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Bubble boy

I know what you're thinking - "Holy sh*t! An actual poker-related post!"

Well, don't get you're hopes up - I only played two SNGs before dejectedly throwing my mouse to the ground and closing up the laptop in the blink of an eye. Being on tilt (my wife actually used that word when describing my recent play to MrVercetti - my wife doesn't play but she knows a lot more than most), I decided to try the $3 SNGs at TigerGaming instead of playing the $5 SNGs.

First SNG, I picked up AKo 3 times in the early going and missed each flop big time. I tried to keep my raises the same for each hand and I was only coming into the pot on raises. First flop misses me, I put out a standard continuation bet of half the pot and my one opponent pushes all-in. Jebus buddy! Slow the f*ck down - it's only level one!!

The second AK I pick up transpires in the same way - however, this time, I put out a pot-sized bet hoping that this forces my opponent (a different guy this time) to consider the possibility that I'm holding a big pair. Nope - he comes over the top at me and I have to fold. The third AK had 4 people seeing the flop and I had to fold to aggression on the part of two players.

I still managed to make my way to third place by slow playing trip 6s when I limped from the CO with K6s. However, my stack was short-lived: even at level 4, we hadn't lost a single player! I think I'll have to start playing Omaha or maybe even go more obscure just to start playing against fishier players. Anyway, I tried to double up when my M (= (STACK SIZE/(BIG BLIND + SMALL BLIND + ANTE)) hit 5. I pushed all in from the SB with 44 hoping to get a coin flip to double up. I got my wish when the chip leader in BB called and showed a K8s.

In the second SNG, I was catching a lot of big cards. I picked up AA 3 times!! However, these all came in the first two levels of blinds so I won negligible amounts. After that, I was card dead - super, why-do-I-play-this-game, how-many-damned-twos-are-in-this-deck card dead! I picked up 93o three hands in a row when the blinds were at 75/150 and I had only 500 left. I picked up 83o a bunch of times. I was getting rocked. In retrospect, I should've gambled a little more when it got down to three players since both other players had about T2700. They were playing the waiting game. I finally bubbled out when I had to push all in with a Q6o and got insta-called by the chip leader in SB holding 88. Flop came down Q 6 9. I didn't get too excited because I knew which card was coming next: the 8 falls on the turn and another nine on the river gives the chip leader a full boat.

All in all, not too bad - but I'm definitely playing scared. I used to be fearless when things were working for me, but now I play like a little girl. Hopefully that'll change.

So I'm down about $3 this month - not too bad considering I haven't wanted to play and that's definitely been reflected in my play (and in the cards I've been dealt). We'll see how the weekend goes.

I may post once more today, but I'm leaving work early and I don't usually write from home since I enjoy pissing away my time on less fruitful activities.

Ok, back to work...


One more thing: I've mentioned keyword searches that find my site a few times in the past. Here's the weird thing: the keyword search absolute poker spadesarmada has come up for times in my logs. If anyone out there knows who this "spadesarmada" guy is and why he's coming to my site, let me know. Still, I appreciate the hits - so thank you spadesarmada.


Seriously, shouldn't you be doing work now?

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