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I'm drunk, it's late, and I suck at blackjack

Quick update:

Played some NL ring games tonight at Pacific: down about $6 or so. Details to follow once I stop seeing double.

Played a SNG at TigerGaming for $3.45 - out in fifth spot (out of six players). Good Lord - I'm broken!

Played 10 minutes of 0.50/1.00 at Eurobet and left $8 up (the good 'ole hit n' run).

Finally, lost my entire bankroll at River Belle Casino playing blackjack. As such, I no longer count pure gambling money as part of my bankroll cuz blackjack sucks...seriously, six 21s in a row...c'mon dealer!

All in all, I'm down about $3.70 for the night. That's the good thing about playing micro limit poker - even with a bunch of beer in you, you can't lose. I'll make it back tomorrow when I'm sober.

Have a good weekend everyone! I may update tomorrow - we'll see. And thanks again to Al - I notice that I've had four straight hits this evening from your site.

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