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It's funny...I look at other blogs and see guys writing how much they were up after a previous night's efforts. Normally, you'll see some really big numbers and some really small numbers. Up $500! Down $280! Up 22K! Well, I was up $2.87 last night! That's right - I am that good...

In all fairness, I only played an hour of limit poker last night at Interpoker. I really haven't played much FL since last fall so I thought I'd give it another go. I'd had success a couple nights ago and was hoping to continue the trend.

Much to my surprise, there were actually three 0.50/1 tables going. Two were full, one had 7 players. Since I'd been playing a lot of SNGs, I was hoping that reading skills might be a bit better and I could handle playing at a 7- or 8-handed table. Not exactly shorthanded, but I've traditionally done quite poorly at tables with less than a full 10 people seated.

The first hand I play, I'm posting from the BB. Everyone folds to me and I'm up 25 cents! Sweet! And for those who haven't played at Interpoker, tables are usually this tight. The way it seems to work is that people like to wait for "premium" hands (any face card or two s00ted cards, for example) before throwing any money into the pot. So it's not uncommon to get very little action when you want it.

Luckily for me, I had a few fish at the table, one LAG, and one 2+2er. As is usual, the fish beat the living crap out of me and I was forced to take my money from the 2+2er and the LAG. Some hands I remember:

  • I lose $3 when I play my Aces aggressively pre-flop and get 3 callers. When the flop comes out with no scare cards, I bet, get a caller and fish raises. Normally, I'm worried when fishy players raise, but this guy had raised and bet every single flop - he tended to play it passively on the turn and river. I made it three bets and only fishy calls. When the turn comes blank again, I bet and the fish goes all in for his last 0.43. He turns over a gutshot straight draw that he then proceeds to hit on the river.
  • I pick up J8o in the big blind and only the 2+2er limps into the pot from middle position. I check and the flop comes jack high. Knowing that 2+2er is gonna bet, I check raise him and he calls. Turn is a blank - I bet, he calls. River is a blank - I bet, he calls. He shows me AA! The reason I call this guy a 2+2er is because he had a VP$IP of about 15% and an aggression factor of 5. Normally, he'd bet out the ass trying to push people off the pot. I don't think I ever saw him lay down a hand if it was raised pre-flop. The big mistake this guy made (and it boggles my mind) is that he'd slowplay his big hands and fastplay his crap hands. Don't you want to get more money in when you've got the best of it? Call me crazy but I fold shitty hands and bet my good ones...weird.
  • In another hand, I laid down the winner on the river when faced by a bet by a tight neutral player in the SB. I had second pair and had check raised the flop bet by the button and had gotten two callers - tight neutral SB and fishy button. I checked the turn and it was checked around (I hate being out of position). On the river, a blank falls and the SB bets out. At this point, I can raise or fold. I'm not going to call and let an overcall sneak in. Well, after looking at the SB's stats, I decide to fold. Fish calls and win the pot with second pair and a worse kicker than mine (I had JT, he had J8). The pot was only 4.5 BB when the SB bet out and I didn't like my chances. I'd assumed that the SB had top pair, weak kicker and I was wrong.
  • Another fishy player sucked out a second pair on the river when he ended up all in on flop - I had top pair with my KQ and he had a pair of nines with his J9. Well, a jack hits on the river and I lose. Why are all these players coming into the game with stacks of only $5? I guess they want the opportunity to suck out for free...bastards!

Anyway, all in all, it was a good night. I punished the 2+2er guy by using his own aggression against him - I check raised him at least once in each of the 4 hands I played against him (he kept trying to steal my blinds from middle position). I'm guessing he had some PT numbers on me and saw that I don't usually defend my blinds. Well, I do when I know the guy's on a steal! Against the LAG, I bet and check-raised my good hands and called down with second pair or better.

So after the suckouts and numerous missed flops with AK and AQ, I ended up in the black. Cool, I'm happy with that. I also put myself 5% closer to clearing my October reload bonus (bonuses stack at Interpoker and seem to last quite a long time before being cancelled). I've actually got about $200 in uncleared bonus stacked up right now - maybe I'll clear those in the next month or two. Saturdays are good for FL games at Interpoker, so maybe I'll give it a good go tomorrow.

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