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I thought I was ahead...

I don't know what's going on with my bankroll. After losing all my records at Poker Dominator and starting fresh, my bankroll seems to be suffering. I don't know if it's because of my play or because I've misplaced money. I have a feeling that my bankroll at the end of October was $1299 and not $1359 - regardless, I've got some more winning to do.


After last night, I've climbed closer to accomplishing my goals for the month of November. At the same time, I'm starting to think that there is one goal that I may not clear at all. Let's review the goals (I feel like I'm teaching a class - who said blogs are supposed to be fun or interesting?) I've set out for myself and how close I am to clearing them:

  1. Double my $20 bonus at Pacific Poker
    Well, as of last night, this goal is complete. My Pacific Poker account is sitting at about $96, which means that my $20 bonus has generated $26 in income. Sweet! How's that for a return on investment? I'm really liking the NL ring games right now. It's a real no-brainer - sit back and wait for a good hand. If I'm heads-up in a pot, I'll play my top pair pretty strongly. I won two good sized pots last night off guys playing back at me with top pair, crap kicker. I'll go into more detail later...

  2. Clear $25 bonus at Eurobet
    Well, I'm about 2/3 of the way through this...I'm sitting at 230 raked hands and need 145 more to clear the bonus. I'll give it a try on Friday, I think. I have the day off (Remembrance Day) so I'll clear that bonus and move on. I would like to start playing NL at Eurobet at some point, but the $25 NL seems pretty high. I'm a big chicken and need to assure myself that the play is loose enough for me to show a profit. However, I know that I should be playing NL where I get rake back.

  3. Win 112 BBs at 0.50/1.00
    Not f*cking likely...I'll have to double check how many BBs I've won since October 21st - that was the date where I set out to make my 150 BBs back. I think I've still got something like 100 BBs to go, but I'm probably being optimistic. We'll see - Friday, I could have a day like I had at Interpoker on October 1 when I won 85 BBs in one two hour session. It's funny - there are times when I like the mathematical fixed limit games and times when I like the big wins and artistry or no-limit play. I think I prefer no-limit when I'm on my game and doing well. I prefer the limit play when I tire of putting all my chips in at once and losing everything when I get rivered.

  4. Play 10 SNGs and pull of an ITM of 33% or more
    So far, I have played seven $5 SNGs. I've had 1 first place finish (Eurobet), 2 second place finishes (Poker Room), 2 third place finishes (Poker Room), and 2 crappy finishes (5th at Party Poker and 6th at Poker Room). So, I'm ITM 5/7 times, so close to 65% of the time. Even if I lose the next three SNGs, this goal is in the bag. My new goal will be to double my deposit at Poker Room playing $5 SNGs - I've got another $35 to win. It'll be tough, I think, but hopefully do-able.

Here's a recap of the action last night. First off, I played for a couple hours of $10 NL at Pacific Poker. The play was not as fishy as it was this weekend, which left it only three times as fishy as what I'm used to. I made $7.44 which isn't that bad considering I did not get any of the big time hands (AA - JJ, AK). I could've won more but misplayed TT at one point in the evening and it cost me about $2. I didn't really misplay any other hands, so here's a list of some of the big hands that I picked up:

  • I won $5.91 when I raised PF with my KQo from late middle position. Only two really loose limpers at this point, so I wasn't too worried about giving the pot a little pop. I bought the button with my raise and five of us (SB,BB, UTG, EP3) saw the flop. Flop comes rainbow K x x. UTG bets 0.10 into the $2 pot and EP3 makes it $0.20 to go. I make it $0.60 to go, causing the SB, BB and UTG players to fold. EP3 calls. Turn is a rag and EP3 bets $2 into the pot. At this point, I'm putting this guy on either top pair with a weak kicker or a possible two pair. However, this player tended to play it much harder when he had a hand, frequently pushing all-in. I had a funny feeling that I had him beat so I put the guy all-in for his last $3 or so. He calls and shows KJo and I take the pot. Was this play too risky? Is it ok to play aggressively against a player who is known to play any face card? I don't know, but it worked out for me luckily.

  • I won $2.53 with pocket sixes when I flopped the set and two players went all-in. I would've won $15 or so had the short-stacked guy not hit his flush on the river. Oh well, them's the breaks. Luckily, both me and the other all-in guy had more chips than the flush guy. Well, lucky for me since I busted him.

A quick recap of the $5 SNG I played last night at Poker Room:

Level 1
One guy almost out in level 1 (down to $80)...playing too many hands.

Level 2
I'm at T1470 and in seventh place - still 10 people left. I haven't played a single hand yet. We lose a guy right away (not the $80 guy), so I'm now in 5th spot.

I'm up to T1645 when I take a stab at a pot on the turn with my AKo with the board showing 2 T T 6. I bet 200 into 320 pot and my one opponent folds.

I'm up to T1945 when I pick up pocket rockets against the same guy (this guy has rivered two straights on people in previous back to back hands to build up a healthy chip stack). Flop comes down paired and I play it safe (I'm damaged goods due to previous unlucky hands heads-up with a paired board). I bet 100 on the flop, turn and river to take down a pretty good pot. I would've played more aggressively had it not been for the fact that this player always played to the river. It was also way too early to try anything fancy.

Level 3
Sitting in 3rd out of seven with T1945. The chip leader is on my right and the second place chip stack is on my left. Players have now started the all-in game even though they have M's well over 20 (for those people who haven't read Harrington, this basically means that they had about 30x the big blind left in chips - this means that you generally have enough chips to play poker as opposed to gambling with your tournament life on every hand).

Level 4
Still in third spot with T1995 - and there are still 7 people left despite all the f*cked up all-in plays. The chip leader knocks a guy out with his JT vs. the short stack's AK. AK guy went all-in after missing the flop.

Level 5
Now in 2nd spot out of 6 with T2320. I won a big pot with my AK that put me at T4070. I've been catching some monster hands in this SNG. I pick up AA two hands later and win another biggie putting me at T4670.

Level 6
I have T4670 and am 2/6. Three players are almost done. I pick up QQ (Jebus!) and knock out the low stack when he goes all in from the CO with A4o. It's an easy call for me in SB. I'm the new chip leader with T5010.

Level 7
After going card dead for a while and with the blinds getting pretty high, I drop to third spot out of 4. The top three players are all pretty well tied with T4500 each and the short stack to my left has only about T1500.

When the short stack gets down to T800 and is in the BB, I try to knock him out from the SB. It's only an extra T350 for me to put him all in. I turn over my K9o and he turns over his KTo. Shit! He doubles up...

Level 8
I'm in second spot with T4980. I've now been card dead for a while - the good cards got used up earlier. When you pick up AA twice, QQ, and AK three times, you know you're gonna hit the wall later in the tournament...

Level 9
Down to T3780 but still in second. The 4th place guy to my right is a real prick and keeps doubling up whenever he gets down too low. All 4 of us are pretty well matched - everyone is within 500 chips of each other.

Level 10
Blinds have now reached absurd levels (400/800). I've got T3630 left and I'm still in 2nd spot. The chip leader to my left knocks out the 4th player and I'm in the money. I continue being card dead and am having a hell of time. It's hard to defend your blinds when the chip leader goes all-in every hand and all you have to show is a 63o.

Once I hit T1380, I push all-in from the button with my K9o. Chip leader in BB calls with his A3o. I'm a slight dog, but things look up when the flop comes 9 4 4. At this point, I'm only thinking one thing - "No ace! No ace! No ace!". So the turn comes down A and I'm out in third.

I definitely played too passively three-way. I should've pushed earlier, even with my T2o just to try and steal the blinds. The chip leader was, however, a major calling station and I'm pretty sure he would've beat me. I don't tend to win any of the classic toss-up situations. I only win when I'm heavily favoured or a big dog. I'm probably the unluckiest player to break even at poker.

Still, third place is still good and made me some money. Also moved me one step closer to finishing off the goals for the month.


My wife and I also watched the movie White Noise last night starring Michael Keaton. Pretty good..some jump scares and some creepy scenes, but not too bad overall. The movie is based on the concept of EVP (something to do with dead people affecting recordable media). I was playing poker while watching it, so I missed the explanation of EVP. Sounds a little far-fetched, but still pretty good to watch. Plus, Michael Keaton's a good actor so he really helps move the story along.


If you're interested, you can now reach this blog at www.klopzi.com. The site only forwards to my blogspot account for now, but there may be a real web site sometime in the future (maybe when I win a WSOP or WPT event...). For now, though, I'm not willing to pay hosting fees for a site that no one reads in the first place. Like I said, I'm a cheap prick and if I'm not gonna make money with this site, I sure as hell ain't gonna lose money with it.


The hits have started coming in much faster recently. I think it's thanks to Al at Al Can't Hang - he graciously put a link to Klopzi's Mediocre Poker on his site. Thanks Al! Now that you've got people coming here, I guess it's my job to keep 'em here. With quality content like mine, it should be no problem...if you could hear me right now, you'd be swimming in the melodious tones of sarcasm...

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