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My birthday was last weekend?!

I guess the Poker Gods didn't get the memo. My birthday was last weekend! And in playing last weekend, I quickly realized that the Poker Gods had completely abandoned me in my time of celebration. Luckily, they felt guilty enough and paid me a visit this weekend, bringing me tidings of joy and some long-sought-after winnings.

It all started on Friday night. MrVercetti and Marlborough (aka John from previous posts - I'm told that he wanted a cooler name...) came over for some poker and beer.

Before they arrived, I'd been pissing around with setting up some affiliate stuff on the site. Don't worry, I won't be adding any more affiliates any time soon - unless PokerStars gets back to me. And just for you, Huma, you'll find no less than five affiliate links in this post. I can't buck the trend now...

As MrV and Marl showed up, I was just about to shut down the laptop and start drinking in earnest. As I was preparing to shut down Outlook, I noticed an e-mail from Royal Vegas Poker. I hadn't played there for quite a while (originally signed up last summer due to a "$10 instant cash with no deposit" deal) but I checked out the e-mail anyway.

For future reference, I love getting poker site spam! There are so many deals all the time, it's great! The only thing better is getting real life junk mail from the poker rooms. Again, lots of deals and cool things (like mousepads and DVDs).

Long story long, Lou Krieger tells me that it's been a while since I've played at Royal Vegas Poker and that they miss me. So, they're personally offering me (and millions more I'd think) a special deal: make any deposit up to $100, play 100 raked hands, and they'll give me a 20% deposit bonus. 100 raked hands! After playing at Interpoker (they offer a stackable, mostly-non-expiring monthly reload bonus of 100% up to $90 although it's a little tough to clear at micro-limits), this deal seemed too good to be true!

So I launched Royal Vegas Poker on the laptop, made a $100 deposit, then shut down for the night. The bonus would have to wait until Saturday...

Anyway, I had a couple more beers as my wife and the gang watched Spies Like Us (hilarious) and The Office (hilarious-er). Then, it was time for poker.

Since Marl had not been playing any poker as of late, I suggested that we could play HORSE (or our own bastardizing of HORSE - more like DONKEY). Since we were only three-handed, we decided to play two rounds of each game before moving on to the next. And we also decided to replace the Stud 8 or better with Omaha Hi/Lo.

We decided to set the limits at 2c/4c (no high-rollers here). That way, we could play crazy without worrying about losing money. It's funny...I'd never play 2c/4c online but in real life with real cash, I'm far more comfortable playing where the stakes are non-existant.

Now, I'm not sure how close were to playing Razz properly. And I'm damned sure that we messed up the Stud ganes. But it was still lots of fun. I made my money playing Hold'em and the Omahas and MrV made a killing on the Razz. By the end of the night, I was up 25 cents and MrV was up $1.25; unfortunately, Marl lost his entire $1.50 buy-in. At least everyone seemed to have fun.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'll spare everyone the details.

I cleared the 100 raked hands at Royal Vegas Poker in about 2 hours. I made just over $3 playing and with the extra $20 bonus, that made for a profitable couple of hours. I haven't added the bonus to my bankroll on my sidebar since it won't show up in my Royal Vegas account until February 1st.

For the rest of the weekend, I played at Interpoker. I had to play another 99 raked hands to finish off my October deposit bonus and I was hell bent on getting that done.

It took me about 6 hours to do it. You see, at Interpoker, any hand above $5 is considered a raked hand. However, unless the rake reaches $1, the hand counts as 1/4 of a raked hand towards clearing bonuses. So, at the 0.50/1 tables, you're looking at about 20 raked hands per dollar of bonus. While this seems steep, the generally fishy weekend play at Interpoker and the generous reload bonuses keep this site at the top of my play list.

So, after 6 hours at Interpoker, I found myself up another $120. I actually made $30 from my play alone, which is about $30 more than I thought I would. I got some good cards, made some good plays, and everything seemed to come together. I'm hoping that this is a sign that my limit game is back on track. Only time will tell I guess...

What's next for me? I still have 24 SNGs to play in order to finish off my 100 SNGs in 100 days challenge. This challenge has been a real money sink for me lately. My SNG play could not be worse and this is showing in my bankroll. Actually, maybe I'm being too results-oriented. My play has not been all that bad - maybe I'm letting my bankroll dictate my play. I'm going to buckle down and beat this challenge into submission over the next little while.

I've also got my $100 NL TigerGaming challenge. I was up as high as 76% complete but donked off $20 last week to put me back in the mid-50s for my completion percentage. To beat this bastard, I'm going to have to go back to fundamentals. Sure, I've been a bit unlucky. But I have to learn to fold top pair and the occasional overpair when some fishy player pushes all-in. Still, my BB/100 at these $5 NL games is sky high, so a little variance and bad luck is to be expected.

Anyway, I'm going to come up with some new and exciting (for me, boring for you) challenges. These include clearing a pending $25 bonus at Interpoker by playing $1/$2 limit poker. I've got to make the jump and now's the time to do it. If I lose 300 BBs, then I'll drop back to the 0.50/1 games. But I have to try and move up before I stagnate in the micro-limits. I'm a smart (enough) guy: I know the math, I have PokerTracker/PokerAce, and I know the plays. I just need to put it together and do it.

I will also try the $25 NL tables at Interpoker in preparation for the $25 NL tables at PartyPoker.

The future is bright, ladies and gentlemen. There's no better feeling than having a winning couple of days and regardless of what happens next, it's gonna be a great ride. I know that anyone reading this has felt (or will feel) this way many times throughout his/her poker career and it's what keeps us coming back.

Have a great day everyone! More posts to come later today, if I have time, or tomorrow.


iamhoff said...

So the gods were a bit late with the birthday present...at least you got it. Congrats on the upsurge. Last weekend wasn't good to me. I'm playing fairly solid, but closing it out is something I still need to work on. Winning tends to build on itself, so keep it up! Way to go!

Klopzi said...

They were a bit late - but better late than never.

I've definitely felt that I'm playing below my capacity lately even though the results from a $$ point of view seem to prove otherwise.

I'm hoping that by making the move up in my limit game and by progressing towards the next levels of NL play, my game will improve as well as my bankroll.

When it comes down to it, I'm just hoping that I have fun winning or losing and learn a little along the way.