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In a hurry...

I can't write too much today - lots of work to do. But here's a really quick recap of my weekend. I hope to write more later today when I get the chance, but this will have to do until then.

Friday January 13
I played three $6 SNGs at Intertops, placing 1st, 2nd and 4th. I got a little lucky to win 1st place, a little unlucky to place 4th, and I deserved the 2nd place finish although I could've done without running into pocket aces with my pocket eights with only 3 left.

I played some $5 NL at TigerGaming and lost two buy-ins very quickly. Both buy-ins were lost the same way. I had a big pair (QQ and JJ) and raised big pre-flop. Three or four callers and the flop comes down low garbage rainbow. I bet the pot, guy raises all-in, and I call being pot committed. Opponent shows me the nut straight and I lose my buy-in. It's a little frustrating to have that happen almost simultaneously on two tables, but that's poker.

Saturday January 14
Played two hours of limit poker at Interpoker and dropped $32. My losses can be attributed to three hands where I got rivered after betting like mad the whole way. One fish caught runner-runner to hit his flush, another fish caught runner-runner to hit trip 4s, and the last fish caught a 5 on the river to give him the set. All I can say is Ouch! Oh, and "You stupid shitbird! Mother f*cker! Damn, crap, shit ass!!".

Anyway, I recouped about $15 playing some NL at Tiger afterwards, so the day was not a complete wash.

Sunday January 15
Played another hour or so of limit at Interpoker and made back $11. It would've been more had I not run into KK twice - once with my JJ and another time with my TT. Both times, my opponent did not raise or re-raise either pre-flop or anywhere throughout the hand. This made it very easy for me to push my money into their stacks for them. I hate it when the fish don't raise! I also lost a big pot when a fish hit a ten on the river to beat my pocket nines. He limped in with T7o, called my raise and called my bets all the way to the river.

I also played an SNG at PokerStars (affiliate code coming soon I hope!). I got lucky in the first part of the SNG when it doesn't count and went card dead once it was down to four players. I eventually went out in third when I foolishly went all in with the board showing K J J and I was a holding a king. When will I learn that my opponents always have trips?

Finally, I finished off the weekend with a couple hours of NL at TigerGaming. Although I made $15, I was a little pissed off when my cowboys ran into aces yet again! Seriously, how many times can this happen? It happened three times last week! Actually, all told, I think I've had my pocket pairs run into an overpair 10 - 15 times in the last 8 days. This is not so bad in an SNG but is horrible in a cash game. KK vs AA! QQ vs KK! JJ vs KK! JJ vs QQ! JJ vs AA! The list goes on...

On a positive note, I've now won four hands in a row where I've had my opponent dominated! Finally, all is right with the world!

So let me quickly recap my 100 SNG challenge so far:
Played: 69
$$ Won: $41
ITM %: 45%
ROI %: 11%

I kinda cheated and played an extra $3 SNG at TigerGaming, but I was drunk and had just suffered the two horrendous overpair vs. flopped straight hands.

Ok...back to work...

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