little! Or bite the bullet and join the PPT! Billy Gazes says that it only cost him $250K to play in all the events this past year.


Al is back! That's right, Al Can't Hang seems to have found his mojo again. This seems to call for some sort of Austin Powers quote, but my memory's not that good and it wouldn't be funny or witty.

Al, I knew you could do it! Blogging may be gay and poker may end up being a losing battle, but it's still better than most things I can think of.


Pauly over at the Tao of Poker is still going strong. Check out his recap of 2005 if you happened to fall behind on your reading.


The Quiet Lion is still playing in numerous tournaments and doing quite well. I'm still waiting to see Richard show up on one of my recorded WSOP or WPT final tables - no luck yet though (I haven't been able to catch any of the UPC events). If you'd like to read about a nice guy living the life of a professional tournament poker player, then check out this blog.

Although, now that I'm supposed to lose a bunch of weight, I'll have to be careful about reading his blog on an empty stomach. Richard, much like myself, does tend to indulge in some finer dining...who am I kidding? I live across the street from a McDonald's and Ronald's never been richer!


Although I have yet to really get into SirFWALGMan's blog, it's nice to see someone else bitching about losing a hand when you're the clear favourite. And I consider the clear favourite to be any hand where I am 51% to win or better.

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there want to rip the throat out of those pricks who'll put 80% of their chips on the line just to call you're all-in with only a flush draw? And why is it that my draws never come in? And why is it that their draws always hit on the turn and not on the river? Give me a little hope, oh Poker Gods...


Chris over at Sooted Connectors is busy playing in the medium stakes SNGs. Anyone with the balls to play a $200 SNG with a bankroll of only $1300 is far braver than I. Mind you, if you can afford to invest more cash into your bankroll, then I say go for it.

When Chris gets up to the high stakes SNGs, I'll be interested in seeing how well he does. I know that there are professional players out there, Tony G for instance, who play the $1000 + $65 SNGs at Party. In all fairness to Tony G, though, he plays four of these SNGs at a time and has been known to earn $40K in one evening.

This is to say that I'm really jealous of anyone out there able to make real money playing poker. Just save a seat for me - I should be there in five or ten years...


The Poker Night Posse have been playing over the holidays. They play a lot more live poker than I've ever played - I just don't know enough people. If you feel like reading about some hardcore (at least more hardcore than me) players actually doing well in live and online tournaments, then check out their blog.


Chad over at Pokerama-rama has been busy calling in sick, losing it at Doyle's Room and beating the $4/$8 at Canterbury with cowboys. Intrigued? Read all about it here.


Unfortunately, I can't check Matt Maroon's site, The Poker Chronicles, from work because of our firewall. So, like any Internet geek out there, I was using bloglines to get my updates. However, I was wondering why Matt wasn't updating his site.

Question answered: I was subscribed to an old (or incorrect) feed. I now get to read of all Matt's dings and insults as he wades through the sea of fish while earning a pretty penny.


I forgot to mention a funny thing that happened in one of the SNGs that I played over at Intertops. Very first hand, a guy raises to 5xBB from early position. Unless I've got rockets or cowboys, I'm laying my hand down here no matter what. Most raises from early position should be respected, but there is always the chance that the guy is a "donk". But I'm sure as shit not busting out in tenth when my big slick loses to an 98s.

Anyway, the raise is in. A guy in late position decides to push his entire stack in. Everyone folds to the UTG player who calls, showing AA. The LP shows...the hammer!

Examples like this go to show you that a little knowledge does not equal wisdom. I don't think that there is a single blogger out there who would do anything that risky on the first hand of an SNG - assuming booze was not involved and the buy-in was sufficiently high. Needless to say, the hammer was about an 8 to 1 dog in the hand and Mr. Hammer was out before I'd taken my first sip of coffee.

And to top it all off, the guy didn't even type "The Hammer!" or anything in the chat. He just left wondering how he'd lost with a hand that good...

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