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The smell of blackjack in the morning...

As promised, no poker last night. My wife and I took my mom out for dinner to Baton Rouge. It was a pretty nice place with really good food. Everything was about $2 more than you'd pay elsewhere, but the portion sizes were huge (which is my biggest deciding factor in choosing a restaurant). I got the Chicken Tenders Salad with blue cheese dressing (I chickened out and decided to not get the burger) and washed it down with a Rickard's Honey Brown Ale. The salad was the biggest thing I'd ever seen and it was pretty good. The salad was comprised of mixed greens, croutons, bacon, crumbled egg, chicken tender pieces (fried and battered chicken breast), artichoke hearts, and avocado. The blue cheese dressing was very good (if you like blue cheese) with big chunks of cheese throughout. I wasn't a big fan of some of the greens in the "mixed" greens (some were so bitter, I wondered how anyone would willingly choose to put these in a salad), but everything else was great. The salad cost $13.95 but was well worth it. Next time, I'm getting the Baton Rouge Burger: 8 oz. burger topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, dijonnaise, lettuce and tomato and served with a mountain (I'm not exaggerating...) of fries.

After dinner, some shopping at Wal-Mart and then a coffee at Starbucks. All in all, a pretty good night.


I'm getting into work late this morning. MrVercetti and I are playing in a live 10 or 12 person tournament tonight, so I took a drive in to work with MrVercetti instead of driving myself. Buy-in is $10 and the competition is probably similar to most home games around nowadays. The last time I played, MrVercetti and I took 1st and 2nd respectively (he got lucky!). I don't know how I'll do tonight, but I may pick up some beer and have a few. Tournament starts at 7 PM and normally runs about 3 hours.


While waiting for my ride this morning, I checked my River Belle Casino account and discovered that my account had been credited with the free $25 as promised. Damn, I love these online casinos - nothing like something for nothing. Now, I can't withdraw the $25 yet without gambling a bit, so I thought I'd get a head start.

I checked out the blackjack tables and was happy to see tables where the bets ranged from $1 - $20. Perfect! So I sit down and start betting $1. After 30 minutes, I'm up to $35.50 from my original $25. Nice! The game may be -EV but it is also +FUN and +MINDLESS. Plus, I'm gambling with someone else's money so I don't mind. If you know me, I'm not the type to actually ever put any of my own money in - I'm just not that much of a risk taker. Unless there is an edge I can push, it's just not worth it to me.

My goal at River Belle Casino is to keep playing $1 bets until I hit $50. At that point, I'll double my bets to $2 until I hit $100 or until I hit $40. If I hit $40, then it's back down to $1 bets. If I hit $100, it's $3 bets until I hit $275. And so forth...

As long as I make it a game and play responsibly, I think this is do-able. Well, do-able if I get lucky enough to get cards. Blackjack is -EV and there is nothing I can do about that. All I can do is hope that it all works out. Maybe the luck that I don't get in poker will transfer over to blackjack. MrVercetti tells me that, unless you can count cards, you'll lose it all. He's such a Sklansky wannabe... ;)

Anyway, gotta get some work done before I leave for a business lunch. I may write later today if the mood strikes me.


Not many posts/comments today - I've been pretty busy with work.

Anyway, just under 2 hours till the tourney tonight. I'm gonna take it easy and just relax - I'm not taking this tournament too seriously. There are far worse ways to spend 3 hours and $10. I'm picking up some beer for tomorrow night on the way to the tournament, so I may sneak a few tonight as well.

As for notes, don't expect anything all that great for tomorrow's write-up. I've kept my online persona hidden from the players at the tourney tonight. Not because I want to trick them into giving me their money. The real reason is that it can make loose players tighten up when they know someone at the table plays more often than once a month, and secondly, I'm not good enough to handle any extra heat that might come my way if people think that I think that I'm some poker pro (did that make any sense?). By the way, I don't think I'm a poker pro...hell, I'm not even an amateur yet. But I've got more poker experience than everyone at the tournament combined and that's not something I want to advertise.

That being said, there are a few players playing tonight who are quite good (I suspect they dabble online as well and have not advertised the fact themselves). No sharks playing though...just a bunch of guys desperately trying to lose $10 while downing beer.

Wish me luck - there are only 8 players showing up tonight and I'm aiming for 4th place or better. Payout is $60 for first place, $15 for second, and $5 for third.


MrVercetti said...

The last time I played, MrVercetti and I took 1st and 2nd respectively (he got lucky!).

OK this was just begging for a comment. Let me point out for the record that it was luck, but it was coinflip luck, not some sort of outrageous runner-runner flush on the river luck :)

Klopzi said...

So you admit that luck won it for you...I rest my case. :)