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It's called Big Slick for a reason

After picking up some beer, MrVercetti and I headed out to the home-game poker tourney last night - $10 buy-in NL tourney for those who care. We arrived ten minutes before game time. By 7 PM, there were 10 of us seated and ready to play. Since the final table would only accommodate 8 players, we were split into two tables of five. Here was my seating arrangement:

Seat 1: Mr. Calling Station (CS)
Seat 2: Mr. No limpers allowed (NLA)
Seat 3: Mr. I know what I'm doing (KWD)
Seat 4: Mr. I'll-only-bet-the-nuts (OBN)
Seat 5: Klopzi (me)

Third hand in, I'm in the BB and I pick up TT. Sweet. CS, KWD and OBN all limp in and I quickly raise it up to 3xBB. Only CS calls. Flop is Q 6 2. I put out a bet of 10 more chips, making the pot 26 (blinds were at $1/$2). CS smooth calls. At this point, I have no idea that this guy is a calling station so I was mistakenly trying to bluff him off the pot by representing the Q. The turn is a K and I decide to throw another 15 into the pot - CS calls. River is a blank and I bet another 10 - I did this to prevent him from betting a larger amount on the river. He just called and slow-rolled his pocket Js to take the pot. Mo-fo! First, who limps with JJ five-handed? Second, who calls bets with two overcards on the board? Maybe I should've bet the pot - I don't think he was respecting my raises.

Ten minutes later and still in blind level 1, I pick up A6s in the big blind. CS, KWD, and OBN are all in the pot so I just check it. Flop comes ace high. I check and CS bets 4, KWD calls, OBN folds, and I raise it up another 10. CS calls and OBN folds. At this point, I know I'm screwed. If CS bet, I'd put him on top or middle pair or a set. When he calls my raise, I know he's got an A - but does he have two pair or a good kicker? When the turn comes with a 6, I bet 5 into the pot (so wimpy but I wasn't sure if I was ahead and betting out always stopped the guy from betting the pot). CS calls. River is a blank and I bet out again and CS calls. He shows an AT and I take the pot with my two pair.

In level 2, I only play one hand from the BB - 85s. Only me and CS are in the pot and we check it to the river when a 5 falls. I put out a token bet of just over half the pot (pot was only 8 chips and I bet 5). CS comes over the top for another 5 and I call - whatever. I win the pot with my pair of fives when CS shows his K2s.

I don't play another hand until level 4. No one had been knocked out yet (we each started with stacks of 250 chips) so the tables got shuffled. I ended up at the other table with MrVercetti sitting on my left. MrVercetti is an aggressive player by nature and he had an enormous chip stack, having caught some good cards after limping into a lot of pots at his earlier table. My stack was sitting at about 210 since I'd only played three hands so far. It was just one of those nights. At one point, I picked up 93o four hands in a row. I went for a full hour without any playable hands (unless K2o is considered playable).

After 3 hands at the new table, I find an AJs in the SB. Sweet! After the cards I've been getting, the AJ looks like pocket rockets. The blinds are at 20/40 so I raise it up to 80 to go when everyone folds to me. I'm hoping that MrVercetti sees this as a position raise and puts me all-in. He thinks about it, asks me how many chips I have, but finally decides to just call. Flop comes J 6 2 rainbow. I decide to put out a small probe-like bet of 35 into the 100 pot. Again, I'm hoping MrVercetti reads this as weakness and puts me all-in. Instead, he folds after 20 seconds...he later told me he had AT and that he had believed that while I was probably ahead at that point, he could have caught something to put me all out. When he found out I had AJ, he was happy he folded.

Four hands later, we've lost one player at our table and two players at the other table are out as well. The two tables become one. I'm not the short stack, but I'm probably 5th out of the remaining 7 players.

Three hands in at the new table, I pick up AKs in early position. Blinds are at 25/50 and UTG enters the pot with a raise to 100. I decide to go all in with my remaining 247 chips. Unfortunately, everyone folds and I'm up to T422. Shit! UTG player is KWD from my first table and I was hoping he had a hand.

A couple hands later, we lose the short stacked player and we're down to six. I misplay a couple hands on the blinds and am down to T160 when I pick up another AK on the button. UTG (KWD's wife) raises to T100 and NLA (from the first table) calls from MP. KWD folds on my right and I push. KWD's wife thinks for a minute but decides to call and NLA tells me that he knows the type of hands that I play and he would call if KWD's wife hadn't entered the pot. I guess NLA thought that I was a loose player, which is just the opposite. With the beer that I'd consumed and my blackjack bachelor party stories, I'd done a pretty good job in cultivating my loose table persona. And now, it was about to pay off...

Just before KWD's wife turns over her cards, I say that I have a pretty good hand as long as she doesn't have a pair. She sheepishly turns over A4s (clubs) and I turn over my AK. Everyone at the table knows that she's in a bad spot, but I confidently say that she's about to lay a bad beat on me - I predict that a 4 will hit the flop. The flop comes showing 2 4 2. Ouch! I was drawing dead to a K or runner-runner. Turn is a 7, giving me 6 outs (3 sevens, 3 kings). River is a 6 and I'm out, just like that. I'd announced earlier that I'd be all-in when I ran out of beer and as I grabbed my bottle, I realized that that had been the case. However, I was not anticipating being all-out at that point.

As the game wore on, KWD's wife ended up winning it all when MrVercetti could not compete with her string of Ax's. She must have picked up 4 AT's in the last 10 hands of the game and an uncanny number of A4's. She knocked her husband out in third but took it all in the end. Actually, at one point, I was the dealer and had mistakenly stated that she'd lost a hand and been knocked out when she was all-in with J5 on the button against her husband's J6 in the BB. When the boards improved neither player, I mistakenly pushed the chips to KWD without realizing that it had been a split pot.

Anyway, it was a fun game. I hate to lose the way I did, but it's better than the alternative of pushing my chips in with the worst of it. If I'd picked up some better hands, things may have changed but not likely. I'd still do the AK push at the end and I'm happy with that.


MrVercetti is coming over tonight to hang out with me and my wife. Gonna watch the Sens vs. Bruins game, Survivor, Apprentice, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, drink beer, and play poker and blackjack. Everyone's got the day off tomorrow so it's party time.

I've got lots of work to do so probably no more updates today (actually, maybe towards quitting time...). By the way, almost 200 hits so far with 3 regular readers if my count is correct. Sweet! I won't let the fame go to my head...Just kidding - this blog isn't about fame, it's about the money...that's right, I'm still a prick...


By the way (I guess I am posting again), decided to try using the spell check on this post - useless! Too much slang and poker sh*t in here. Anyway, it's not the spelling that makes this blog unreadable, it's my grammar. Me no english speak good.


This is too short to count as a post...just read a funny post by PokerGeek. You should read it too...cuz it's funny...ahh screw you, it's almost the long weekend...I'm going back to sleep...

This is also not an official pimping of the site since I'm not done ready Tao of Poker (almost finished October 2004) and PokerGeek has not knocked me out of any tourneys (probably cuz he's too busy being a successful poker player instead of slumming it against the likes of me...not that he'd know me if he played against me).


A funny little quote courtesy of Dr. Pauly in describing the action at a $4/$8 table at Foxwoods late last year:

The friggin Hilton Sisters screwed me at the same time Ron Jeremy was irking the table eating chicken fingers and talking to people on the rail...

Something about that one line just cracks me up...


Well, it's just about quittin' time for me. I got lots done today work wise and still managed to drop a few lines here. Pretty good. I may or may not update the blog tomorrow (since I'm at home), but we'll see. I'm helping MrVercetti hook up his new 50" plasma TV (sweet!) and sound system - hopefully it'll be movies, hockey and video games after that. Poker? Who knows.

But first things first - booze and gambling tonight...it's gonna be good!

One last thing (for those who care): my bankroll's sitting at $1,381.19. This is counting my blackjack winnings and bonus, but that's ok cuz it's still part of my gambling bankroll.

And with that, I'm off...

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