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Poker, Jak II, Bullies and Napkin Origami

I finally finished the project I've been slaving over in my free time, so I now have time for poker and video games yet again! Yay! Seriously, life's a grind when you're working 12 hour days. I don't care how much or how little you make - work sucks! I would seriously love to be able to wake up in the late morning, grab my coffee and sit myself down at 3 or 4 tables and grind away for the next 6 - 10 hours. However, at my current win rate of 2 or 3 cents an hour, there are not enough hours in the day for me to grind out any kind of living for myself or my family.

That being said, it's time to play some poker! Ah Thursdays! A night of good TV and shitty poker results. Since starting my goal of 100 SNGs in 100 days, I've done nothing but bleed cash. As of November 5th, I'm down about $20 total. In the grand scheme of things, I guess that's not too bad. Lately, it seems that all the good luck I had in the first 6 months of my poker career has been turned into bad the last two months. I will heed the warnings of the poker pros and bloggers out there and try not to put too much stock on the short term variance. I know that the long run results depend on making good short term decisions - sometimes it's hard to remember that.

Since I started my new SNG goal, I've only played 5 SNGs. Of those five, I've only made it 3 times and failed to come even close on my other two attempts. As I mentioned in previous posts though, my play as of late has been much more relaxed and I've been making some pretty good (albeit somewhat weaker-tighter than I'm used to) decisions. I haven't been gorging myself on poker lately for various reasons. The most likely reason is that I haven't been winning all that much. I'm giving the universe a chance to re-align itself so that flops start coming my way and I start getting dealt some quality hands.

One thing I do hate is getting dealt hands that are almost good. I'm talking about mainly about your Ax, Kx and Qx hands where x < T (can you tell I've done some math in my time). The biggest problem that I have with these hands is not the fact that I have to lay them down - it is the fact that I lay them down and shitty players seem to always win with them. If anything, you have to respect the sheer fearlessness that some of the fishy players display, either due to the size of their bankrolls or their ignorance of the dynamics of poker. I sometimes wonder if I'd be any better if I was just a little more ignorant of everything. I did quite well at poker when I used to think that any ace or any king was a good hand - good old WPT poker!

What I'm trying to say is that I'll be playing some poker tonight and I'm hoping that I'll win. Not by virtue of my skill nor of my patience: I want to win by catching big flops, runner-runner flushes and a number of rockets and cowboys. Man that would be sweet. I'll most likely play 3 SNGs tonight, probably at Tiger, Eurobet and Interpoker. Wish me luck...


For any gamers out there, I'm now 67% of the way through Jak II. Man, some of the missions are damned hard. Maybe I'm just getting old and my reflexes are going to shit? Although if Grandma can do it, so should I be able to beat the various old and new games out there!

Anyway, I'm trying to finish of Jak II and RE 4 right now, then I'm on to Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Sweet! Once I've finished this batch of games, I'm trading 'em in for some RPGs - I'm going full-on nerd!

Well, I'll post more later today if I get a chance.


Good news for fans of The Law School Dropout's Poker Blog: he's decided to keep running his blog into the new year. Great blog about a guy who's done extremely well in the arena of online poker. Check out his $40K Surgery Recovery Challenge - unbelievable!

While your at it, check out some of the other blogs and sites listed to the right. They are all worth your time as long as your into poker (look under Poker Blogs) or video games (look under Video Games).


Here's a weird keyword search that found my site: how tofold napkins.com. I had a typo in one of my entries and I guess it caused this site to come up as the number one choice when learning how tofold napkins.

Another case of mistaken identitiy: bully don't back down from a fight. I guess this site came up again due to a comment I made about not backing down from a fight at the poker table when someone raises it up against you. Other than that, I can provide no help in the matter of standing up to bullies.

Going through school as a kid, I was in three fights total and for all of them, I was not really aware that it was a fight. In two of them, I just stood there and took my lumps: I've got a pretty big head and it can take a lot of punishment. Plus, I think the guys punching my skull ended up with far more bruises and cuts than me. In the last fight, I got beat up by a guy 4 years older than me for no reason. Freak show! Anyway, no cuts or bruises came from any of these "fights".

As for standing up against bullies, my advice is to always rat the guy out to the appropriate authorities. Help start him down the road to being someone's prison bitch! All bullies everywhere are retarded and weak and they pee in their pants always! If you're a bully and you're reading this, relish the fact that your life is going nowhere except perhaps Cell Block D.

If the bully retaliates after being sent to detention or prison or the end of the lunch line, then pay an even-bigger guy to take him out! No matter how big you are , there is always someone bigger. Never try to be a hero - play the role of the evil genius and take the low road when dealing with someone who's bullying you. By the way, when I say take out, I mean a swift kick to the nads and not something more sinister. Kids today are f*cked in the head - who the hell brings guns and knives to school? Once you've hit a guy in the nads, fight's over. Take his milk money and leave it alone.

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