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Mediocre indeed!

I wish I had something more interesting to write, but alas, this won't be an epic post by any stretch of the imagination.

I played a few SNGs last night. Out in 7th at Eurobet when, after taking an early chip lead, missed three straight flops where I'd made a sizable pre-flop raise. I don't know about you, but when the flop comes A Q x and I'm faced with an all-in bet holding only JJ, I'm folding that shit...

Intertops treated me far worse by simply dealing me nothing except one AKs. I picked up the AKs UTG in level 2. However, when I raised it to 3xBB, everyone folded. Other than that, I got nothing and was soon out in sixth.

The funniest occurrence of the evening happened when I accidentally signed up for a $2.50 + $0.50 limit SNG at Pacific Poker. I made two fatal mistakes here:

  1. I was playing a limit SNG.
  2. I was playing against extremely fishy players.
The whole fixed-limit structure really helped the fish limp into every hand. Any hand that I raised, they would call or cold-call as appropriate. Since I picked up no quality hands, I was unable to punish the loose play of my opponents and, quite embarrassingly, dropped out in last place - 5 out 5. Awful! I can only blame myself for that embarrassment.

Will I play tonight? Maybe. MrVercetti's decided to give the $5 NL games at TigerGaming a try (we like the cheap games) - I may give it a go to see if the play is really awful. If it is, I could conceivably double up numerous times and clear my $5000 bankroll goal tonight! At the very least, I hope to make at least $1.95 so I can pull myself out of the red.

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