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I don't wanna work...

Just a quick note to let everyone know that any posts over the next few days will probably not be poker-related (at least not in the sense of MY poker exploits) since I'm not going to have time to play poker. Or video games. Or enjoy my free-time in any way, shape or form.

I worked until 2:30 this morning and am back at work. Last night's fiasco will most likely be repeated over the next couple nights in order to meet a deadline, so life gets put on hold for the sake of my job. I swear, if I wasn't getting paid for this shit, I would definitely give it up and play poker and video games full-time (well, my job would be poker, as annoying and heart-attack inducing as that sounds, and video games would give me my stress relief).

However, I will try and update the blog with useless shit and maybe some random poker shizzle - we'll see. The deadlines here at the office are less pressing than those outside of the office, so I do have some time to waste talking to my three readers (I may only have one left after the second hiatus though).

That's it for now - gonna have breakfast and do my daily blog rounds. Have a great day everyone! It's -25 Celsius outside with windchill (for any US readers, that's like -500 Fahrenheit or something) - but the Sens beat Colorado 6-2 last night (Sakic? More like Suck-ic...that's gay...I'm tired...actually, Sakic's pretty good...but Alfredsson better), so it's all good.


For anyone who cares, I've changed the main page layout to show only snippets of my blog entries with links to the full entries as required. I only made this change for the last 20 or so posts, but I'm hoping it makes the main page load a little quicker for my two readers.

Ok, back to work...


Jebus! 36 hits so far today...freakshow! I guess I should start posting worthless crap more often.

Actually, I just finished updating this damned thing so that my posts actually appeared unaltered after clicking the "Keep reading" link. I guess putting a DIV tag inside of a SPAN tag has weird effects. Shouldn't I know this seeing as how I'm an Internet applications designer (ie. web monkey)? Probably...and that's why they pay me the big bucks!

Seriously, I've got work to do now...I'll be back when I'm bored though.

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