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Cool sites, nifty links...

As I was sitting here pissing away my time on the Internet, I thought I'd jot down some some cool links and stuff that I've found. I'll add to this over the course of the day as time permits (and assuming I find more stuff).


I typically use the Miller starting hand requirements for limit play, as do many +EV small stakes players I assume.

Anyway, last night while playing, I was looking for a nice easy guide to look at to determine how I wanted to play some hands. If you've read Miller's SSH, you've probably noticed that the starting hand charts are not the best for reading on the fly.

Well, the people over at HitTheFlop.com seem to have come up with some easy-to-follow, sound advice. They advocate a slightly tighter style than Miller (probably more in line with Lee Jones), but it is sound nonetheless. As a bonus, their starting hand charts are extremely easy to follow.

There are some changes that I would make myself, but they clearly state that these charts are only a foundation for starting hand selection. As you become a better player, you can add certain hands to your repertoire. I may take their charts and try to integrate Miller's suggestions - we'll see how that works out.

One last thing: they provide one important piece of advice - I believe this because I've heard many better players advocate this same course of action. Here's what they say:

If you DO have a marginal holding, your betting should be guided by the question: "Is there anything I can beat which he would call my bet with?" If he will only call with hands that beat you, then betting is a no-win proposition. Often times in these situations a check will induce a bluff bet from an aggressive poker player which will cause you to pick up another big bet.

Sounds obvious but is extremely hard to follow as a newer player. I think the difficulty comes in knowing that you only have a marginal holding and then having the cojones to call a bet when you believe that you may be just throwing your money away.


I've always been a sucker for the under-dog. In the poker world, I consider an under-dog to be anyone trying to build a larger-than-life bankroll with nothing but chip, a dream, and some timely sign-up and reload bonuses (thank you BonusWhores!).

Anyway, one such underdog can be found at Building a Hold'em Poker Bankroll. Unlike me, this guy deposited real money in order to kick-start his career. And unlike me, he's building his bankroll far more quickly.

Still, my slow-but-steady approach seems to be working as well - I just fear that reading about my big $5 wins here and there can only help to deter readers from lingering around my stale blog. So, if you are bored, go check out this guy's blog.


I've heard that Titan Poker has some pretty loose play...

What I'd like to know is: does a site's apparent or implied loose play compensate for the lack of edge that I get from using PokerTracker? Single table - I can handle without PokerTracker. But muli-tabling, who knows?

Also, if anyone out there has had the opportunity to play at Titan Poker, how hard is it to clear the bonuses? I'm guessing it's "Eurobet" hard when playing 0.50/1 but I don't want to jump to any conclusions. Maybe I'll give the chart at BonusWhores another look...

I just realized this post sounds a lot like those questions you see posted all over the Internet:
Where r the easeist games? I want to make lots fo money but dont wan to risk lossing anything?!!

At least I know how to spell and that's gotta be +EV...


By the way, if anyone out there happens to stop by on a site and I happen to be playing at the time, feel free to pop in and say hello. If you do, which I somehow doubt, make sure you refer to me by name. I have a habit of ignoring the chat of everyone when playing unless I'm directly referred to. I guess I'm just not that nice a guy... However, I make up for not being nice by paying everyone at the table a a portion of my stack! Plus, it's lonely at the bottom. It would be nice to be cheered or heckled, whatever.

Currently, I'm sticking mainly with Intertops $5 SNGs, PokerStars $5 SNGs, and Interpoker $0.50/$1 FL 10-max games. You'll notice my screen names are all posted at the side. Until this becomes an issue, I'll keep doing it. And it probably won't become an issue as long as I keep getting only 10 or 15 hits a day, 80% of which are from Blogger people hitting the Next Blog button.

It feels good to be appreciated...


Kent said...

Thanks for stopping by my site!

I've been using a looser group of starting hands than Miller suggests, but I do want to tighten up a bit. I've been planning to throw together a starting hand chart that is easy to read, and when I do, I'll post it. Hopefully, I won't be violating any copyright laws by putting his pre-flop hands into a usable format.

I suppose I should pose the question on Two Plus Two before I actually post them online. In any case, I'll share them with you (if you'd like) when I get them finished.

Klopzi said...

Guessing from the amount of difficulty I've had finding the starting hand charts in a readable format, I'd guess there are copyright laws. It's not really difficult to make a chart, but it's a pain in the ass to make them readable - especially once you've thrown in the various caveats for playing certain hands.

If you do get anything looking half decent, I wouldn't mind taking a look though.

Thanks for stopping by.