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Breaking even for the win

It seems that PokerDominator counts a day played without losing any money as a winning day. I guess it's the whole glass half-empty, half-full thing. With that in mind, I guess I had winning night at Interpoker.

I played for just over an hour last night at Interpoker's $0.50/$1 FL tables but managed to make a small comeback to break even. As is usually the case, I found myself down about 14 BBs within the first 30 minutes of play. Although I was stealing pots and blinds when I could, I missed enough flops in raised pots to really cost me.

There were two hands that made me some money and, surprisingly enough, these hands were not any of the big 5 (AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK).

The first hand to net me a tidy little profit of +10BBs was good old presto (55). I pick this up in the CO. I limp after 3 other limp into the pot and the button raises it up. We go to the flop with five of us in the pot.

Flop comes 5 7 7. Bingo! We all check to the button who bets and I decide to simply call. A raise here wouldn't have knocked anyone out, netting me an extra $1.50 (two people folded to button's bet), however I had my eyes on a bigger prize.

When the turn comes with a king, the table really opens up. The guy to my right bets, I call and the button raises. It gets back to me and I make it 3 bets - it doesn't get capped but we head to the river.

When the river comes down with a second K, I'm thinking I'm f*cked. The heavy betting on the turn worried me, so I just checked it down. Is this too wimpy? If I bet, anyone without the king is going to fold and anyone with the king is going to raise it up.

Anyway, my 5s full of Ks held up and I took down a good sized pot. Had it not been for that second king, I would have made an extra $3 and been up for the night. I'm guessing that both of my opponents had a 7 since there were no flush or straight possibilities on the table.

Moving along, the second hand that allowed me to break even was the mighty A2o. When everyone folded to the blinds, I raised it up from the SB and the BB called - heads up to the flop. Flop comes A 2 x. I rammed and jammed my way to the river and took down the $8 pot.

In playing for the hour, I earned myself another 4% completion towards the $90 Interpoker bonus. Sweet!

I don't have anything witty or funny to add at this point. Maybe this afternoon, who knows?

All I can say is that I'm definitely playing tonight. My wife is heading out to a "candle" party so I'll have a lot of time to kill at the tables. Although my good luck charm will be away, I'll have to do my best to stay afloat. I'm hoping to clear another 5%-10% of the Interpoker bonus and possibly squeeze in some NL play at TigerGaming.


I brought yogourt with me to work today for breakfast but forgot to bring a spoon. How's that for a metaphor on life?


I went downstairs at lunch and bought some soup for lunch. The soup came with a spoon. Soup and yogourt have been eaten. Both left something to be desired - wish I could have had a bacon cheeseburger instead...


Work is kicking my ass today. Sorry, no real afternoon posts. You can, however, read some of the fine blogs I've listed to the right of the page. Seriously, don't be a prick about it - just give them a chance.


MrVercetti said...

LOL, me too... $0 for the day. I messed up a $3.45 SNG in 6 minutes (I think that's my record for futility, although one other guy busted on the first hand with complete garbage) by getting too aggressive early on and losing to an overpair. Just plain bad. I'm sure it was karma for talking about how well I had been running in those games...

Anyway, moved to the $5 NL and took about an hour to win $3.45, then quit... Top Spin was calling (I made a "Mr Vercetti" character who is basically a clone of James Blake, plus the Top Spin skill). One nice hand where I busted a guy, I had A7s in a minraised pot. Flop is T74. I bet 2/3 of the pot, an aggressive player calls, everyone else folds. Turn is an A. I check hoping to fake that I'm scared of the A, he jams, I insta-call and I shows 66! Thankfully, I did not get two-outered.

Klopzi said...

So anyways, last night I'm playing some $5 NL at Tiger. I pick up a 66 and play a min-raised pot. Flop comes down T 7 4 and some donk bets 2/3 of the pot. I know that I'm ahead with my pocket sixes (nothing beats pocket sixes) but I decide to slowplay my big hand.

When the turn comes down with an Ace, I know for sure that I've got the pot. So when the donk checks, I push knowing that he can't possibly have one of the three overcards that will beat my unstoppable hand.

Well he calls and shows an A7! WTF?! Who plays A7? Man, he got lucky - I played this hand exactly the same way that Daniel Negreanu played it on last night's WPT final table.

I totally outplayed that stupid donkey. I'll rebuy and show him - he's gonna be in trouble if I pick up the Doyle Brunson - MrVercetti's going down!


iamhoff said...

Any night you don't lose money is a good night. So you didn't win anything, so what. You still have your entire bankroll to play with tonight, while the wifey is off doing wifey things. I do agree on your take on the FL low limit ring games. I always start off with deep losses, only to fight my way back to 10% on either side of my buy-in. Haven't figured out why, it just seems to happen that way.

Klopzi said...

I guess the whole variance thing comes into play.

When I start out well, I finish off poorly and vice-versa. There was time back in October or November where I ended up $85 after a few hours of play. I guess I can't expect that type of return on a nightly basis, though it would be nice.

I guess we'll see how things work out tonight.