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Fruit cake, turkey and SNGs

Over the holidays, I got to spend some time with my wife just relaxing and doing nothing. I also got some great presents, lots of great food (a little too good - see my previous post), and I managed to regain my love of this game we call poker.

According to PokerDominator, I played 36 SNGs since starting my Christmas vacation on December 23rd. Considering that I only played poker on 7 days over the course of my holidays, the days that I did play were pretty busy. For those without family out there, 5 SNGs in one day may seem paltry. However, that's quite a bit for me and that's all I'll say on that matter.

So, how is the 100 SNG Challenge coming along? Let's take a look:

  • SNGs Played: 52

  • In-The-Money: 48%

  • ROI: 18.7%

  • 1st Place: 5

  • 2nd Place: 11

  • 3rd Place: 9

  • Bubble Boy: 11

  • Other: 16

What do these stats say? Well, most importantly, they say that I'm doing pretty darn good so far. It's a little disconcerting that I've placed 2nd twice as many times as 1st - this reflects the fact that I'm playing to "place" as opposed to playing to win. However, this may change if I start getting some better cards and/or flops.

My wife watched in horror as I lost hand after hand against opponents that I had dominated. I had a huge run of unlucky streaks where my AK would lose to AJ or AQ, my KK would lose to 55 or AT. In a bad run of 5 SNGs, I was out on the bubble 3 times with AT when I'd push only to have someone call me with a monster hand (KK,JJ,JJ) and out another two times holding an overpair. I think AT was the hand that cost me the most over the holidays, followed by closely by Big Slick and Big Chick - they just didn't hold up for me.

I can't complain too much though. Although I did get unlucky a number of times, I was blessed with many bad calls by my opponents. And although bad calls can turn into horrific bad beats, they usually boost my ROI!

So, I've got 48 more SNGs to play to complete my challenge. Once I'm finished, I may give the $10 SNGs a try. I'll start out by playing 10 or so and, if I don't get destroyed, I may start another 100 SNG challenge at the $10 buy-in tables.

More posts to come, but I wanted to squeeze this one out before my day got really busy. I have a feeling that 2006 will not be as forgiving as 2005, but only time will tell.

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