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How you doin'?

I've got some more keyword fun to write up later (I don't know if "fun" is the right word though), but first, a little pimping.

A quick shout out to The Poker Night Posse for putting up a link to this site. It's always nice when someone links to you without your knowing about it - like waking up one morning and realizing that it's Christmas. Well, maybe not that good, but I think you catch my drift.

I guess this means that I'll need to start playing more poker...


I'm currently reading over the Pokerama-rama poker blog and I've noticed that the author, Chad, went through something similar to what I'm experiencing now. It's a feeling of slight indifference to poker, an inability to regain the fire that once burned so strongly but has quickly reduced itself to no more than dimming ember with the occasional thin stream of smoke. For me, this passion left when I realized that I will never make as much playing poker as I do working and that, unless I'm under-estimating my abilities, I will never be a big-time pro player.

Then again, as I'm writing this, I remember the countless hours I've spent dominating whole tables in both limit and tournament play. Although the results were sometimes less than spectacular, the feeling of control and power existed nonetheless. As I continue toward my goal of 100 SNGs in 100 days, I hope that the confidence and abilities that I once displayed (albeit at the micro-limit tables) will return with a vengeance. I hope to grow beyond the player I am now.

Then again, wasting time playing video games is cool too...


Some more weird keyword searches...

I guess somebody has some time to kill and didn't mind prowling the Internet for some NSFW fun. Using Google's blogsearch, a reader found his way to Klopzi's Mediocre Poker while performing the following search: vegas boobs. Another search, another pissed off user complaining about the false advertising on this site. Serves him right though - why Vegas boobs? Maybe he's into tassels, glitter, or showgirls? Hopefully this doesn't make me a pr0n site...

Other than that, lots of people have been finding their way here trying to gain information about instant bankroll. One word for those out there looking for information about PokerSourceOnline's Instant Bankroll promotion: I did it and it was great! If they still offer it (I can't check due to firewall at my workplace), it's totally worth it!


On the videogame front, I've finished reading the all of Old Grandma Hardcore
and it's really made me want to log some serious PS2 hours. Alas, work will make me it's bitch for the next two nights. But hopefully I'll get some time this weekend. I'd like to pick up an RPG or two (Growlanser Generations (a compilation of two games) seemed to really do it for Grandma and she seems to have similar tastes in games) and I really want to try Silent Hill 3 or Fatal Frame II...mind you, Resident Evil 4 almost gave me a heart attack the other night...


By the way, if anyone out there really wants any sign up codes for Interpoker or Party Poker, drop me an e-mail at klopzi@gmail.com and I'll hook you up. I'm not going to incorporate any sign up codes into my site until I get at least one person who shows interest. And remember that if you do plan on playing like a m*ther-f*cker, your best bet is to get a rakeback deal set-up.

However, feel free to make purchases using my Amazon affiliate links...although, in the spirit of Christmas, you could also donate some time or money to those less fortunate: someone out there needs to make up for my selfishness. I'll get better in time, I hope...

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