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Eye of the Tiger

(The RSS feed for the following post may be screwed up...don't know why...)

Well, I ended up foregoing Playstation for poker again last night. I guess I'm back in the groove and rediscovering why I started playing poker in the first place. And after having my ass kicked for a bit over the past week, I finally posted a winning night - enough to put me in the black for 2006.

I started the night by playing some 0.50/1 FL at Interpoker, my poker room of choice. I got some big hands early that never really materialized into much - hitting the nut flush on the flop doesn't mean anything heads up when the other guy is a rock.

I feel my biggest downfall last night was making loose calls on the river. Again, I don't like folding for one bet on the river when the pot is large or when I'm heads-up and played the turn weakly. I'll fold if I have nothing, but I'll sometimes call if I have a mediocre hand but smell weakness.

One other thing that can hurt your BB/100 is missing the flop after raising PF. I picked up AK once, AQ three times, and AJ three times. All of the hands totally missed the flops and I was forced to fold...actually, the AJ hand ran into an AQ which cost me a little bit. Basically, the flop came Q high and I decided to bet when my two opponents checked to me. SB calls and UTG folds. Turn is a J. At this point, I think I'm ahead since SB has not shown any strength at all. When the SB checks the turn, I bet again and he calls. On the river, he bet out and I called. I hate it when people don't bet or raise with top pair...frustrating.

After just over an hour of limit play, I was only down 43 cents. Not too bad considering the $15 or so that I lost in missed flops, loose calls, and dominated hands. In that time, I earned another $4.50 of my bonus, so that puts me up at the end of the day if and when I finish clearing the $90 deposit bonus.

It was only 8 pm when I finished at Interpoker, so I decided to hop over to TigerGaming for some NL play. I decided to open two tables and sat down. All in all, it was pretty uneventful and I was up about $6 until about 8:55.

I was going to stop at 9 o'clock so that my wife and I could watch a movie and was going to leave with my money when I picked up an AJ in early position. I decided to min-raise and got 6 callers. At this point, I had $6.30 (buy-in is $5 at these tables) and the chip leader sitting with $12.75 was in the pot.

The flop comes down J K J and I check the flop even though I'm excited as hell at the proposition of finally getting back at all those players out there hitting big hands against me. Everyone checks to the guy sitting to the chip leader's right - he bets 0.25 into the $1.20 pot. Chip leader raises to $1 and I decide that, if he does indeed have a hand, I should find out now. I raise it to $2 and only the chip leader calls.

The turn is the case Jack and I'm trying to figure out how to get all my money in. I decide that by betting a measly 0.50 into the pot, I'll at least keep the chip leader in it but may, in fact, cause him to think I'm weak. Very few people will expect an opponent to be holding the case Jack in this spot. My ruse works and the chip leader pushes his last $10 or so into the pot. I call immediately, leaving the chip leader shaking his head when he sees the bad news and realizes that I'm not holding a King or a pocket pair.

That hand allowed me to double up, putting me up just over $12 for 40 minutes of play. I know that variance will eventually show its ugly head, but these games are definitely +EV for me. I'm going to milk these $5 NL games as much as I can until I make the move to the $25 NL tables at Interpoker.

So it was a good night for me. My wife and I watched The Haunted Mansion afterwards. Movie is ok but not great. It's strange to see Jennifer Tilly acting now that she's become hot sh*t in the poker world. Anyway, if you're going to watch a Disney movie starring Eddie Murphy, The Nutty Professor is probably a better bet (bathroom humour is always good for a laugh).

All that and I lost 2 lbs. - sweet!

Ok, I've got a meeting at 10 so I'm outta here. Don't forget to check out the blogs listed to the right - I do and I'm living the dream. You could be too.

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