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This entry was written earlier today - there are new entries. I don't even have the strength of will to stick with my proposed hiatus.


Due to time constraints, lack of staying power, poor play and numerous other factors, this blog is hereby being placed in "hiatus" status.

This blog was created to document my rise to the top of the poker world. However, I've come to realize two things: I don't have the drive or desire to be #1 in the world and I don't have the skill to become #1. Since starting this blog, poker has seemed a lot like a second job which is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Poker was always meant to be a fun diversion, something to do as a side hobby. This blog has placed poker foremost in my mind at any given time and that is a little too much for me.

I may return, but if not, thanks for reading. You can still catch me at various sites playing SNGs and tournaments. I am giving up ring game play for the next little while as I try to regain my love for the game. I will be playing far less though, as I have some new work-related obligations coming up and am gearing up for the Xbox 360 launch.

Thanks again...

PS: I came in 18th out of 92 in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tourney this past weekend, so I'm still doing ok play-wise...

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