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297 hands

297 hands: the total number of hands played at InterPoker's cash tables during the months of November and December. How many times during this two month stretch have I been dealt pocket Aces? Until about 11:23 PM last night, that number was zero. But then, right on cue, the Ace of Hearts showed up bringing along its good friend, the Ace of Diamonds. And just like that, a mediocre night of poker blossomed into a semi-lucrative evening of grind-it-out limit poker.

That's right - after a long hiatus from the limit poker tables, I finally bellied up to InterPoker's 0.50/1.00 tables to give my limit game another shot. The deal they had going yesterday was a $10 bonus applied to your account for each pair of aces dealt you. Although I was doing ok and holding my own, seeing that pair of aces really made my night. It's only $10, I know, but when you've grown accustomed to the variance and inevitable downswings inherent to the sit-n-go world, it's nice to get a free and undeserved boost to your dwindling bankroll.

Although I didn't sit down at the tables until 9:30 PM last night, I figured that two and a half hours should be enough to guarantee me at least one pair of aces. Although it'd been a while since I'd sat at the InterPoker tables, it had been even longer since rockets had sought the pleasure of my company. Although I don't have an exact number, it had been at least 350 hands since I'd flown American Airlines - which in my mind is a statistical anomaly. I'm supposed to get aces every 221 hands and I don't care about that long-run mumbo-jumbo.

When I sat down to play last night, I was hoping to get the rockets out of the way quickly in order to give me the emotional buffer I needed to risk my bankroll at the ring game tables. As it turned out, I was forced to swim with the sharks (and there were many of them last night trying to collect on InterPoker's promotion) for a good two hours before I could get that sense of peace that only comes with getting rockets and the free $10 they came bundled with.

I couldn't tell you how the hand played out since I was too excited and my laptop is at home. I'm sure Poker Tracker will tell me the whole story when I feel like reading it. For now, though, I'm just happy that I posted a winning night at the tables.

I played fairly well all night. I did lose about $5 of my own money on a hand where I picked up JJ UTG. I gave the pot a nice little pop pre-flop and got cold-called by two players. When the flop came down 9 9 T, I was pretty confident that I was ahead. Yes, that's right, a paired card on the flop - my nemesis! I check-raised the flop when the guy to my left bet out - I needed to find out what he had. I surmised that if he re-raised me, I'd almost definitely be up against trip nines. Myself, I wouldn't cold-call a PF raise from the UTG player with an A9 (one of two hands that I would even venture to put his guy on), but this guy had a VPIP of over 40%. Long story short, I was heads up with this guy on the turn when the button decided that my check-raise on the flop probably put him behind. He'd already called the first guy's bet...I probably would've called to see if the turn helped me out.

The turn was a blank and Mr. Fish quickly called my the bet I put out there. At this point, I'm counting my money - I've got a guy calling my bets and I'm thinking he's on an AT or a draw. When the river is Q, I decide to check with the board now showing a flush draw, a straight draw and an overcard to my jacks. Mr. Fish bets out and I'm forced to call given the size of the pot and the fact that I've now shown weakness. So, what does my opponent show? Pocket nines - he flopped quads!

Having grown accustomed to some hideous luck in my SNG play, I simply laughed it off wondering why this guy had not re-raised me on the flop or on the turn. When I hit a flop that hard and I have someone betting into me, I'm gonna jam the pot any chance I get. In all fairness, any overt aggression on his part would have put me in check-call mode. All I can say is that I'm glad a jack didn't hit the board. Since InterPoker does not cap heads-up play on the river, I could've lost a lot of money had that been the case.

I'd elaborate on some other hands, but they all followed predictable patterns. I managed to steal a lot of blinds (and I mean a lot) and my heads up play is so much better now than it was a couple months ago. I guess my game is improving despite all my efforts to the contrary!

Anyway, I ended up with a win rate of 1.7 BB/100 (damn quad nines...) for a total profit of about $6 in the 2.5 hours that I played. Coupled with the $10 for the rockets, that put me up $16 for a couple hours work. However, when I checked my InterPoker account statement, I noticed that a few mystery deposits had been made to my account! There were three reward bonuses applied to my account since the start of December that totaled about $23. So my bankroll is up $39 after last night! Sweet! Have I mentioned how much I like InterPoker?

That's it for now. I wrote this pretty quickly so I'm hoping that it all makes sense. I'll probably write later, seeing as how it's approaching the end of the week and I don't really wanna work...

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