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Recap time

Well, I chickened out. I watched the first half-hour of Saw then shut it off - I had a funny feeling that it was gonna get really gross or really scary. I know, I need to grow a set...oh well. My wife was happy not watching it too. We did watch Hellboy for a second time and enjoyed it - I'm a big fan of superhero movies and my wife indulges me. One last movie comment: Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith comes out today - only $19.99 at BestBuy...gonna pick that one up cuz I'm a nerd.


Poker news: played some NL ring games at Pacific Poker last night. I picked up some piece of software called HandGrabber (no link yet - sorry) that lets you grab hand histories and import them into PokerTracker. Long story short - I played for an hour and a half at the $10 NL tables and came away down $1.77. In all fairness, there were two issues that prevented me from doing well:

  1. There were crazy players at the table going all-in on every single hand. These tables were so loose, I wish I'd managed to pick up some $$ but didn't. Why, you ask?

  2. I was so card dead for most of the time at the tables, I was raging! It's scary when you pick up ATs in MP and consider calling the 20xBB raise and 60xBB re-raise. I played the safe game and decided to wait until I had a real hand before pushing all-in. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up anything until all the loose players left. It was the most frustrating time I've ever spent at the tables.

Will I give the NL games another shot? Yep. I got a $20 bonus at Pacific Poker and will keep playing the NL games until I clear the bonus requirements for releasing my $20 or until I lose the whole wad. I don't much care either way...actually, I'm lying - I'd to make $2K with that $20 but we'll have to wait and see...


So, here's my recap for the month of October:

  • 0.50/1.00 FL: $103.41
  • 1/2 FL: -$96.37
  • $10 NL: -$1.77
  • SNGs: $43.45
  • Bonuses: $70
  • October 1, 2005: $1107
  • November 1, 2005: $1359
  • October 2005 Earnings: $252
I'm a little surprised that my month ended up as well as it did. For a while, I was really sucking and it seemed to turn around this past weekend.

I'm also quite happy with my SNG results so far. I was in the money 52% of the time, with a 61% return on investment. I'm placing, on average, in second place, which is good from a playing perspective and from a money perspective. The fact that I managed to win 50% of the times that I ended up heads-up in the SNGs is slightly above average considering I rarely had the chip lead going in.


My new goals for November (otherwise known as the list of things that won't happen and will just end up pissing me off and putting me on tilt):
  1. Double my $20 bonus at Pacific Poker playing only $10 NL.
  2. Clear a $25 reload bonus at Eurobet playing 0.50/1.00 FL.
  3. Win 112 BBs (I've already made back 38 BBs) at 0.50/1.00 FL to make up for the losses at 1/2.
  4. Play 10 $5 SNGs at Party Poker or some other poker room (not sure where yet) and pull off an in-the-money percentage of 33% or more.
Are these goals attainable? You betcha! Am I gonna do it? Couldn't tell ya! Am I gonna try and make my two readers (assuming my wife still reads this thing) proud? Sure!

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