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I busted the car dealership's computer

Well, I'm sitting at my local Hyundai dealership and I think I've broken the parental filter placed on this computer. As soon as I got here this morning, I decided to try and access this blog in the hopes that I could piss away some time updating the site. Well the parental filter on this machine was set to disallow "gambling" related sites - although the way I play, it ain't gambling, it's charity.

Anyhow, after 30 minutes of trying to access the parental filter to check the settings, the filtering program crashed and I now have full blog access...being a computer geek has its advantages I guess.

Now for some poker talk. I played poker yet again last night after some stirring Resident Evil 4 play and a little SMT: Nocturne. I tried to sit at an SNG at InterPoker, but alas, no one was playing. I decided against playing at Eurobet since I didn't feel like sitting around for 40 minutes then tossing the proverbial dice for a top three spot. I checked Poker Dominator and realized that I still had $14 left in my PokerStars account. So I was off to PokerStars for some supposedly stiffer competition.

Well, I'll try to keep the bitching to a minimum. Basically, I got f'd in the a by a couple players. I played my usual tight game, but definitely took some more liberties with my aggressive play when I realized that all but one of the players at the table were absolutely awful. These guys were not playing poker: they were playing some weird game where they would call off all their chips to a river all-in bet with only a ten high!? Although this worried me (since everyone knows that these types of players will absolutely kill any skill brought to the table by good players), I decided to take advantage by value betting instead of bluffing. Once we were down to five players, I was sitting comfortably in second place with T3025 in chips. Then it all went south...

It started when I pick up 77 UTG. I raise it up to T300 and the short stack to my immediate left goes all in for his last T800. I call and he shows TT...I hate it when that happens. About 3 or 4 circuits later, I knock the fifth place guy out with my AK versus his KQ. Sweet! I'm back up to T2000 or so.

With the blinds climbing and Mr. Pocket Tens short-stacked again, he pushes all in for his last T1000 and I look down and see another AK. I insta-call and he shows QT. Well, a ten comes on the flop and he's doubled up through me again.

Another 4 times round the table and Mr. Pocket Tens is short-stacked again (he was not that great a player). I raise it up UTG with my AQs and he pushes all in for his last T800. I'm at T1700 so it's an instant call for me - he shows KJ. Well, a jack spikes on the river and I'm down to T900. The very next hand I pick up KQs and call a steal-raise by the SB which leaves me with around T500. The flop comes A K Q. When SB bets out, I push all-in and he calls showing a J9o. Hmmm, the PF raise and the flop call were both such bad plays that the outcome of this hand was painfully obvious. The turn comes a 9, which made no difference, however the T on the river killed me and I was out in 4th.

All in all, I played extremely well in that SNG. I had the short stack all-in with the worst of it two times and I had all my chips in with around an 85% chance of taking the pot down in my last hand. Sometimes the Poker Gods are just angry and that's all there is to it. If I keep playing the way I've been playing, I should start placing fairly regularly barring any bad luck like last night.

I may play the remaining SNGs in my SNG challenge at PokerStars instead of at Eurobet. The Eurobet SNGs are brutally tough and the players at PokerStars seemed unusually crappy.

One last thing: I'll be playing some limit poker at InterPoker this evening. It's Pocket Aces Tuesday! I'll be home around 9 PM tonight, which will leave me with three hours to play. The only possible setbacks include staying out longer than anticipated and the very real possibility that I'll be too tired to play. I've only slept about 6 hours in the past two nights and I really hate gambling when I'm on little to no sleep. I'll keep my fingers crossed though - I really want to play!

By the way, I've crossed the 500 hits mark! I still only have a handful of returning readers, but maybe that'll change if I start actually doing well. Now that I've said that, I'm sure karma will turn around and bite me in the ass.

See you at the tables...


Well, I've started reading Up4Poker that details the comings and goings of Otis, Rob, and CJ. Their link was pimped on my site for the simple fact that CJ knocked me out of one of Dr. Pauly's Saturday blogger tourneys. I've started reading the blog (only at October 2003 though) and I'm enjoying it so far. More writers means more perspective, and from what I've read elsewhere, I believe Otis has gone pro. You gotta love reading about people who are so much better than you at the things you love to do...maybe some day, I'll be there....nah, won't happen. I've got a bad habit of talking about my game when it's running good, and according to many players out there, this is a bad thing.

Anyway, just reading about variance in poker right now...I think I'm there right now, but who knows? I don't want to talk about it in case I jinx myself.


Anyone out there have any good ideas for an avatar that I can use at various poker rooms? I think I'm looking for some sort of pirate theme, but then again, anything will do. I want something funny, witty, insightful, y'know...perfect! How hard can it be?

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