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Best. Month. Ever.

Thanks to you, my loyal readers, this site is experiencing it's best month ever. I've now had more hits in the first 17 days of the month than I had back in November. I hope everyone's getting something out of this. And if you're not, click on my affiliate links and buy some books from Amazon.ca. Seriously, I can't rely on my poker play to make me money. I've only made $26 so far this month and that's a good month!

Ok, so I get it, you don't want to buy in to the whole "free money for Klopzi" thing I've got going here. Well, as your punishment, it's time again for some keyword searches fun. And by fun, I mean not so fun - but I've got a few minutes and I don't feel like starting another work-related task today.

Here are some of the newest ways that people have found their way here over the past week (Phil Hellmuth blowup videos are still #1 though...):

  1. its yugioh time bitches
    It certainly is...

  2. "PokerAce Hud" "registration code"
    Need a registration code? No problem: take $25 and spend it here.

  3. what the difference between pokerace and gametime
    Quality and usefulness - my vote is for PokerAce. Find it here.

  4. law school dropout's poker blog
    This is a google blog search that was performed and I list it here for one simple reason. My site comes up as the 2nd result in this search. Who's first? Ironically enough, it isn't the Law School Dropout! Click here if you'd like to read a real poker blog.

  5. what's the probabilities of a cold deck holdem
    Hmmm...I typically put the probability of a cold deck occurring running proportional to the quality of my hand. If I've got cowboys, somebody's gotta have aces. I'm holding Jacks, they're holding Queens. I'm holding AQ, they're holding AK.

    If you must have a specific answer, I'd say about 5%. If you want a realistic answer, the chances are a hell of a lot higher than you'd think or want. I am, of course, exaggerating somewhat and I don't really feel like doing the math: however, at a full table, the chances are well within the realm of possibility.

    Always remember that misfortune, as well as glory, are always only a single hand away. Play the good cards, play them hard, and don't worry about being cold decked.

So - who's up for some poker? Me too! I'm outta here!

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