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Congrats J.!

No poker news yet again (I know, this is the crappiest poker blog ever!).

However, I do have a piece of great news. A dear friend of mine, we'll call her J., was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year. Although she stayed positive during the initial diagnosis and following aggressive chemo treatments, nothing was really helping her and the cancer was growing.

Three months ago, J. went down to some specialists in London (Ontario) to see about getting a radioactive slurry of various drugs injected straight into her liver. Just prior to performing the procedure for a second time, they told J. that the cancer had grown since the last treatment and she only had about 3 months left...Fuckers! I know doctors need to be realistic, but why take away someone's hope?

Anyway, when they asked J. and her husband whether or not they should go ahead with the treatment, she said yes and they proceeded to flood her entire liver with radiation. The doctors were worried that J. might go into liver failure due to the dangerous procedure performed but she made it through.

So what's good about today? Today is exactly three months to the day when the doctors told J. that she only had 3 months left. At this time, the cancer is shrinking and J. feels great! I never put any stock into the doctors' prognosis since I know J. and knew that she'd pull through. I guess good thoughts and the occasional prayer do go a long way.

That's it...I just wanted to say Congrats to my friend for making it through the tough times. Now, with Christmas just around the corner and celebrations sprouting up all over the place, it's great that everyone will be able to relax and really enjoy the holiday season.

Actually, J. and her family and friends are having a big party tonight with lots of food. Here's what's being served (I love food so I might as well write about it):

  • Spinach dip: Seriously, spinach dip is the pinnacle of hors d'oeuvres and snacking goodness!

  • Zucchini sticks: Zucchini sticks are pretty damned good too. Not my favourite, although I've been known to pack away a pound or two of these puppies in one sitting.

  • Mozzarella sticks: Battered and fried cheese...need I say more? The only problem I've ever found with cheese sticks is that there's never enough. Knowing J. though, she'll have these out in full force tonight.

  • Breaded dry garlic pork: J. explained these things as breaded pork with awesome seasoning on it. Sounds delicious! Snack foods with meat in them are always at the top of my list!

  • Swedish meatballs: Given a good enough sauce, you don't even need to chew these puppies. I've been known to go through these things like duck swallowing hunks of bread thrown by a park-bench granny. Just make to always check the meatball for a cleverly hidden toothpick before swallowing - I've learned the hard-way...you do something like that, it hurts twice!

  • Veggies and dip: "For everyone else - I'm sticking with the spinach dip!" according to J.

Unfortunately, duty calls for me and I have to finish off my project tonight. Otherwise, I'd be at the party in a heartbeat. Actually, J. lives about an hour or so away, so that's about 6000 heartbeats for me (or 8000 if traffic's really bad and pissing me off).

But, before I start feeling too guilty about not making it to the party tonight, my wife and I are having a Christmas bash on Saturday night and J. and a bunch more friends are all coming over to La Casa de Klopzi (is that Spanish or am I high?) for the celebrations. In honour of J.'s miraculous recovery and general "Fuck You!" to disease in the world, I'm picking up a tub of Spicy Nacho Cheese Dip as per J.'s request. J.'s lost weight over the past year being sick but I'll do my best to put that weight back on her this Saturday; heck, I've proven it's possible just by looking at my own expanding waistline.

That's all for today! No game talk, no poker talk - I'm just happy that things are working out well for my friends and loved ones!


Another quick note: tonight should be the last night (I'm hoping) of me working double-shifts for the next little while. I can't wait to get back to my wife, friends, poker and video games. Ho ho ho! Let the holidays begin...starting tomorrow or the day after when this darned project is done.

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