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Just in case you were wondering, I've stopped using "---" to separate my daily blog entries. I'm moving up to the world of the horizontal rule. Now let's see if I can change the colour...nope...crap...I'll figure it out.

Anyway, I'm done for the day.


My plans for tonight - pizza, movies, and video games. So which movies are we gonna watch?

Funny you should ask...

I know...shameless. But I've got time to kill and no poker to write about. But I can almost guarantee that one person will read what I've just written. I will try and provide some higher quality content at some point, but I'll probably be slumming it for a while. Anyway, checking IMDB, I see that both movies got awful scores. Hmmmm...well, I like Will Ferrell as does my wife, so here's hoping that the votes so far have been made by "film" people and not "movie" people. Keep in mind that it only takes on bathroom-related joke for me to give a movie an instant 10/10.


I'm playing in a tournament at Interpoker this weekend. It's being hosted by Rake The Rake and the winner gets to play in some tournament down south (I think it's the Carribean Classic). I don't like hot weather or beaches, but I do like cold drinks and cash. I'm guessing that I'll probably win the tourney this weekend, but that may be the tilt talking.

Well, coffee break time (I think). It's all good...


I'm putting up an ad for the Incredible Hulk game. Here it is - buy it!

It's actually pretty good - and therapeutic to all poker players out there. There's no better medicine to heal frayed nerves or that ole tiltin' feeling' than running around and punt-kicking everything in site. More fun things to do in the game: run and pick up cars, throw cars at people or things, smash cars down into gigantic metal gloves that you wear to punch stuff, run up walls, and do some cool roar-thingy that makes everything within a 3 block radius blow up.

Why didn't they have stuff this cool when I was a kid? Now I'm destined to embarrass myself and my wife by getting excited over videogames.


Work done...waiting for a guy to check it out, so I have time to burn...

Another keyword search hit my site today:

wpc network empire poker

Sweet - I'm moving up in the world. Pretty soon, all roads will lead here and the Internet will officially suck.


Things I hate:
  1. River suckouts
  2. ASP date formatting
  3. Faint odour of urine in or around an apartment building
  4. Bare feet and/or sandals
  5. People who fart in the elevator just as they exit (this includes older women or gentlemen who can't seem to help themselves - honestly, two more steps and you can go nuts)
  6. Men's room urinals
  7. People who stand cheek-to-cheek with me while I'm trying to use a urinal
  8. Sundried tomatoes
  9. People who think they're better than me
  10. People who're better than me
Back to ASP date formatting...


Nothing to report. Had to work late last night, followed by playing some videogames for a bit before watching some TV with my wife. No poker yet...still building up the desire to actually sit back down and play.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today? Well, I've got some paint I need to watch dry, so I'm outta here. Might write later if I get my work done.

X-box 360 launches in 7 days...too bad all the games coming out with it are crap...and my TV's not HD, so I'm screwed either way I think.

Ok, seriously, I'm gone...

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