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The afternoon ramble...

I'll tell ya - just when I find myself wondering why I even bother to play poker, much less write about it, I just need to sit back and read the exploits of the other crazy bastards doing the same thing.

Any time I hear about some big win, I can't wait to sit back down at the tables.

Every time I hear about a new bonus being offered (courtesy of the fine work done over at BonusWhores - I think any time you type the word "whore", you're in for more hits - I'll quickly check out the when and how and figure out whether it's do-able.

And every time someone visits my site, subscribes to my feed (there are now 2 other subscribers out there besides myself - thanks Al and MrVercetti), or comments on one of my posts, I can't wait play.

So thanks everyone for forcing me to gamble away my hard earn winnings - I'll see you in the soup line.


Chris over at The Making of a PokerPro e-mailed me asking for a link. His site is still very new and he seems to be new to the poker blogging thing in general, but I'll give him a shout-out. Another new blogger, another guy with the balls to play higher stakes than me. Until I grow a set, check him out and support his growth as a poker blogger (cuz there's not enough of us already out there...).


PokerStars has yet to get back to me about their affiliate program, although this could be due to a spam filtering issue. We'll see...

In other pimpin' news, I got my Paradise Poker affiliate code. Too many affiliates? Never! If I get even one person to sign up, I'll be happy. Plus, I think it's cool having all the blinking pixels on my site. Everyone loves busy, blinking, mismatched sites, right?

Also, Titan Poker got back to me about my affiliate code. I need to make sure I've got my link set up properly...

If anything, Klopzi's Mediocre Poker will be known as a site where the money talks...and no one listens. It's gonna be sweet...


Being similar to other poker bloggers out there, I like to do a quick search everyday to see if anyone has foolishly linked to this site. Well, today I found a new blog called Freeroll 2 Bankroll written by doubleuwhy.

Actually, he seems to have a bunch of blogs if you look at his profile, but I have a feeling many are simply "concept" sites that were mistakenly published. Considering that I accidentally trashed my entire blog in the space of 10 minutes and had to scramble for 30 minutes to get it up and running before the weekend started, I can understand where he's coming from.

This guy's catch is that he's trying to build a bankroll without depositing any real money - like yours truly. Will he be able to pull off the Klopzi? Or will he end up in the gutter, no better or worse than he was when he started? My money's on pulling it off since it takes a lot of patience and time to build up some scratch by playing in freerolls and living off the occasional scraps thrown to you by various sites.

There you go doubleuwhy - an freeroll pimping...good luck!


Nick Christy said...

You got three subscribers now!

Klopzi said...


Now I just need to figure out how many subscribers I need before the Poker Gods will make me a winning player...

doubleuwhy said...

Hi there! Thanks for the writeup. At least I know now someone other than myself has seen my blog!

I'm new to both blogging and poker so it's been a wild ride this month. Learning how to 'blog well' seems to be harder than learning poker! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize all my poker notes into blogs and presenting it better.

FYI, from starting with nothing 3Jan06, my 'bankroll' is now at $26.63. :) I just discovered the wonderful world of 5/10cent ring games!

doubleuwhy said...

And thanks for your advice in my comments. I keep myself in check by remembering that in poker much like life; I'll rise to my level of incompetence.

Lucky for me, with freerolls, poker is 'free'.

Klopzi said...

Hey doubleuwhy -

The difference between blogging well and playing well is simply a matter of priorities. I suggest focusing on the "playing" well: once you win the WSOP, you could write in disjointed Hindu and people would still flock to your site.

And congrats on building the bankroll up. You're having a better month than me (-$6 and counting). I started playing the 10c/20c tables last May and they served me well.

Thanks for stopping by.

CDN88008 said...

Hey klopzi - thanks for you comment, hope you are having some luck and good cards :-) And I really hope I get up to a 1k bank-roll too :-)

Klopzi said...

Hey CND -

Trust me - you'll get your bankroll up to $1K. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Take your time and take a step back if you ever start tilting (that'll kill the bankroll).

A sure fire way to build the bankroll is to play well under your bankroll - this reduces the variance but can also turn the whole poker thing into a grind.

Still, your "plan" for working your way up looks pretty good. I'll check back to see how it's coming along.

huma said...

Ahh I subscribed too. I keep forgetting that Opera browser has a kickass feed reader built in. Saves me manually checking this page every 20 mins to see if you've updated :)

Klopzi said...


RSS feeds are definitely the way to go. I've got so many blogs that I check out everyday that it just makes it so much easier.

And I guess it is much, much easier with my site than most since I tend to write two or three posts a day on weekdays.