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Happy New Year!

How's that for an original title for this post? Well, cut me some slack, I'm a little rusty and I'm finally back at work after a week and a half vacation. I'm going to make a couple posts today - this first one will concentrate on my New Year's resolutions and the next post will outline my poker play over the holidays (as well as contain all the usual fluff that seems to find its way into my postings).

So, I've got a bunch of resolutions this year, but only two of them will be tracked on this site. One is poker related, one is not, and both are fairly lofty in terms of feasibility. I read on the Law School Dropout's blog that any goals worth reaching should be just beyond your grasp - this forces you to really work at it and strive to become more than you thought possible.

In terms of poker, I resolve to grow my bankroll to $5000 by 11:59 PM on December 31st, 2006. How I'll do this, I don't know. I'll most likely need to get past the $1/$2 limit poker barrier that's been holding me back. I have a feeling that once I've managed to post some winning sessions at $1/$2, I should be able to move up to $3/$6 by year's end.

In addition to limit poker, I may attempt to play some large multi-table tournaments in the hopes of placing high enough to earn a decent payday. If I can place a few times next year in some $10 multi-table tourneys, I could be well on my way to the $5K that I so desperately seek.

Another resolution that I'll need to follow through on is in regards to my weight: I need to drop 55 lbs. in 2006. I just want to be healthy, and if I plan on starting a family and playing poker, I'll need my ticker to be in good hands if I'm gonna make a go of anything this year.

Whether or not you've noticed, I now track my bankroll on the sidenav to the right. I'll start tracking my resolutions as well. That way, you'll know at a glance whether I'm a champ or a chump.

Well, that's it for this post. Make $3800. Drop 55 lbs. Simple...

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