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I've lost that tiltin' feelin'?

Last post for today -

First off, shout out to Al Cant't Hang for all the hits he's generated for this site. He's my #1 referrer - I'd give him a prize but I'm poor, lazy and selfish...at least my thanks are sincere.

Secondly, I'm going to test the SNG waters this evening with two $3 SNGs at TigerGaming and a $5 SNG at PokerRoom. Wish me luck - if I get too tilty or suck too hard or don't have fun, I'm shutting down the stupid laptop and poker will have to kiss my ass until I build up the courage to play again. Why am I playing scared recently? I have no idea...maybe the Hulk game will give me the courage and rage necessary to crush my opposition.

By the way, I got my first PokerRoom magazine in the mail - they gave me a free subscription for being one of their most intermittent players (that's the only reason I could think of for them sending me free stuff). Still, it's pretty good so far. I didn't realize that some of the big-name players have pretty shady backgrounds. Johnny Moss recently picked up three counts of assaulting a minor, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow was picked up last year for possession with intent to distribute (he has publicly denied the charges and insists that he was framed - I'll believe him since I think he's funny), and Big Benny Binion was a murderer who moved to Las Vegas when his local sheriff lost an election. Mental note to self: let the pros win if ever heads up with them for fear of ending up drugged up, beaten up, and shot for good measure. Seriously, that's some scary sh*t - if that's what it takes to get to the top, I'll pass. Mind you, Phil Hellmuth is clean as a whistle so he's my new hero.

That's it for today, boys and girls. Go home, kiss your loved ones, grab a bite to eat and I'll see you at the tables.


Who wants a video game update? Sure you do...

Played more of the Incredible Hulk yesterday while on the exercise bike. Fought some giant beastie and won, smashed stuff, and unlocked a cheat code that allows the Hulk to run around in Canadian Flag boxer shorts. Sweet...have I mentioned that I'm a nerd?

Speaking of underpants (this may embarrass my wife but she's used to it by now) - my wife's going on a trip with her sister this weekend (she's been instructed to buy me a shirt that says, "My wife went to __________ and all I got was this lousy shirt!"). This means that it's a boxer-shorts weekend - all day, all night. I'm not doing squat - gonna sit and play video games and poker. So anyone fortunate enough to sit at a table with me this weekend, you just remember that I'm taking your money with my junk most likely hanging out...gross...I may have gone too far there.

Luckily, my wife's not gonna be gone too long so I won't have to go through the lonely bored period that overcomes me when I play too many video games or too much poker. Life's all about balance and she definitley balances me out - yin to my yang, so to speak.

Ok, back to work - you're not getting paid to read this...


More keyword fun...these are getting weirder...

Seriously - who searches for Qui Gonn vs Darth in Ottawa - do either of these people live in Ottawa? Is it a Star Wars fan looking for a friend? Weird...

Another quick note: Have you ever noticed how screwed up other people's blogs can be? I found a referral from a blog about knitting and that's one of the better ones. Who am I to judge? I'm writing a blog about a completely average poker player who doesn't even like playing poker anymore but does it out of some sort of sick self-destructive fascination. Still, knitting? The Internet is f*cked up.


Well, I actually played some poker last night. I had just over 100 hands left to play to clear my Eurobet bonus, so I buckled down and tackled the problem head on. I know that I said recently that I was done with ring games for a while, and I will still hold myself to that now that I've cleared the bonus. I mean, I wasn't about to throw away $25.

I played for about two hours last night and walked away down about $3. Considering that I was down well over $20 within the first 30 minutes, that's not too bad. I don't know what it is, but recently I've been suffering the worst bad beats and picking up a lot of second best hands. It actually happened again last night where I push a hand hard only to lose to a bad river card or I find out at the showdown that I've been playing from way-behind.

Once again, any notes that I sent to my work account seem to have been filtered as spam. Let me see what I remember...

Won a big pot with KK. Four players on a rainbow flop of all low cards. I rammed and jammed my way to the river against a real fishy player and my kings held up.

The second big pot I won happened when I raised first in with KQo from MP3 (just to the right of the CO seat). I get two cold-callers and the big blind calls as well. Flop comes down AT3 and all diamonds (by the way, on four separate hands last night, the flop came down all one suit thereby destroying a couple of my AK hands and a KK as well...stupid poker). BB checks to me and I bet - I've got the flush draw and I may get people to fold since the ace is showing. Nope - both CO and button call and BB folds. Turn is a blank. I can now bet out or check-call but I decide that enough's enough and I'm gonna play it hard. I bet again, hoping that neither the CO or button has the balls to re-raise me. Luckily, they are both balls-free and call. By now, I'm pretty sure that the CO has either an ace with a crappy kicker or possibly a baby flush of some sort. Well, the river is the 9 of diamonds and gives me the nuts. I decide to keep the momentum going and bet out, hoping that the CO has caught a flush as well. CO raises my bet and so I put him on a flush. I re-raise and he calls, showing the jack of diamonds. Sweet - finally a little luck my way.

Now, it wasn't all fun and games. Four hideously bad hands came my way playing against two of the fishiest players I've ever seen. For some reason, I can't play against these fishy players all that well. I'm at my best playing against aggressive players - I need to know that when I bet out, a player will raise me if he's got something. My worst poker moments have all come when I've been sandbagged big time or when my opponent does not realize the strenght of his/her hand.

Here are some of the bad hands (or good second-best hands) that I played last night:
  • Pick up 76s in the small blind and decide to limp into a three way pot. I hit a backdoor straight draw, a flush draw and a pair on the flop. I check-call the flop given my poor position for this hand. Turn comes a 9, giving me an open-ended straight draw. River is a 7, giving me set. I decide to check-raise the CO who's been playing the hand pretty hard and he re-raises me...hmm...I make a crying call and he shows his pocket 9s for the rivered full-house. Why did that stupid 7 have to come down? Any 5, T or any heart would've given me the hand - instead, I get the most expensive possible card on the river.
  • Pick up KK in the BB and raise. Three to the flop of J 8 2. When SB bets out, I raise to protect my hand and everyone calls. Turn is a 6. I bet again and get two callers. River is a 4. I bet and SB raises me - I make a crying call and he shows his might 75o. Nice hand fish...oh, and screw you!!!
  • The same fish later beat another pair of pocket kings that I picked up by calling three raises cold pre-flop with his 63o. The flop came down all hearts, the turn was another heart, and the river was a blank. Everyone had folded and it was only me and the fish at the river. When he bet out, I called knowing that I was dead - indeed, he showed his 6 of hearts to take the pot.
I lost a couple more hands in similar fashion - so you can see that I was catching some pretty bad flops to go along with some pretty decent starting hands. In 200 hands or so, I picked up AKo 7 times - I also pick up Q7o, Q8o and Q9o five times each - freaky! My best hand of the night was the AKo - it made me just over $5 all told. My worst hand was the 76s - I lost $5 with that hand. I played it twice from the blinds, one hand I described above - the other hand I picked up an open-ended straight flush draw (with second pair) and ended up losing to another uber-fish when a 4 (not of the suit I was looking for) came on the river giving the fish an eight-high straight. He'd decided to cold-call two bets on the flop with his 53o.

All told, I made about $1.50 at Eurobet after applying the $25 bonus (that's right - I lost about 23 BBs this month). Still, that bonus puts me up about $4.50 this month. From this point on (until Lord knows when), I'm sticking with SNGs. The online play is getting tougher by the day and I may not have it in me to continue to be a somewhat-successful poker player. We'll see how I feel at the end of the month - I've got some money at Poker Room to burn as well as some money at TigerGaming, Eurobet, Interpoker, and PokerStars. How much I'll play remains a mystery - I do have the tournament this Saturday at Interpoker, although I'm not setting my hopes too high. We'll see how I do...

That's it for now...

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