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Another year older and still making mistakes...

For those of you who may not know, tomorrow is my birthday. What does that mean? 3 days and 3 nights of pure unadulterated fun and food. The old diet is gonna have to take a back seat this weekend.

Last night started off with some tourtiere (meat pie for those you not living in Canada), shrimp dip and a chocolate mint truffle brownie ice cream cake (as good as it sounds) courtesy of my mom. That and a few glasses of sparkling wine.

Tonight, my wife and I are heading out to the Lone Star Cafe with most of the people I know for some food and booze. What did I always eat when I went to the Lone Star growing up? The Southern Fried Combo: basically, a deep-fried steak and a deep-fried chicken breast, fries and a couple side orders, all smothered in white Texas gravy. Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore...stupid bastards! At least I'll get lots of beer and I'm sure I'll find some suitably deep-fried or otherwise unhealthy meat to go along with my drinks.

Tomorrow, quiet day at home with my wife. I'll probably play some poker, video games and watch some movies. Sunday - lunch with the in-laws. Monday, I'm taking the day off for more relaxing with my wife and poker (I know - surprising!).

So, it's gonna be a great long weekend! But before getting to the festivities, I'll have to face my demons from the SNG I played last night at PokerStars.

My wife and I got home around 10pm. I watched the last of the Sens vs. Mighty Ducks game on TV (Sens lost in a shoot-out) then fired up the laptop for some p-o-k-e-r. I only had $10 left at PokerStars; still, enough to cover the $5.50 needed for an SNG. By the way, I like to type "an SNG" as opposed to "a SNG" - it sounds better in my mind even though is it most likely grammatically incorrect. I know, I know - wtf?! Back to my story...

I'd like to say I made it ITM. But alas, it was not meant to be. And all because of a player called Slotted. He was a very aggressive player, raising most pots to 3xBB from the get-go. I decided that I'd have to wait for my moment then strike.

In level 2, I pick up AKs. When Slotted comes in for a 3xBB raise, I re-raise to about 7xBB. Slotted calls and the flop comes down 9 4 2. Slotted checks and I bet T300 into the T445 pot. Slotted calls. We both check the turn when a Q falls. The river brings a T and slotted bets T150 into the T1000 pot. I can't fold for such a little bet and call: I lose to Slotted's T8o. My mistake - I should have bet the turn. However, I just started reading T.J. Cloutier's book and he says that if you pot the flop and get called, you're done with the pot. Unfortunately, I misused his advice since I called the bet on the river. T.J. would've popped it on the turn, I think...

By level 3, I'm down to T850 and not going anywhere fast. My blinds are getting stolen but I'm too card dead to even try to defend. I finally push with T750 left and the blinds at 50/100. Three callers and I'm suddenly not feeling too good about my QJs. The flop comes Q T x, turn is a J and the river is an 8. I'm hoping that no one left has a 9; luckily, no one does and I've tripled up (one of the callers only had T130).

A few hands later, AQs on the button. When I raise to 3xBB from the button, the BB calls. Flop come Q x x rainbow. BB bets T300 into the T650 pot and I smooth call - I'm looking to trap. Turn is a rag so I put out a quarter pot bet when checked to me. I get the desired effect when the BB re-raises another T250 or so. I push and he calls. My top pair holds up and I've doubled up and taken the chip lead.

By the next level, we only had 5 players left. Then it all went bad. Slotted raises it from the SB to T400 and I call with my pocket nines. Flop comes 8 6 2 with two diamonds. Slotted bets T150 (he bet out on every flop in every hand he played) and I raise to T600 and he calls. Turn is another diamond and Slotted checks - I check too. River is a blank and Slotted bets T300 into the T2000 pot and I call thinking that I'm probably ahead. Nope, Slotted hit the nut flush on the turn with his A3s. Crap!

So now, I'm down to T2400 and in third place. A few orbits later, I pick up an 89s in the BB and call the min raise pre-flop from Slotted. Flop comes 9 4 2. I have top pair and a backdoor flush draw. Slotted bets out again - I raise to T500 with my top pair, confident that I'm ahead. Slotted raises to T1500.

Hmmm...at this point, I have two options: push or fold. I made the wrong decision and pushed. When Slotted insta-called, I knew I was down for the count. He shows pocket fours for his set and I'm out in 5th.

From first place to fifth in the space of two poorly played hands. Yuck! Yet again, I fail to learn the lesson of: Don't go broke with top pair! Maybe after I've learned this lesson another ten times, I'll finally get it.

Anyway, I was tilting a little bit due to my bad play. My wife tried to explain to me that I'd overplayed my top pair but I refused to listen. Instead, I sat down at one of PokerStars 6-person $10 NL ring games. I built my remaining $4.50 up to $6.95 before calling it quits for the night. I do have to say that I was pretty pleased with PokerStars' NL ring games. Nice soft play and lots of players who'll call you thinking you're on a bluff (much like I did in the SNG).

All this to say - I will be playing poker this weekend at the sites I have listed to the right. I'd put their names here, but I've done enough pimping already (actually, my Eurobet affiliate code is finally set up so feel free to check them out!).

Well, this post sucked ass...I apologize. I'm not thinking too clearly - just counting the minutes till it's time to leave! I going to try to play tonight at TigerGaming's $5 NL tables or PokerStars $10 NL tables. If I do, it'll be a bit later in the evening and I'll be drunk. I'll be the designated ATM at the tables...

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be at Interpoker's 0.50/1.00 tables or still at Tiger's $5 tables trying to finish off my $100 Tiger Challenge.

Actually, if I do happen to finish off the $100 challenge, I may start the $500 Interpoker NL Challenge. This new challenge will involve me trying to win 20 buy-ins at the $25 NL tables (blinds are 0.25/0.50 I believe).

Shit! I am so damned excited...Ok, gotta calm down...who knew getting old could be this much fun?

Ok, end of post...sorry about the pimpage that inexplicably popped up at the end of the post...feel free to comment...still got the afternoon to kill...


AlCantHang said...

Happy Birthday sir. Have a blast.

Klopzi said...

Thanks Al! Will do.

And I think 31 is old enough to give my first shot of SoCo a try.

drewspop said...

Happy B-day (Mine is the 30th). I leave for a week in Florida with the family in the morning so no poker for a whole week for me. Not sure I will survive to be honest.

I had a similar night on Stars. I played 3 and didn't finish ITM on any of the them. One I played like a total donkey. The others, were ok, just not lucky. Hopefully I will blog it later.

Anyway, enjoy your long weekend and best of luck at the tables.

Klopzi said...

Thanks drewspop!

I'm definitely gonna like the time off and if I can start winning a little more than just $2 here and there, I'll really be happy. I miss the days of fat deposit bonuses - those really helped pad the old bankroll.

Falstaff said...

I hate to admit it, Klopzi, but this year's Bradoween was my first SoCo shot, and I had already hit 32 by then.

Happy Birthday!

Klopzi said...

Thanks falstaff!

Actually, I ended up being the only one really drinking and no one was lining up the shots for me.

I guess I'll have to wait for another holiday...maybe Valentine's day?

In all fairness, I've had SoCo before, just not as a shot.