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R.I.P.? Guess not...damn you Al!

Still no comments from my reader(s). So, to increase readership, I'll start fielding any questions about anything. You have a question, I'll find you an answer (within reason - nothing against the law or anything). Poker questions are preferred, although I'd understand if you don't want to ask me anything poker related since I'm obviously not that great a player nor can you trust much of what I say since I'm so on tilt it's not funny.


I don't have to work tonight so lots of time to play video games and squeeze in an SNG or two. I'm starting to come out of the funk that had a hold on me in regards to poker. It'll still take a while. Maybe the knowledge that I'm gonna burn through a good chunk of my bankroll on frivolous items is starting to cheer me up.


By the way, all future posts within a post (kinda like this one) will be in reverse chronological order (newest at top). This makes it easier for me to read and to notice if I f*cked something up...not that I care that much...actually maybe I do...oh yeah? Well the jerk-store called and they're running out of you!

That's right, I went there...

Ok, back to work.


Here's a list of some keywords that have been successfully used to reach this site:

  1. vex cooler
  2. Klopzi
More to come if I see any others. Vex Cooler? Nice - AA is gonna love me...


Well, I just noticed that Al gave me a shout out in his last post, so I'll at least try and post a few things now and then. Don't want to disappoint the guy who's revived my latent alcoholism... However, here are the new rules surrounding me keeping this sh*tty blog (and that's putting it mildly) alive:
  1. No more talk about my bankroll. I'll give everyone one number at the end of the month. That's it. It's not gonna change that much since I won't be playing that much. If I focus on the results of my playing, it takes away from the fun. And I don't want to feel obligated to play everyday - frankly, I just picked up a new Xbox game that lets me play as the Incredible Hulk and sometimes it's fun to just smash the crap out of everything.
  2. No more SNG recaps - frankly, it's too much work and sucks the life out of me. I'll let everyone know how I did on any given SNG plus a thought or two if I feel like it.
  3. Lots more talk about useless shit that only interests me. I'm a prick and if I'm gonna write anything here, I'm gonna make sure it requires as little effort on my part as possible.
  4. I'm going to actively let my game go to shit. No more reading about poker or thinking about poker. I'll let Celebrity Showdown be my poker book - Phil Gordon and Dave Foley will guide me in my descent to poker hell. I want every SNG and tournament that I win to be such a huge accomplishment that I'll be hard-pressed to NOT pee my pants in giddy excitement.
  5. Any poker that I play will be done with the TV on, sitting with my wife on the couch, and possibly throwing a few other distractions as well.
I guess I'm just feeling "tilty". There are so many other things that I can do with my spare time, and after last weekend, I feel like I'm pissing my life away playing poker at stakes so low, it's laughable.

Here are my new monthly goals:
  1. Regain the "joie-de-vivre" that seemed to permeate my earlier poker play.
  2. Kiss ring game play goodbye.
  3. Take $800 out of my bankroll and blow it on an Xbox 360, some games, and a winter coat for my wife (girls always want to buy boring things when a winfall comes their way). I may also buy some beer for me and a case of bloody caesar mix for my wife.
Here's a quick recap of my play this weekend: won some, lost some.

Came in 18th in the Saturday tourney (check previous post). I was doing pretty well until I ran into Donegal's pocket rockets (he gets the pimping this week because he was the real cause of my demise on Saturday). He was raising PF quite a bit and stealing a lot of blinds. I finally picked up AJ and decided to put him all in. Well, I was f*cked after that. I was knocked out next hand by and A7 vs. my K9. I had to push cuz I had no chips left.

That's it for now...I guess Klopzi's Mediocre Poker is here to stay...for now...you poor bastards!

PS: I'm not gonna spell check anything either...100% natural posts from here on in...

PPS: And please feel free to purchase anything using my links to Amazon. I want money, you want stuff, it's a win-win situation.

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