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If only this title were wittier...

Afternoon ramble time! Will there be any nuggets of wisdom here? As much as there ever is, I guess. So read on if you feel like pissing away a few minutes of your life this afternoon.


First off, I'm not sure if I gave a shout out to Falstaff over at PokerStage yet. He's been around a bit longer than me and he's got a huge Full Tilt Poker affiliate banner on his blog, which you know is one of my favourite things.

Falstaff actually did a write-up of Klopzi's Mediocre Poker (oops...self-pimp...gotta control that or I may go blind...) and claims:

Some folks might not like the massive number of affiliate deals he pimps...

I'll make a deal, I will remove an affiliate link each time someone signs up to a poker room through my link.

Actually, better make that ten people...

Actually, screw it! If I like a site, it gets pimped - poker room, blog, or otherwise. I like the affiliate links - they make my blog look classy, don't they? Anyway, they add a much needed splash of colour and online poker rooms are cool - period.

I will make one promise though - I'll try to inject some non-pimp content into my writings every now and then. Do we have a deal? Cool!!

Seriously - PokerStage - what are you waiting for? Tell Falstaff I say hi.


In case anyone cares, you can find this site by simply typing in "Mediocre Poker" in any of the major search engines. What does this say about me as a poker player? Nothing good...


huma said...

You can find me by googling for "boring poker". Unfortunately I'm in #2 position but if I make an effort to spam links around like this - boring poker - I'll hit #1 soon enough.

Klopzi said...

When I first started this blog up, I used to constantly test out all the search engines to see if my site would show up.

I'd type in Klopzi, zero hits returned for this site...and google kept asking me if I meant "Lopez"...?

Now, I'm #1 for all "Klopzi" searches and all "mediocre poker" searches. I guess all is finally right with the universe.

huma said...

I doubt I'll ever be first for 'Humanaut' - I'm competing with some AI project, an authentication software package, and a band. I guess all these people have seen the same Family Guy episode I have.

"Peter Griffin is a self-described 'humanaut', whatever that means."

Or something like that :)

huma said...



Boring Poker


Klopzi said...

I don't know what the self-described humanaut means either, but Family Guy is damned funny.