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On hiatus again?!

That's right...this blog is hereby on hiatus status until at least the new year [update: it was only on hiatus for a whole week and a half]. Given that I just picked up a new PS2 and that my wife just bought me a brand new TV, I probably won't be playing that much poker over the next little while. And even when I do play, I won't have the time to devote to really providing quality notes or insight. Most of my bankroll will have been withdrawn over the next month and used for various frivolities - however, I hope to be back playing and/or blogging in the future.

Thanks for reading. Merry X-mas and a happy new year! Enjoy the upcoming holiday season, try not to lose the farm on a single hand of poker, and enjoy the time spent with friends and family cuz they're worth a hell of a lot more than any poker hand.

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Back on Monday...

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that I won't be making any further posts until Monday. I won't be playing any poker until at least Sunday since I'm going out to pick up a new PS2 either tonight or tomorrow. So it's gonna be a weekend away from the tables.

However, for anyone interested out there, InterPoker is having a promotion where they'll give away $30 for simply playing 400 raked hands (where any pot > $1 is considered raked). Basically, you're looking at about 4 hours of multi-tabling 2 tables to clear that bonus. Unfortunately, you need to play at $1/$2 FL or 0.50/$1 NL.

Have a great weekend everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to any readers who happen upon here from the States!

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But I have the nut low!?

As you can tell from the title (or not), I decided to give Omaha a try last night. Come to think of it, there's no way you could tell from the title. It's still early and I'm only a quarter of the way through my second coffee of the day...

I didn't want to play Omaha for money since I was afraid of that the cold-hard truth that I stink at Omaha would jump up and bite me in the ass. The only time I've ever played any Omaha prior to last night was a 10 minute stint in the game World Poker Tour 2K6 (which well and truly sucks in hindsight). So the problem I was faced with was: Where can I play an Omaha SNG for free where a few of the players actually care about winning? PokerStars of course! Granted that the competition when playing for free is nowhere near as good as "real money" competition. However, I was simply hoping that PokerStars actually had play money Omaha SNGs and that one or two of the players at the table would take it seriously and care about winning.

Ten o'clock last night, I log in and check the play money SNG list. Lo and behold - Omaha! There seemed to be a bunch of different options for Omaha: 8 or better, pot limit, no limit, and I'm not sure if there was fixed limit or not...? After about 3 minutes of testing my reflexes and trying to get registered for one of the Omaha SNGs, I finally make it in. Let the comedy begin!

First off, I folded some pretty good hands in the first two levels because I thought I was playing 8 or better PL Omaha. I can just imagine the look on my opponents' faces when I bet the pot on the river with the nut low (A-2-4-6-7). One of my opponents had the straight and another a flush and there's me betting like a madman with nothing...embarrassing...

Anyway, as in most low-limit SNGs, it didn't take long for two players to really show their dominance over the field and by level 2, there was only 4 of us left (now that's different than real money play). The guy to my right had $5500 in chips, the guy to my left was sitting out the entire game and had only $1000 left, and the last opponent across the table had $6000. I had a measly $1000 left as well - a bi-product of my earlier crazy-ass river bet. I definitely had two things going against me in this SNG:

  1. I'd never played Omaha for real and I'd only read a few things about Omaha 8 and not straight Omaha.

  2. I'd never played pot limit and I'm still not sure how strategy should differ from NL or FL.
A few hands into the 3-way play, I manage to get a pretty big pot with a set of queens. I'm still playing a tight game since the blinds are still only 15/30. I'm making some good laydowns when I feel that one of my opponents has a flush or straight. The chip leader is amassing chips and I determine that he definitely has the most Omaha experience at the table. Mind you, second place guy was holding his own.

By level 4, the guy to my right finally loses to the chip leader when he overplays his set and loses to the chip leader's flopped flush. Myself, I tend to not push all in on only a set, although I guess he did have 6 outs to hit his full boat on the turn and another 9 to hit it by the river. Second place guy was pretty short stacked compared to the chip leader at that point, so maybe he'd had enough.

So I'm now heads up (more or less if you don't count Mr. Sit Out to my left) in my first Omaha SNG. I'm totally flying by the seat of my pants. The chip leader is holding $10K in chips, I'm at $3000 and Mr. Sit Out is at $500.

At this point, the chip leader starts to really bully me and I'm quickly down to $2000. Then, much like Luke in Star Wars, I let go and reached out with my feelings and started to pummel the living sh*t out of the chip leader. I slowplayed a few big hands to teach him to behave and not play so damn frisky! Then I switched gears and started fast playing some big hands to throw him off even more. I knew I was going to win when he started folding pre-flop hand after hand - he was playing scared.

I finally won the thing when I picked up Q-7-7-4 double suited pre-flop and gave it a little pop. The flop comes down 2 6 9. My opponent bets half the pot and I call hoping to see if I can catch anything on the turn: I had two backdoor flush draws and two middle pair (although I'm told that playing anything except top two pair can be bad...but I was heads-up). Anyway, the turn is a 7 and all the money ends up in the pot when my opponent's straight runs into my full house. Game. Set. Match.

I'll probably play a few more of these free Omaha SNGs before I even remotely consider playing any Omaha for real $$. The Omaha SNG was a refreshing change and I look forward to giving it another shot.


Damn...busy work day...

Some quick updates cuz I know you all care.

First off, EuroBet is offering an insane reload bonus right now: 100% up to $600! I know what you're thinking: "Klopzi, you have got to be kidding!". No, I am not! $600!! That's a lot of spinach dip and video games!

Now, I did some quick calculations on my play at EuroBet over the past while and here are the numbers that matter. In one hour of multi-tabling, I can clear about 33 raked hands. That means that I'm looking at 3 hours per $10 dollars in bonus. So, if I deposit $300 it'll take me 90 hours to clear or about 1 hour a day. I think that's easily do-able and so that's what I'll do.

With the rakeback that I get at Eurobet and my usual 1.5 BB/100, I should be able to clear about $400 in the deal. And why do I want $400?

I'm getting rid of my X-box to trade down to a PS2! There are a lot more games coming out (and already out for the PS2) that I want to play and the X-box has nada that I want to play.

That's it for now...

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But nothing beats pocket kings!

I was a little too busy last night to get much playing in. In fact, I played only one SNG at InterPoker. There were a few warning signs that I would not do well this time around:

  • There is a guy playing, limpflop1 if memory serves me correct (that expression so makes me think of Iron Chef now...if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean, otherwise screw you...), and he is an obvious fish. However, he's a fish with attitude! He's calling everyone a fish and pissing away his chips. He almost loses it when his AQ loses to another guy's AK. He calls the guy a "fukin fish" and a bunch of other names. I can only smile and silently mock the stupid prick. Unfortunately, this brings the ire of the Poker Gods my way and karma is ready to take a chunk out of my ass.

  • A player two seats to my left, wimpy something or other, gets rivered when he and another guy both push on the turn. Wimpy's way ahead with his set of queens against the other guys set of tens - until the river when the case T hits. Poor guy...he takes it all in stride and says nothing. Now that's stoic...

  • Two hands later, Wimpy gets knocked out when he's all in on the turn with the broadway straight and his caller has two pair Kings and Jacks. Unfortunately, another jack hits the turn and Wimpy is rivered again and out in 8th.
So, how did things go for me? Well, the good news is that I picked up cowboys and won a $600 pot. The CO raised to 5xBB to $150 and I re-raised to $300 from the SB. We're heads up and the flop comes down with a two-flush on the board. I push and CO folds - I'm guessing he had AK or AQ.

The very next hand, I pick up kings again on the button. Two callers to me and I put out a $150 bet and only the chip leader calls. Flop comes 2h 5d 6h. I bet the pot ($330) but the stubborn chip leader calls. Hmmm.... Turn is the 3d. Now I'm thinking: What are the chances that he called my 5x BB PF raise with an A4 or any other x4 hand? I'm guessing that there's no way and I push my last $880 into the $990 pot. Chip leader insta-calls and shows me the 7d8d - he's got 15 outs to beat me. The river brings the 9h and I'm done like dinner.

So, what mistakes do I think I made? First, I should've raised more PF since I'd just finished stealing the pot prior to this one (well, stealing in the eyes of my opponents). I had not yet shown down a single hand but won a three or four pots, so anybody would've been suspicious. My second mistake was not pushing on the flop. If I'm going to win this pot, I can't rely on my opponent's laying down their hands even when they don't have odds to call. Maybe the chip leader was relying on implied odds and I guess he was getting them seeing as how I was playing aggressively and his hand was well disguised due to his PF call with only a 78s.

If I'd won the hand, I would've coasted into the money instead of being knocked out in 6th spot. As it stands though, I'm not that upset with my performance. I mean, I had about a 70% chance of doubling up on the end there and he hit his card. I'll take those odds any day.


I took a quick look around for some play money Omaha games last night, just to get a taste of the game. Unfortunately, PokerRoom had no Omaha that I could find and Interpoker has some play money Omaha ring games but only one player was seated. I don't want to practice heads-up Omaha. I may check out Full Tilt or Poker Stars to see if they have any play money Omaha SNGs. I'm anxious to broaden my skill base and there's nothing like playing poker's version of russian roulette to get the old heart pumpin'.


Well, the Xbox 360 launched today and after a quick look around, it looks like they're all sold out. I know I may have left it to the last minute, but I wasn't about to spend $500 on a console without first hearing some reviews. When I got to work, I took a quick look at GameSpot's reviews of the Xbox 360 and the games released along with it and got pretty excited when most of the released games were given top marks by the editors.

Anyway, looks like Best Buy may be my best bet once they receive more stock - at least two weeks away. Shit...guess that means more time for poker.


Here's a little joke, courtesy of a friend C. -
I was feeling a bit lonely so I decided life would be more fun if I had
a pet. So, I went to the pet shop and told the owner that I wanted to
buy an unusual pet. After some discussion, I finally bought a Centipede
which came in a little white box to use for his house.

I took the box back home, found a good location for it, and decided I
would start off by taking my new pet to the pub to have a drink. So, I
asked the centipede in the box, "Would you like to go down the Queen's
Head with me and have a beer?" But there was no answer.

This bothered me a bit, but I waited a few minutes and then asked him
again, "How about going to the pub for a drink?" But again, there was no
answer from my new friend and pet. So, I waited a few minutes more,
thinking about the situation.

I decided to ask him one more time; this time putting my face up against
the centipede's house and shouting, "Hey, in there! Would you like to go
to The Queen's Head and have a drink with me?"

A little voice came out of the box:
I heard you the first time! I'm putting my f*cking shoes on!

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I'm back and it feels good

I really should be working right now, but I'll see if I can squeeze out a quick entry. But then it's all business for me for the rest of the day...

First off, I've found my love of the game we all know and love (and hate...) that I'd lost last week. I have my wife to thank for my continued poker play: when I wanted to cash out and call it quits, she told me to sleep on it and see how I felt in a week. Well I slept and now I'm back for more - thanks baby!

So, I stuck to my guns this past weekend and played only SNGs and a tournament - although I won't make as much money playing SNGs, I couldn't care less. I'm at the point in my poker career where I'm not really good enough to pull in the big bucks - instead, I need to focus on having fun above all else. And with this attitude in mind, I hit the tables this weekend while my wife was out of town and crossed my fingers that all would go well.

Friday November 18
I played a couple of SNGs on Friday at Eurobet. I didn't want to spend all that much time playing and wanted to jump straight into the action. Since Eurobet starts each player at 800 in chips and with the blinds going up pretty quickly, I was guaranteed an exciting ride.

The first SNG I played, I came in second! The great part about that result is that I displayed patience. When I was short stacked, I didn't do anything stupid and push all my chips in with a 96o as I used to do in the past. Instead, I forced myself to wait for the right moment to strike and I found myself doubling up and stealing blinds. When I got heads up, I was pretty big dog with the chip leader holding a 4 to 1 edge over me. I pushed all in with an A8 and lost to a K7. Still, I was up $9 after taking second.

The next SNG didn't go quite as well and I was out in 6th. The reason is that I didn't switch back to the conservative style to which I'm accustomed for the start of an SNG. Basically, I took the chip lead early and pissed it all away by trying to bully people of their hands when I had no cards to back it up. I find that I tend to get overly aggressive when another player at the table is pushing everyone around. I've been working on forcing myself to wait for the right moment to strike: let the maniac push all-in when I'm holding AA.

All in all, up $3 on Friday. A winning day!

Saturday November 19
I was registered to play in Rake The Rake's CPC Lite tourney. Top 6 spots paid and the winner got a package to play in Interpoker's Caribbean Classic next month. I was thinking that there would be hundreds of players but I was wrong - only 51 players entered.

Before the big tournament, I thought I'd give another SNG a try, this time at Poker Room. Again, I played the patience game and focused on trying to guess my opponent's hands when I was sitting back. When we got down to 4 players, I started playing more aggressively and successfully knocked everyone off their games. I was bullying everyone and once heads up, trapped my opponent into going all-in against me. He had started to push all-in quite a bit after I'd taken three straight pots from him when he let me see the flop. When I picked up 88 on the button, I limped in. He instantly went all-in and I called before his chips were in the middle of the table. What did he go all in with? 5h3h! Nice - it was all over and I was up $19.50 (1st pays $25 - $5.50 entry fee).

This put me in a good state of mind for the tournament. When I sat down, I wasn't sure what type of opponents I'd be up against. Luckily, there were good players and bad players. I definitely held my own, remaining at or above the average stack size. With about 30 players left, an over-aggressive player at my table kept pushing all-in pre-flop on every hand and he was making quite a profit by stealing the blinds. Although I was bleeding chips by not playing, I forced myself to wait for the right time to strike. Finally, I pick up rockets and limp in from UTG. Right on cue, the maniac pushes all-in from the EP3 seat. Everyone folds to me and I call, wiping the smile (I'm assuming) right off his face. He has an A9o and he's dead in the water. The very next hand, he's knocked out when he runs into another opponent holding rockets. Some people never learn. It's so satisfying to see that happen - there's a reason why the pros don't play the all-in game unless they have to and Mr. Maniac learned that lesson well.

So, with 11 players left, I'm at T8000 or so with the blinds getting fairly high but still not too bad. I don't have that much time to sit around, but I'm still above average in chips. Then I get punked. I pick up T6 in the BB and get to see the flop for free. Flop comes down 3 6 T (two clubs). I put in a pot-sized bet against my one opponent and he goes all-in. I call since I've got him covered and I know him to be a loose player. He shows a Q5s of clubs and it's a race to see if he can catch his flush. The very next card to come down is the 7 of clubs and I'm dead to a T or a 6 on the river. Nope, nada...I'm down to T2000. I'm at the final table the very next hand. Instead of being at T14000 as the chip leader, I'm at T2000 and hurting.

Although I manage to stick around for a bit, everyone is waiting for me to go out. I don't have enough chips to steal the blinds (which would've been easy since everyone had tightened up) so I had to wait to push all-in with a half-decent hand. I doubled up once with a T4o from UTG (had to do it since I was almost out) when I hit trip tens on the flop and filled out on the river. I went out 8 hands later when my A8 ran into the chip leaders AJ.

So I finished in 10th spot - I didn't get paid but I was very happy with how I played. Except for my desperation all-ins at the end the tournament, my money only went in when I had the best hand and that's all I can ask for.

I played a couple more SNGs later Saturday evening but ended up coming in 5/10 at a $5 PokerRoom SNG and 3/6 at a TigerGaming $3 SNG. The only notes I have are for the TigerGaming SNG and here's what I wrote immediately after being knocked out:

Out on the bubble with KK when a guy catches his runner-runner straight on the river.

The pot was pretty big since I'd raised PF. When the flop came down all low cards, I pushed with two flush cards on the board. The chip leader folded but the loose player to my right called with a J9o (I felt like Ellix Powers - "You called me with a jack high!"). In order to beat me, he had to catch to running cards and he did. Oh well, I'll get him next time.

So, I was up $10.55 total on Saturday and up $13.55 for the weekend so far.

Sunday November 20
I played 6 SNGs on Sunday, hoping to build on the momentum picked up on Saturday. I was feeling pretty good about my game and was finding myself enjoying poker more than I had in a long time. Once again, I don't have any real notes but let's see what I can put together.

SNG 1: TigerGaming $3
I came in 3/6 - here are my comments from PokerDominator: "Lost when I went all in with AQ and got called by chip leader with KJ - spiked the king on the flop and I was out." I had set up a trap for the chip leader and went it came time to spring it, there was a backfire and I was out. Had I won the hand, I would've easily taken first place since the third place player (at the time) had less than T1000 in chips. Once thing that I pride myself on is the fact that I don't back down from a fight when I'm on the bubble - I'm not playing these things to come in 2nd. I'm in it to win it (damn that's cheesy but it's true).

SNG 2: Poker Stars $5
I had $6 left in my PokerStars account from my blogger tourney play. I decided "What the heck" and sat down for a SNG. In the past, I'd done alright at PokerStars but in the last few SNGs I'd played there, I had been easily dispatched by my opponents. The one thing I find about players at PokerStars is that they all think themselves to be experts. So, how do you play against people who think they're all that (myself included)? You sandbag them (not to be confused with tea-bagging which is something altogether different and altogether nightmare-inducingly horrific).

What made this SNG interesting is that the early chip leader typed into the chat: "I can't play with players as bad as you guys. You all have no idea how to play.". Not word for word, but you get the gist - I remember it being far more insulting than that. The guy to his immediate right takes offense and they start duking it out any chance they get. The guy who thought he was "all that" kept complaining about one hand where he pushed all-in with his pocket 5s with board showing 6 7 T (two cards suited). The guy to his left and his only opponent in the pot calls, showing his J8s - he had a flush draw and gut-shot straight draw. Well, he hits his straight on the turn and Mr. Know-it-all (his screen name is CAllAllIn99 I think if you feel like playing against tilty-McGee) goes ballistic. For the next 20 minutes, he calls the other guy every name in the book using clever use of punctuation to have the words display properly. I just sat back smiling and waiting for my time to strike.

Well, my time came when there were 3 of us left: me, CAllAllIn99 and his nemesis. I knock out his nemesis with my pocket Ts and I'm heads-up. CallAllIn99 resorts to the brilliant all-in strategy every hand when he realizes that he may be a little out-matched - I was slow-playing everything. When I had a good hand, I'd slow-play and induce a bluff. When I had a bad hand, he was giving me free cards and allowing me to draw out on him. When he played passively, I'd put in random raises to throw him off. I'm whittling him down (he had a pretty substantial chip lead on me) when I hit the wall: I limp in with my AQs and he pushes all-in. I call and he shows his 74s.
Well, he hits a 7 on the flop and it's over.

So I pick up 2nd place for a profit of $8.

SNG 3: InterPoker $5
I decide to give InterPoker's $5 SNGs a chance. Luckily, they're filling up pretty quickly and I only need to wait a few minutes before any given SNG starts. I won't go into too much detail, however here are my notes:
Two good plays: knocked out 3rd place by calling his all in with my 88 (his AT). He was aggressive. Won the SNG on the next hand when I raised PF with KJ, opp re-raises I call. Flop is 6 J Q. Opp. goes all-in, I think about it and realize I'm ahead - why would he not try to trap? Game.

The one thing that I've noticed myself doing recently that I was not doing before was trying to look at my play from my opponent's eyes. I've also started to really think about what my opponent could have based on his betting patterns and the board and started to trust my judgment a bit more. Granted, I'm not 100% with my guesses, but I can feel my game changing and getting better. Here's hoping that I continue to improve.

Anyway, after this SNG, another $19 in profit.

SNG 4: Interpoker $5
Given my last victory, I thought I'd give InterPoker another shot. Long story short, I won again: back to back baby! Another $19 in profits. Here are my notes from PokerDominator:
Played a good, patient game - made some good calls against opponents. Starting to try to see the game from their shoes when making my decisions. It's working so far.

SNG 5: TigerGaming $3
Thought I'd give TigerGaming another shot seeing how I'd been doing well at the $5 SNGs. Came in 5/6 when one guy totally punked me. I isolated when he pushed all-in early when he was really short-stacked. I lost about T400 when my 88 ran into his QQ...ouch! The one time that he has a hand...

The very next hand, I pick up QQ and raise it up to T100. Flop comes rags and I push all in since the pot is pretty big and I'm trying to get a loose call from someone. Well, my nemesis calls my all-in with his J7o. He has nothing and is drawing dead to 4 outs to hit his gutshot straight...and he hits it. With only 30 chips left, I'm out shortly thereafter.

SNG 6: Pacific Poker $5
Thought I'd give Pacific Poker a shot and boy do I regret it. I was out in 8/10 - I played poorly, simple as that. Here are my notes:
Card dead except for an early AKs where I lost half my stack to an A8s - should not have called the big bet on the flop. Play is really tight.

All in all, I was very happy with my performance this weekend. Out of the 11 SNGs I played, I placed 1st three times and 2nd twice! I made $47.15 in profit with an ITM % (in the money) of 41.67% and an ROI of 83.67%. That puts me up $19.40 for the month by my play alone and up about $45 on the month with my EuroBet bonus.


Thinking about trying some Omaha hi/lo at some point to see if I can play it or not. It seemed to work for Al and maybe it'll work for me too. I've been reading Super System 2 and if I'm correct in my thinking, I should be an Omaha expert by now. If you didn't pick up the sarcasm in that last comment, something's wrong with you.


If you feel like reading a good post, go check out the latest post on the Law School Dropout's blog. He briefly discusses why he thinks he got to where he is in poker (and by "where" I mean playing high stakes limit poker). Very interesting read and well worth the effort.

Ok - back to work for me. More posts later? Maybe, maybe not. We'll see...


I can't resist...here's a list of some more searches that have found my shitty blog:

  • Here, I'm guessing someone's either looking to discover how well GameTime+ works with Interpoker. Either that or it's someone looking for performance tips when playing at InterPoker. Does GameTime+ work with Interpoker? I have no idea. Performance tips for playing at InterPoker? Chase all gutshot draws and back end flush draws, bottom pair is not a bad hand and you should bet it aggressively, and ace high is usually the nuts so play it that way!
    gametime interpoker performance

  • Here, I'm guessing someone else has been burned by a paired flop in hold'em and is looking for a way to get even. Hmmm...your best bet is to either suck it up and get them next time or find out where your opponent lives and pair his flop with your foot...(I have no idea what I'm talking about...)
    paired flop hold em

  • Someone looking for the Law School Dropout's blog. You've come to the right place...kinda - links to his blog are everywhere on this page.
    law school dropout poker blog

  • This next guy or gal must have been drunk on coolers and had their rockets cracked by the cowboys. What's a slang term for this? Being F'd in the A.
    poker slang aa vs. kk cooler


Geez, lots of hits today! I even had some hits on the weekend which is strange - I'd assume that the only people who'd want to read this blog are people trying to avoid working (that's the only reason I'm writing right now). I'm well over 300 hits so far and counting. I'm even getting a few return visitors now and then, which is nice I guess. I wish I had some sort of cool insight into the mind of a poker player, but I don't know any.

I'm still trying to find a good way to post multiple posts in a day and I'm gonna try the numbering thing I've got going on now. We'll see how I like that (I'm sick, I know...why do I care so much about how things are ordered on this site?).

I'm going to try and do a post tonight that outlines the different affiliate codes I have set up at some different places, but if I get too lazy then I'll let it slide yet another week. I'm pretty sure no ones gonna sign up through me so I'm not rushing to get it done.

One last thing: will I be playing poker tonight? Yep. I'll be playing the SNGs at various sites, most likely Interpoker and PokerRoom. I may try another $3 SNG at TigerGaming as well, but they're starting to piss me off. Half the players are ok, the other half are crap, and sometimes you're walking a fine line when deciding whether or not to call an out-of-place all-in from a player. Still, I get pissed off when I have problems beating something so I may donate another $3 to the fine players at TigerGaming.

Another thing - does anyone out there know how hard or easy the Full Tilt SNGs are? What about PokerShare? Does anyone know where I can find the softest Omaha hi/lo SNGs? I'd really like to try Omaha a couple times and I need to know where to find the cheapest/easiest games. I could find this information out myself, but I'm trying to goad one of my readers into actually posting a comment so that my writing here is justified.

Ok, that's it for now. Time to take off my poker hat (still waiting for my Interpoker cap to arrive in the mail...wtf!?) and put on my developer hat again...it's tight and itchy and I don't like it...oh well, it pays the bills...

I'm up to April 2005 in Dr. Pauly's Tao of Poker. I just read something funny that I totally agree with - well, I agree with the sentiment behind this line:
At any rate, that was the second Quads of the night. Live poker is rigged, man.

That's right all you complaining pricks out there! Live poker is just as rigged as online poker. We're all playing on the same battlefield and if, at the end of the day, you're down $50 and I'm up $50, you may want to consider the fact that the game isn't rigged in anyone's favour. The cold hard truth may be simply that you need to work on your game and stop relying on luck to win hands for you and start relying on probability, math and good reads. My advice to you: get busy livin' or get busy dyin' and save the bitching for someone else because we've all had our share of bad beats, bad luck, and bad opponents. Frankly, no one likes a sore loser...unless of course you go on tilt and become the table's ATM machine.

Just for the record though, online poker is totally rigged...

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Bubble boy

I know what you're thinking - "Holy sh*t! An actual poker-related post!"

Well, don't get you're hopes up - I only played two SNGs before dejectedly throwing my mouse to the ground and closing up the laptop in the blink of an eye. Being on tilt (my wife actually used that word when describing my recent play to MrVercetti - my wife doesn't play but she knows a lot more than most), I decided to try the $3 SNGs at TigerGaming instead of playing the $5 SNGs.

First SNG, I picked up AKo 3 times in the early going and missed each flop big time. I tried to keep my raises the same for each hand and I was only coming into the pot on raises. First flop misses me, I put out a standard continuation bet of half the pot and my one opponent pushes all-in. Jebus buddy! Slow the f*ck down - it's only level one!!

The second AK I pick up transpires in the same way - however, this time, I put out a pot-sized bet hoping that this forces my opponent (a different guy this time) to consider the possibility that I'm holding a big pair. Nope - he comes over the top at me and I have to fold. The third AK had 4 people seeing the flop and I had to fold to aggression on the part of two players.

I still managed to make my way to third place by slow playing trip 6s when I limped from the CO with K6s. However, my stack was short-lived: even at level 4, we hadn't lost a single player! I think I'll have to start playing Omaha or maybe even go more obscure just to start playing against fishier players. Anyway, I tried to double up when my M (= (STACK SIZE/(BIG BLIND + SMALL BLIND + ANTE)) hit 5. I pushed all in from the SB with 44 hoping to get a coin flip to double up. I got my wish when the chip leader in BB called and showed a K8s.

In the second SNG, I was catching a lot of big cards. I picked up AA 3 times!! However, these all came in the first two levels of blinds so I won negligible amounts. After that, I was card dead - super, why-do-I-play-this-game, how-many-damned-twos-are-in-this-deck card dead! I picked up 93o three hands in a row when the blinds were at 75/150 and I had only 500 left. I picked up 83o a bunch of times. I was getting rocked. In retrospect, I should've gambled a little more when it got down to three players since both other players had about T2700. They were playing the waiting game. I finally bubbled out when I had to push all in with a Q6o and got insta-called by the chip leader in SB holding 88. Flop came down Q 6 9. I didn't get too excited because I knew which card was coming next: the 8 falls on the turn and another nine on the river gives the chip leader a full boat.

All in all, not too bad - but I'm definitely playing scared. I used to be fearless when things were working for me, but now I play like a little girl. Hopefully that'll change.

So I'm down about $3 this month - not too bad considering I haven't wanted to play and that's definitely been reflected in my play (and in the cards I've been dealt). We'll see how the weekend goes.

I may post once more today, but I'm leaving work early and I don't usually write from home since I enjoy pissing away my time on less fruitful activities.

Ok, back to work...


One more thing: I've mentioned keyword searches that find my site a few times in the past. Here's the weird thing: the keyword search absolute poker spadesarmada has come up for times in my logs. If anyone out there knows who this "spadesarmada" guy is and why he's coming to my site, let me know. Still, I appreciate the hits - so thank you spadesarmada.


Seriously, shouldn't you be doing work now?

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I've lost that tiltin' feelin'?

Last post for today -

First off, shout out to Al Cant't Hang for all the hits he's generated for this site. He's my #1 referrer - I'd give him a prize but I'm poor, lazy and selfish...at least my thanks are sincere.

Secondly, I'm going to test the SNG waters this evening with two $3 SNGs at TigerGaming and a $5 SNG at PokerRoom. Wish me luck - if I get too tilty or suck too hard or don't have fun, I'm shutting down the stupid laptop and poker will have to kiss my ass until I build up the courage to play again. Why am I playing scared recently? I have no idea...maybe the Hulk game will give me the courage and rage necessary to crush my opposition.

By the way, I got my first PokerRoom magazine in the mail - they gave me a free subscription for being one of their most intermittent players (that's the only reason I could think of for them sending me free stuff). Still, it's pretty good so far. I didn't realize that some of the big-name players have pretty shady backgrounds. Johnny Moss recently picked up three counts of assaulting a minor, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow was picked up last year for possession with intent to distribute (he has publicly denied the charges and insists that he was framed - I'll believe him since I think he's funny), and Big Benny Binion was a murderer who moved to Las Vegas when his local sheriff lost an election. Mental note to self: let the pros win if ever heads up with them for fear of ending up drugged up, beaten up, and shot for good measure. Seriously, that's some scary sh*t - if that's what it takes to get to the top, I'll pass. Mind you, Phil Hellmuth is clean as a whistle so he's my new hero.

That's it for today, boys and girls. Go home, kiss your loved ones, grab a bite to eat and I'll see you at the tables.


Who wants a video game update? Sure you do...

Played more of the Incredible Hulk yesterday while on the exercise bike. Fought some giant beastie and won, smashed stuff, and unlocked a cheat code that allows the Hulk to run around in Canadian Flag boxer shorts. Sweet...have I mentioned that I'm a nerd?

Speaking of underpants (this may embarrass my wife but she's used to it by now) - my wife's going on a trip with her sister this weekend (she's been instructed to buy me a shirt that says, "My wife went to __________ and all I got was this lousy shirt!"). This means that it's a boxer-shorts weekend - all day, all night. I'm not doing squat - gonna sit and play video games and poker. So anyone fortunate enough to sit at a table with me this weekend, you just remember that I'm taking your money with my junk most likely hanging out...gross...I may have gone too far there.

Luckily, my wife's not gonna be gone too long so I won't have to go through the lonely bored period that overcomes me when I play too many video games or too much poker. Life's all about balance and she definitley balances me out - yin to my yang, so to speak.

Ok, back to work - you're not getting paid to read this...


More keyword fun...these are getting weirder...

Seriously - who searches for Qui Gonn vs Darth in Ottawa - do either of these people live in Ottawa? Is it a Star Wars fan looking for a friend? Weird...

Another quick note: Have you ever noticed how screwed up other people's blogs can be? I found a referral from a blog about knitting and that's one of the better ones. Who am I to judge? I'm writing a blog about a completely average poker player who doesn't even like playing poker anymore but does it out of some sort of sick self-destructive fascination. Still, knitting? The Internet is f*cked up.


Well, I actually played some poker last night. I had just over 100 hands left to play to clear my Eurobet bonus, so I buckled down and tackled the problem head on. I know that I said recently that I was done with ring games for a while, and I will still hold myself to that now that I've cleared the bonus. I mean, I wasn't about to throw away $25.

I played for about two hours last night and walked away down about $3. Considering that I was down well over $20 within the first 30 minutes, that's not too bad. I don't know what it is, but recently I've been suffering the worst bad beats and picking up a lot of second best hands. It actually happened again last night where I push a hand hard only to lose to a bad river card or I find out at the showdown that I've been playing from way-behind.

Once again, any notes that I sent to my work account seem to have been filtered as spam. Let me see what I remember...

Won a big pot with KK. Four players on a rainbow flop of all low cards. I rammed and jammed my way to the river against a real fishy player and my kings held up.

The second big pot I won happened when I raised first in with KQo from MP3 (just to the right of the CO seat). I get two cold-callers and the big blind calls as well. Flop comes down AT3 and all diamonds (by the way, on four separate hands last night, the flop came down all one suit thereby destroying a couple of my AK hands and a KK as well...stupid poker). BB checks to me and I bet - I've got the flush draw and I may get people to fold since the ace is showing. Nope - both CO and button call and BB folds. Turn is a blank. I can now bet out or check-call but I decide that enough's enough and I'm gonna play it hard. I bet again, hoping that neither the CO or button has the balls to re-raise me. Luckily, they are both balls-free and call. By now, I'm pretty sure that the CO has either an ace with a crappy kicker or possibly a baby flush of some sort. Well, the river is the 9 of diamonds and gives me the nuts. I decide to keep the momentum going and bet out, hoping that the CO has caught a flush as well. CO raises my bet and so I put him on a flush. I re-raise and he calls, showing the jack of diamonds. Sweet - finally a little luck my way.

Now, it wasn't all fun and games. Four hideously bad hands came my way playing against two of the fishiest players I've ever seen. For some reason, I can't play against these fishy players all that well. I'm at my best playing against aggressive players - I need to know that when I bet out, a player will raise me if he's got something. My worst poker moments have all come when I've been sandbagged big time or when my opponent does not realize the strenght of his/her hand.

Here are some of the bad hands (or good second-best hands) that I played last night:
  • Pick up 76s in the small blind and decide to limp into a three way pot. I hit a backdoor straight draw, a flush draw and a pair on the flop. I check-call the flop given my poor position for this hand. Turn comes a 9, giving me an open-ended straight draw. River is a 7, giving me set. I decide to check-raise the CO who's been playing the hand pretty hard and he re-raises me...hmm...I make a crying call and he shows his pocket 9s for the rivered full-house. Why did that stupid 7 have to come down? Any 5, T or any heart would've given me the hand - instead, I get the most expensive possible card on the river.
  • Pick up KK in the BB and raise. Three to the flop of J 8 2. When SB bets out, I raise to protect my hand and everyone calls. Turn is a 6. I bet again and get two callers. River is a 4. I bet and SB raises me - I make a crying call and he shows his might 75o. Nice hand fish...oh, and screw you!!!
  • The same fish later beat another pair of pocket kings that I picked up by calling three raises cold pre-flop with his 63o. The flop came down all hearts, the turn was another heart, and the river was a blank. Everyone had folded and it was only me and the fish at the river. When he bet out, I called knowing that I was dead - indeed, he showed his 6 of hearts to take the pot.
I lost a couple more hands in similar fashion - so you can see that I was catching some pretty bad flops to go along with some pretty decent starting hands. In 200 hands or so, I picked up AKo 7 times - I also pick up Q7o, Q8o and Q9o five times each - freaky! My best hand of the night was the AKo - it made me just over $5 all told. My worst hand was the 76s - I lost $5 with that hand. I played it twice from the blinds, one hand I described above - the other hand I picked up an open-ended straight flush draw (with second pair) and ended up losing to another uber-fish when a 4 (not of the suit I was looking for) came on the river giving the fish an eight-high straight. He'd decided to cold-call two bets on the flop with his 53o.

All told, I made about $1.50 at Eurobet after applying the $25 bonus (that's right - I lost about 23 BBs this month). Still, that bonus puts me up about $4.50 this month. From this point on (until Lord knows when), I'm sticking with SNGs. The online play is getting tougher by the day and I may not have it in me to continue to be a somewhat-successful poker player. We'll see how I feel at the end of the month - I've got some money at Poker Room to burn as well as some money at TigerGaming, Eurobet, Interpoker, and PokerStars. How much I'll play remains a mystery - I do have the tournament this Saturday at Interpoker, although I'm not setting my hopes too high. We'll see how I do...

That's it for now...

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Just in case you were wondering, I've stopped using "---" to separate my daily blog entries. I'm moving up to the world of the horizontal rule. Now let's see if I can change the colour...nope...crap...I'll figure it out.

Anyway, I'm done for the day.


My plans for tonight - pizza, movies, and video games. So which movies are we gonna watch?

Funny you should ask...

I know...shameless. But I've got time to kill and no poker to write about. But I can almost guarantee that one person will read what I've just written. I will try and provide some higher quality content at some point, but I'll probably be slumming it for a while. Anyway, checking IMDB, I see that both movies got awful scores. Hmmmm...well, I like Will Ferrell as does my wife, so here's hoping that the votes so far have been made by "film" people and not "movie" people. Keep in mind that it only takes on bathroom-related joke for me to give a movie an instant 10/10.


I'm playing in a tournament at Interpoker this weekend. It's being hosted by Rake The Rake and the winner gets to play in some tournament down south (I think it's the Carribean Classic). I don't like hot weather or beaches, but I do like cold drinks and cash. I'm guessing that I'll probably win the tourney this weekend, but that may be the tilt talking.

Well, coffee break time (I think). It's all good...


I'm putting up an ad for the Incredible Hulk game. Here it is - buy it!

It's actually pretty good - and therapeutic to all poker players out there. There's no better medicine to heal frayed nerves or that ole tiltin' feeling' than running around and punt-kicking everything in site. More fun things to do in the game: run and pick up cars, throw cars at people or things, smash cars down into gigantic metal gloves that you wear to punch stuff, run up walls, and do some cool roar-thingy that makes everything within a 3 block radius blow up.

Why didn't they have stuff this cool when I was a kid? Now I'm destined to embarrass myself and my wife by getting excited over videogames.


Work done...waiting for a guy to check it out, so I have time to burn...

Another keyword search hit my site today:

wpc network empire poker

Sweet - I'm moving up in the world. Pretty soon, all roads will lead here and the Internet will officially suck.


Things I hate:
  1. River suckouts
  2. ASP date formatting
  3. Faint odour of urine in or around an apartment building
  4. Bare feet and/or sandals
  5. People who fart in the elevator just as they exit (this includes older women or gentlemen who can't seem to help themselves - honestly, two more steps and you can go nuts)
  6. Men's room urinals
  7. People who stand cheek-to-cheek with me while I'm trying to use a urinal
  8. Sundried tomatoes
  9. People who think they're better than me
  10. People who're better than me
Back to ASP date formatting...


Nothing to report. Had to work late last night, followed by playing some videogames for a bit before watching some TV with my wife. No poker yet...still building up the desire to actually sit back down and play.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today? Well, I've got some paint I need to watch dry, so I'm outta here. Might write later if I get my work done.

X-box 360 launches in 7 days...too bad all the games coming out with it are crap...and my TV's not HD, so I'm screwed either way I think.

Ok, seriously, I'm gone...

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R.I.P.? Guess not...damn you Al!

Still no comments from my reader(s). So, to increase readership, I'll start fielding any questions about anything. You have a question, I'll find you an answer (within reason - nothing against the law or anything). Poker questions are preferred, although I'd understand if you don't want to ask me anything poker related since I'm obviously not that great a player nor can you trust much of what I say since I'm so on tilt it's not funny.


I don't have to work tonight so lots of time to play video games and squeeze in an SNG or two. I'm starting to come out of the funk that had a hold on me in regards to poker. It'll still take a while. Maybe the knowledge that I'm gonna burn through a good chunk of my bankroll on frivolous items is starting to cheer me up.


By the way, all future posts within a post (kinda like this one) will be in reverse chronological order (newest at top). This makes it easier for me to read and to notice if I f*cked something up...not that I care that much...actually maybe I do...oh yeah? Well the jerk-store called and they're running out of you!

That's right, I went there...

Ok, back to work.


Here's a list of some keywords that have been successfully used to reach this site:

  1. vex cooler
  2. Klopzi
More to come if I see any others. Vex Cooler? Nice - AA is gonna love me...


Well, I just noticed that Al gave me a shout out in his last post, so I'll at least try and post a few things now and then. Don't want to disappoint the guy who's revived my latent alcoholism... However, here are the new rules surrounding me keeping this sh*tty blog (and that's putting it mildly) alive:
  1. No more talk about my bankroll. I'll give everyone one number at the end of the month. That's it. It's not gonna change that much since I won't be playing that much. If I focus on the results of my playing, it takes away from the fun. And I don't want to feel obligated to play everyday - frankly, I just picked up a new Xbox game that lets me play as the Incredible Hulk and sometimes it's fun to just smash the crap out of everything.
  2. No more SNG recaps - frankly, it's too much work and sucks the life out of me. I'll let everyone know how I did on any given SNG plus a thought or two if I feel like it.
  3. Lots more talk about useless shit that only interests me. I'm a prick and if I'm gonna write anything here, I'm gonna make sure it requires as little effort on my part as possible.
  4. I'm going to actively let my game go to shit. No more reading about poker or thinking about poker. I'll let Celebrity Showdown be my poker book - Phil Gordon and Dave Foley will guide me in my descent to poker hell. I want every SNG and tournament that I win to be such a huge accomplishment that I'll be hard-pressed to NOT pee my pants in giddy excitement.
  5. Any poker that I play will be done with the TV on, sitting with my wife on the couch, and possibly throwing a few other distractions as well.
I guess I'm just feeling "tilty". There are so many other things that I can do with my spare time, and after last weekend, I feel like I'm pissing my life away playing poker at stakes so low, it's laughable.

Here are my new monthly goals:
  1. Regain the "joie-de-vivre" that seemed to permeate my earlier poker play.
  2. Kiss ring game play goodbye.
  3. Take $800 out of my bankroll and blow it on an Xbox 360, some games, and a winter coat for my wife (girls always want to buy boring things when a winfall comes their way). I may also buy some beer for me and a case of bloody caesar mix for my wife.
Here's a quick recap of my play this weekend: won some, lost some.

Came in 18th in the Saturday tourney (check previous post). I was doing pretty well until I ran into Donegal's pocket rockets (he gets the pimping this week because he was the real cause of my demise on Saturday). He was raising PF quite a bit and stealing a lot of blinds. I finally picked up AJ and decided to put him all in. Well, I was f*cked after that. I was knocked out next hand by and A7 vs. my K9. I had to push cuz I had no chips left.

That's it for now...I guess Klopzi's Mediocre Poker is here to stay...for now...you poor bastards!

PS: I'm not gonna spell check anything either...100% natural posts from here on in...

PPS: And please feel free to purchase anything using my links to Amazon. I want money, you want stuff, it's a win-win situation.

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This entry was written earlier today - there are new entries. I don't even have the strength of will to stick with my proposed hiatus.


Due to time constraints, lack of staying power, poor play and numerous other factors, this blog is hereby being placed in "hiatus" status.

This blog was created to document my rise to the top of the poker world. However, I've come to realize two things: I don't have the drive or desire to be #1 in the world and I don't have the skill to become #1. Since starting this blog, poker has seemed a lot like a second job which is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Poker was always meant to be a fun diversion, something to do as a side hobby. This blog has placed poker foremost in my mind at any given time and that is a little too much for me.

I may return, but if not, thanks for reading. You can still catch me at various sites playing SNGs and tournaments. I am giving up ring game play for the next little while as I try to regain my love for the game. I will be playing far less though, as I have some new work-related obligations coming up and am gearing up for the Xbox 360 launch.

Thanks again...

PS: I came in 18th out of 92 in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tourney this past weekend, so I'm still doing ok play-wise...

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I'm drunk, it's late, and I suck at blackjack

Quick update:

Played some NL ring games tonight at Pacific: down about $6 or so. Details to follow once I stop seeing double.

Played a SNG at TigerGaming for $3.45 - out in fifth spot (out of six players). Good Lord - I'm broken!

Played 10 minutes of 0.50/1.00 at Eurobet and left $8 up (the good 'ole hit n' run).

Finally, lost my entire bankroll at River Belle Casino playing blackjack. As such, I no longer count pure gambling money as part of my bankroll cuz blackjack sucks...seriously, six 21s in a row...c'mon dealer!

All in all, I'm down about $3.70 for the night. That's the good thing about playing micro limit poker - even with a bunch of beer in you, you can't lose. I'll make it back tomorrow when I'm sober.

Have a good weekend everyone! I may update tomorrow - we'll see. And thanks again to Al - I notice that I've had four straight hits this evening from your site.

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It's called Big Slick for a reason

After picking up some beer, MrVercetti and I headed out to the home-game poker tourney last night - $10 buy-in NL tourney for those who care. We arrived ten minutes before game time. By 7 PM, there were 10 of us seated and ready to play. Since the final table would only accommodate 8 players, we were split into two tables of five. Here was my seating arrangement:

Seat 1: Mr. Calling Station (CS)
Seat 2: Mr. No limpers allowed (NLA)
Seat 3: Mr. I know what I'm doing (KWD)
Seat 4: Mr. I'll-only-bet-the-nuts (OBN)
Seat 5: Klopzi (me)

Third hand in, I'm in the BB and I pick up TT. Sweet. CS, KWD and OBN all limp in and I quickly raise it up to 3xBB. Only CS calls. Flop is Q 6 2. I put out a bet of 10 more chips, making the pot 26 (blinds were at $1/$2). CS smooth calls. At this point, I have no idea that this guy is a calling station so I was mistakenly trying to bluff him off the pot by representing the Q. The turn is a K and I decide to throw another 15 into the pot - CS calls. River is a blank and I bet another 10 - I did this to prevent him from betting a larger amount on the river. He just called and slow-rolled his pocket Js to take the pot. Mo-fo! First, who limps with JJ five-handed? Second, who calls bets with two overcards on the board? Maybe I should've bet the pot - I don't think he was respecting my raises.

Ten minutes later and still in blind level 1, I pick up A6s in the big blind. CS, KWD, and OBN are all in the pot so I just check it. Flop comes ace high. I check and CS bets 4, KWD calls, OBN folds, and I raise it up another 10. CS calls and OBN folds. At this point, I know I'm screwed. If CS bet, I'd put him on top or middle pair or a set. When he calls my raise, I know he's got an A - but does he have two pair or a good kicker? When the turn comes with a 6, I bet 5 into the pot (so wimpy but I wasn't sure if I was ahead and betting out always stopped the guy from betting the pot). CS calls. River is a blank and I bet out again and CS calls. He shows an AT and I take the pot with my two pair.

In level 2, I only play one hand from the BB - 85s. Only me and CS are in the pot and we check it to the river when a 5 falls. I put out a token bet of just over half the pot (pot was only 8 chips and I bet 5). CS comes over the top for another 5 and I call - whatever. I win the pot with my pair of fives when CS shows his K2s.

I don't play another hand until level 4. No one had been knocked out yet (we each started with stacks of 250 chips) so the tables got shuffled. I ended up at the other table with MrVercetti sitting on my left. MrVercetti is an aggressive player by nature and he had an enormous chip stack, having caught some good cards after limping into a lot of pots at his earlier table. My stack was sitting at about 210 since I'd only played three hands so far. It was just one of those nights. At one point, I picked up 93o four hands in a row. I went for a full hour without any playable hands (unless K2o is considered playable).

After 3 hands at the new table, I find an AJs in the SB. Sweet! After the cards I've been getting, the AJ looks like pocket rockets. The blinds are at 20/40 so I raise it up to 80 to go when everyone folds to me. I'm hoping that MrVercetti sees this as a position raise and puts me all-in. He thinks about it, asks me how many chips I have, but finally decides to just call. Flop comes J 6 2 rainbow. I decide to put out a small probe-like bet of 35 into the 100 pot. Again, I'm hoping MrVercetti reads this as weakness and puts me all-in. Instead, he folds after 20 seconds...he later told me he had AT and that he had believed that while I was probably ahead at that point, he could have caught something to put me all out. When he found out I had AJ, he was happy he folded.

Four hands later, we've lost one player at our table and two players at the other table are out as well. The two tables become one. I'm not the short stack, but I'm probably 5th out of the remaining 7 players.

Three hands in at the new table, I pick up AKs in early position. Blinds are at 25/50 and UTG enters the pot with a raise to 100. I decide to go all in with my remaining 247 chips. Unfortunately, everyone folds and I'm up to T422. Shit! UTG player is KWD from my first table and I was hoping he had a hand.

A couple hands later, we lose the short stacked player and we're down to six. I misplay a couple hands on the blinds and am down to T160 when I pick up another AK on the button. UTG (KWD's wife) raises to T100 and NLA (from the first table) calls from MP. KWD folds on my right and I push. KWD's wife thinks for a minute but decides to call and NLA tells me that he knows the type of hands that I play and he would call if KWD's wife hadn't entered the pot. I guess NLA thought that I was a loose player, which is just the opposite. With the beer that I'd consumed and my blackjack bachelor party stories, I'd done a pretty good job in cultivating my loose table persona. And now, it was about to pay off...

Just before KWD's wife turns over her cards, I say that I have a pretty good hand as long as she doesn't have a pair. She sheepishly turns over A4s (clubs) and I turn over my AK. Everyone at the table knows that she's in a bad spot, but I confidently say that she's about to lay a bad beat on me - I predict that a 4 will hit the flop. The flop comes showing 2 4 2. Ouch! I was drawing dead to a K or runner-runner. Turn is a 7, giving me 6 outs (3 sevens, 3 kings). River is a 6 and I'm out, just like that. I'd announced earlier that I'd be all-in when I ran out of beer and as I grabbed my bottle, I realized that that had been the case. However, I was not anticipating being all-out at that point.

As the game wore on, KWD's wife ended up winning it all when MrVercetti could not compete with her string of Ax's. She must have picked up 4 AT's in the last 10 hands of the game and an uncanny number of A4's. She knocked her husband out in third but took it all in the end. Actually, at one point, I was the dealer and had mistakenly stated that she'd lost a hand and been knocked out when she was all-in with J5 on the button against her husband's J6 in the BB. When the boards improved neither player, I mistakenly pushed the chips to KWD without realizing that it had been a split pot.

Anyway, it was a fun game. I hate to lose the way I did, but it's better than the alternative of pushing my chips in with the worst of it. If I'd picked up some better hands, things may have changed but not likely. I'd still do the AK push at the end and I'm happy with that.


MrVercetti is coming over tonight to hang out with me and my wife. Gonna watch the Sens vs. Bruins game, Survivor, Apprentice, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, drink beer, and play poker and blackjack. Everyone's got the day off tomorrow so it's party time.

I've got lots of work to do so probably no more updates today (actually, maybe towards quitting time...). By the way, almost 200 hits so far with 3 regular readers if my count is correct. Sweet! I won't let the fame go to my head...Just kidding - this blog isn't about fame, it's about the money...that's right, I'm still a prick...


By the way (I guess I am posting again), decided to try using the spell check on this post - useless! Too much slang and poker sh*t in here. Anyway, it's not the spelling that makes this blog unreadable, it's my grammar. Me no english speak good.


This is too short to count as a post...just read a funny post by PokerGeek. You should read it too...cuz it's funny...ahh screw you, it's almost the long weekend...I'm going back to sleep...

This is also not an official pimping of the site since I'm not done ready Tao of Poker (almost finished October 2004) and PokerGeek has not knocked me out of any tourneys (probably cuz he's too busy being a successful poker player instead of slumming it against the likes of me...not that he'd know me if he played against me).


A funny little quote courtesy of Dr. Pauly in describing the action at a $4/$8 table at Foxwoods late last year:

The friggin Hilton Sisters screwed me at the same time Ron Jeremy was irking the table eating chicken fingers and talking to people on the rail...

Something about that one line just cracks me up...


Well, it's just about quittin' time for me. I got lots done today work wise and still managed to drop a few lines here. Pretty good. I may or may not update the blog tomorrow (since I'm at home), but we'll see. I'm helping MrVercetti hook up his new 50" plasma TV (sweet!) and sound system - hopefully it'll be movies, hockey and video games after that. Poker? Who knows.

But first things first - booze and gambling tonight...it's gonna be good!

One last thing (for those who care): my bankroll's sitting at $1,381.19. This is counting my blackjack winnings and bonus, but that's ok cuz it's still part of my gambling bankroll.

And with that, I'm off...

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The smell of blackjack in the morning...

As promised, no poker last night. My wife and I took my mom out for dinner to Baton Rouge. It was a pretty nice place with really good food. Everything was about $2 more than you'd pay elsewhere, but the portion sizes were huge (which is my biggest deciding factor in choosing a restaurant). I got the Chicken Tenders Salad with blue cheese dressing (I chickened out and decided to not get the burger) and washed it down with a Rickard's Honey Brown Ale. The salad was the biggest thing I'd ever seen and it was pretty good. The salad was comprised of mixed greens, croutons, bacon, crumbled egg, chicken tender pieces (fried and battered chicken breast), artichoke hearts, and avocado. The blue cheese dressing was very good (if you like blue cheese) with big chunks of cheese throughout. I wasn't a big fan of some of the greens in the "mixed" greens (some were so bitter, I wondered how anyone would willingly choose to put these in a salad), but everything else was great. The salad cost $13.95 but was well worth it. Next time, I'm getting the Baton Rouge Burger: 8 oz. burger topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, dijonnaise, lettuce and tomato and served with a mountain (I'm not exaggerating...) of fries.

After dinner, some shopping at Wal-Mart and then a coffee at Starbucks. All in all, a pretty good night.


I'm getting into work late this morning. MrVercetti and I are playing in a live 10 or 12 person tournament tonight, so I took a drive in to work with MrVercetti instead of driving myself. Buy-in is $10 and the competition is probably similar to most home games around nowadays. The last time I played, MrVercetti and I took 1st and 2nd respectively (he got lucky!). I don't know how I'll do tonight, but I may pick up some beer and have a few. Tournament starts at 7 PM and normally runs about 3 hours.


While waiting for my ride this morning, I checked my River Belle Casino account and discovered that my account had been credited with the free $25 as promised. Damn, I love these online casinos - nothing like something for nothing. Now, I can't withdraw the $25 yet without gambling a bit, so I thought I'd get a head start.

I checked out the blackjack tables and was happy to see tables where the bets ranged from $1 - $20. Perfect! So I sit down and start betting $1. After 30 minutes, I'm up to $35.50 from my original $25. Nice! The game may be -EV but it is also +FUN and +MINDLESS. Plus, I'm gambling with someone else's money so I don't mind. If you know me, I'm not the type to actually ever put any of my own money in - I'm just not that much of a risk taker. Unless there is an edge I can push, it's just not worth it to me.

My goal at River Belle Casino is to keep playing $1 bets until I hit $50. At that point, I'll double my bets to $2 until I hit $100 or until I hit $40. If I hit $40, then it's back down to $1 bets. If I hit $100, it's $3 bets until I hit $275. And so forth...

As long as I make it a game and play responsibly, I think this is do-able. Well, do-able if I get lucky enough to get cards. Blackjack is -EV and there is nothing I can do about that. All I can do is hope that it all works out. Maybe the luck that I don't get in poker will transfer over to blackjack. MrVercetti tells me that, unless you can count cards, you'll lose it all. He's such a Sklansky wannabe... ;)

Anyway, gotta get some work done before I leave for a business lunch. I may write later today if the mood strikes me.


Not many posts/comments today - I've been pretty busy with work.

Anyway, just under 2 hours till the tourney tonight. I'm gonna take it easy and just relax - I'm not taking this tournament too seriously. There are far worse ways to spend 3 hours and $10. I'm picking up some beer for tomorrow night on the way to the tournament, so I may sneak a few tonight as well.

As for notes, don't expect anything all that great for tomorrow's write-up. I've kept my online persona hidden from the players at the tourney tonight. Not because I want to trick them into giving me their money. The real reason is that it can make loose players tighten up when they know someone at the table plays more often than once a month, and secondly, I'm not good enough to handle any extra heat that might come my way if people think that I think that I'm some poker pro (did that make any sense?). By the way, I don't think I'm a poker pro...hell, I'm not even an amateur yet. But I've got more poker experience than everyone at the tournament combined and that's not something I want to advertise.

That being said, there are a few players playing tonight who are quite good (I suspect they dabble online as well and have not advertised the fact themselves). No sharks playing though...just a bunch of guys desperately trying to lose $10 while downing beer.

Wish me luck - there are only 8 players showing up tonight and I'm aiming for 4th place or better. Payout is $60 for first place, $15 for second, and $5 for third.

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A two-post type of day

Another hour or so of work left then it's off to dinner with my wife and my mom. We're going to a place called Baton Rouge - I think it's fancier than what I'm used to, but they do serve burgers and other stuff along those lines, so I'm happy. I just hope the burgers aren't those fancy $13 ones that have two or three thin pieces of fried onion on top, along with with one slice of mushroom soaked in some sort of booze and fried in butter, and a chunk of asparagus stabbed through the middle of the patty to symbolize something or other. My wife assures me that the food is good, so I've got my hopes up far higher than I would have thought possible.

Since we are going out to dinner, there will be no poker this evening. I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it. I'm not sure when I started needing my daily poker fix, but that monkey's on my back and he ain't going anywhere.

In some other news, Interpoker finally sent me news of the big promotion they teased me with last week. It's just a giant $15K freeroll open to me if I play 900 raked hands this month. The only problem is that 900 raked hands at 0.50/1.00 is an awful lot of hands and I am having lots of fun playing NL ring games at Pacific Poker. Maybe I'll give the NL a try at Interpoker and earn some rakeback while winning my way to a gigantic payoff.


I don't know about you, but I love getting junk mail sent to me from online poker rooms and online casinos. Seriously, it makes me feel like a degenerate gambler and I'm lovin' every minute of it! Just last night, River Belle Casino sent me a CD (one of those cool small ones - I felt like James Bond slipping that puppy into my laptop) and offered me a free $25 to play at their online casino. I signed up and everything but I think it takes a day or two to get your new account credited with the money. When it does come in, it's time for some blackjack or maybe the slots (if the blackjack is too expensive). I think MrVercetti is coming over Thursday night for some beer and poker - maybe we'll do some gambling too!

I'll tell you - all the free sh*t you can pick up from these online poker rooms and casinos is nuts! I think Poker Room is supposed to send me a free magazine subscription (although it has been a few months), I've got my free cap and book coming to me from Interpoker, a free $25 bucks from River Belle Casino, a free $20 from Pacific Poker, a free $5 from Tiger Gaming...and the list goes on. Now if only that stuff added up to enough money to allow me to quit my job, I'd be set! When I think of all the time I wasted living life before poker happened...(sarcasm again...kinda).


Anyone out there like spinach dip? Hot damn, that's good stuff. Tastes good and gives me a funny tingling in my left arm. It's like Christmas in a pumpernickel bowl!

On another food related note, no more plain tea biscuits for me with my afternoon coffee. Little did I know that tea biscuits are like Britains answer to donuts - same calories and fat with none of that pesky flavour to get in the way. When are they gonna invent bacon-flavoured donuts that cure heart disease and fight all other forms of human misery? Until then, I'll have to settle with having a couple dutchie or apple fritter donut holes with my coffee. Those donut holes are so damned small, I don't even need to chew them - I just swallow them like some giant, f*cked up duck...oh well.


In case you're wondering (I don't who you are but feel free to send me money), I'm up to July 2004 in Dr. Pauly's Tao of Poker archives...so far so good! I don't know much about Anaconda or Five Card Stud hi/lo w/ Replace but I'll be damned if it isn't an interesting read.


The Law School Dropout has started playing $100/$200 limit. Dear Lord, that's a lot of money...and he's doing pretty damned well. When he started out just last year, he was playing $2/$4. So, if you're looking to read a blog about a guy who can really play the game, look no further. Just don't expect me to be playing $30/$60 by this time next year cuz you'll be sorely disappointed. I'll probably still be struggling with $1/$2.


Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie has a new blog entry today and hopefully there will be more coming. Why do I like his blog? Here's one reason:

I had skipped the tournaments at the Taj and Borgata due to my new "No New Jersey" policy and was raring to play in the next World Poker Tour event at Bellagio. I busted out of the super-satellite in five minutes when my Queens were cracked by Five-Four suited flopping two pair so I had to shell out $10,200 for the entry fee.

I like reading about the WPT and WSOP tournaments and it's even better getting it straight from the lion's mouth.

And if you need another reason to check Richard's site out:
I finished the day with 31,675 and invited Poker Kitty and "Gentleman" Bill Edler to dinner at the Luxor Steakhouse, where we chowed down on fine Vegas steaks and washed them down with the Stag's Leap Cabernet.

Poker, food and booze - it don't get any better than that!

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I thought I was ahead...

I don't know what's going on with my bankroll. After losing all my records at Poker Dominator and starting fresh, my bankroll seems to be suffering. I don't know if it's because of my play or because I've misplaced money. I have a feeling that my bankroll at the end of October was $1299 and not $1359 - regardless, I've got some more winning to do.


After last night, I've climbed closer to accomplishing my goals for the month of November. At the same time, I'm starting to think that there is one goal that I may not clear at all. Let's review the goals (I feel like I'm teaching a class - who said blogs are supposed to be fun or interesting?) I've set out for myself and how close I am to clearing them:

  1. Double my $20 bonus at Pacific Poker
    Well, as of last night, this goal is complete. My Pacific Poker account is sitting at about $96, which means that my $20 bonus has generated $26 in income. Sweet! How's that for a return on investment? I'm really liking the NL ring games right now. It's a real no-brainer - sit back and wait for a good hand. If I'm heads-up in a pot, I'll play my top pair pretty strongly. I won two good sized pots last night off guys playing back at me with top pair, crap kicker. I'll go into more detail later...

  2. Clear $25 bonus at Eurobet
    Well, I'm about 2/3 of the way through this...I'm sitting at 230 raked hands and need 145 more to clear the bonus. I'll give it a try on Friday, I think. I have the day off (Remembrance Day) so I'll clear that bonus and move on. I would like to start playing NL at Eurobet at some point, but the $25 NL seems pretty high. I'm a big chicken and need to assure myself that the play is loose enough for me to show a profit. However, I know that I should be playing NL where I get rake back.

  3. Win 112 BBs at 0.50/1.00
    Not f*cking likely...I'll have to double check how many BBs I've won since October 21st - that was the date where I set out to make my 150 BBs back. I think I've still got something like 100 BBs to go, but I'm probably being optimistic. We'll see - Friday, I could have a day like I had at Interpoker on October 1 when I won 85 BBs in one two hour session. It's funny - there are times when I like the mathematical fixed limit games and times when I like the big wins and artistry or no-limit play. I think I prefer no-limit when I'm on my game and doing well. I prefer the limit play when I tire of putting all my chips in at once and losing everything when I get rivered.

  4. Play 10 SNGs and pull of an ITM of 33% or more
    So far, I have played seven $5 SNGs. I've had 1 first place finish (Eurobet), 2 second place finishes (Poker Room), 2 third place finishes (Poker Room), and 2 crappy finishes (5th at Party Poker and 6th at Poker Room). So, I'm ITM 5/7 times, so close to 65% of the time. Even if I lose the next three SNGs, this goal is in the bag. My new goal will be to double my deposit at Poker Room playing $5 SNGs - I've got another $35 to win. It'll be tough, I think, but hopefully do-able.

Here's a recap of the action last night. First off, I played for a couple hours of $10 NL at Pacific Poker. The play was not as fishy as it was this weekend, which left it only three times as fishy as what I'm used to. I made $7.44 which isn't that bad considering I did not get any of the big time hands (AA - JJ, AK). I could've won more but misplayed TT at one point in the evening and it cost me about $2. I didn't really misplay any other hands, so here's a list of some of the big hands that I picked up:

  • I won $5.91 when I raised PF with my KQo from late middle position. Only two really loose limpers at this point, so I wasn't too worried about giving the pot a little pop. I bought the button with my raise and five of us (SB,BB, UTG, EP3) saw the flop. Flop comes rainbow K x x. UTG bets 0.10 into the $2 pot and EP3 makes it $0.20 to go. I make it $0.60 to go, causing the SB, BB and UTG players to fold. EP3 calls. Turn is a rag and EP3 bets $2 into the pot. At this point, I'm putting this guy on either top pair with a weak kicker or a possible two pair. However, this player tended to play it much harder when he had a hand, frequently pushing all-in. I had a funny feeling that I had him beat so I put the guy all-in for his last $3 or so. He calls and shows KJo and I take the pot. Was this play too risky? Is it ok to play aggressively against a player who is known to play any face card? I don't know, but it worked out for me luckily.

  • I won $2.53 with pocket sixes when I flopped the set and two players went all-in. I would've won $15 or so had the short-stacked guy not hit his flush on the river. Oh well, them's the breaks. Luckily, both me and the other all-in guy had more chips than the flush guy. Well, lucky for me since I busted him.

A quick recap of the $5 SNG I played last night at Poker Room:

Level 1
One guy almost out in level 1 (down to $80)...playing too many hands.

Level 2
I'm at T1470 and in seventh place - still 10 people left. I haven't played a single hand yet. We lose a guy right away (not the $80 guy), so I'm now in 5th spot.

I'm up to T1645 when I take a stab at a pot on the turn with my AKo with the board showing 2 T T 6. I bet 200 into 320 pot and my one opponent folds.

I'm up to T1945 when I pick up pocket rockets against the same guy (this guy has rivered two straights on people in previous back to back hands to build up a healthy chip stack). Flop comes down paired and I play it safe (I'm damaged goods due to previous unlucky hands heads-up with a paired board). I bet 100 on the flop, turn and river to take down a pretty good pot. I would've played more aggressively had it not been for the fact that this player always played to the river. It was also way too early to try anything fancy.

Level 3
Sitting in 3rd out of seven with T1945. The chip leader is on my right and the second place chip stack is on my left. Players have now started the all-in game even though they have M's well over 20 (for those people who haven't read Harrington, this basically means that they had about 30x the big blind left in chips - this means that you generally have enough chips to play poker as opposed to gambling with your tournament life on every hand).

Level 4
Still in third spot with T1995 - and there are still 7 people left despite all the f*cked up all-in plays. The chip leader knocks a guy out with his JT vs. the short stack's AK. AK guy went all-in after missing the flop.

Level 5
Now in 2nd spot out of 6 with T2320. I won a big pot with my AK that put me at T4070. I've been catching some monster hands in this SNG. I pick up AA two hands later and win another biggie putting me at T4670.

Level 6
I have T4670 and am 2/6. Three players are almost done. I pick up QQ (Jebus!) and knock out the low stack when he goes all in from the CO with A4o. It's an easy call for me in SB. I'm the new chip leader with T5010.

Level 7
After going card dead for a while and with the blinds getting pretty high, I drop to third spot out of 4. The top three players are all pretty well tied with T4500 each and the short stack to my left has only about T1500.

When the short stack gets down to T800 and is in the BB, I try to knock him out from the SB. It's only an extra T350 for me to put him all in. I turn over my K9o and he turns over his KTo. Shit! He doubles up...

Level 8
I'm in second spot with T4980. I've now been card dead for a while - the good cards got used up earlier. When you pick up AA twice, QQ, and AK three times, you know you're gonna hit the wall later in the tournament...

Level 9
Down to T3780 but still in second. The 4th place guy to my right is a real prick and keeps doubling up whenever he gets down too low. All 4 of us are pretty well matched - everyone is within 500 chips of each other.

Level 10
Blinds have now reached absurd levels (400/800). I've got T3630 left and I'm still in 2nd spot. The chip leader to my left knocks out the 4th player and I'm in the money. I continue being card dead and am having a hell of time. It's hard to defend your blinds when the chip leader goes all-in every hand and all you have to show is a 63o.

Once I hit T1380, I push all-in from the button with my K9o. Chip leader in BB calls with his A3o. I'm a slight dog, but things look up when the flop comes 9 4 4. At this point, I'm only thinking one thing - "No ace! No ace! No ace!". So the turn comes down A and I'm out in third.

I definitely played too passively three-way. I should've pushed earlier, even with my T2o just to try and steal the blinds. The chip leader was, however, a major calling station and I'm pretty sure he would've beat me. I don't tend to win any of the classic toss-up situations. I only win when I'm heavily favoured or a big dog. I'm probably the unluckiest player to break even at poker.

Still, third place is still good and made me some money. Also moved me one step closer to finishing off the goals for the month.


My wife and I also watched the movie White Noise last night starring Michael Keaton. Pretty good..some jump scares and some creepy scenes, but not too bad overall. The movie is based on the concept of EVP (something to do with dead people affecting recordable media). I was playing poker while watching it, so I missed the explanation of EVP. Sounds a little far-fetched, but still pretty good to watch. Plus, Michael Keaton's a good actor so he really helps move the story along.


If you're interested, you can now reach this blog at www.klopzi.com. The site only forwards to my blogspot account for now, but there may be a real web site sometime in the future (maybe when I win a WSOP or WPT event...). For now, though, I'm not willing to pay hosting fees for a site that no one reads in the first place. Like I said, I'm a cheap prick and if I'm not gonna make money with this site, I sure as hell ain't gonna lose money with it.


The hits have started coming in much faster recently. I think it's thanks to Al at Al Can't Hang - he graciously put a link to Klopzi's Mediocre Poker on his site. Thanks Al! Now that you've got people coming here, I guess it's my job to keep 'em here. With quality content like mine, it should be no problem...if you could hear me right now, you'd be swimming in the melodious tones of sarcasm...

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Manic Monday

Not really manic, but it was playing on the radio as I pulled into the parking garage this morning. I'm really a sports talk radio type of guy, but AM reception in the parking garage (and most of downtown Ottawa) is shit. Hence The Bangles at 8 am on a Monday (although my wife does accuse me of listening to little girl, no-talent, skank music).


I actually had a pretty busy weekend. It doesn't look like any of the hand history-type texts that I send to my work e-mail made it through, so I'll have to wing it.

First off (how many times do I say this?), Poker Dominator went down last week and finally re-emerged from the rubble on Saturday afternoon. For those who don't know, Poker Dominator is an online service that allows a poker player to track their money at different online poker rooms (or any other place for that matter) and record poker session information and results. Basically, it is without a doubt the single most important web site that I have ever used with regards to my mediocre poker career. Unfortunately, they lost all record of my poker sessions since September 30.

So what did I do? Reset - I started a new account and re-calculated my bankroll by going from site to site and checking account balances. After playing the blogger's tournament (which I'll describe a bit later) and a short limit session at Interpoker Saturday afternoon, my bankroll was at $1350. Looking back at my post on Nov. 1, I guess this means I've lost $10 this month so far. Hmmm...

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. Just wanted to say that, in some senses, I'm basically starting my career anew. In another sense, I'm not. And now, the blogger tourney...


Saturday's with Dr. Pauly

Although I wasn't sure if I was going to play this tournament, I decided to give it a shot at the last minute. At this point in my career, I still had not spent $10 to play in a tournament and was worried that the level of play would be far higher than what I was used to. So, I loaded up PokerStars, registerd and sat down to play. Was the play better than the usual games I play? Yes...yes it was.

The only name I remember (and I apologize to any other players out there whom I've forgotten) is Up4Poker. Why do I remember that name? Simple - he busted me. He busted me with his pocket 7s against my desperation all-in with K5s (h). I'll try and give you a little build up to me busting though...

Update: Thanks to Dr. Pauly, I now have some names with which to fill in the blanks...

When I sat down, I was a little nervous. But it was only $10 and I was sure that I'd be able to make it up by playing some 0.50/1.00 games later that day. The one thing I realized immediately was that there was to be no limping in the game. Every pot was raised PF, which for me meant that I'd have to have some quality hands. I don't trust myself to outplay any other bloggers post-flop.

I really lost the tournament in level 2 when I picked up AQo on the button. Kochun88 raised from middle position and I re-raised it up to T300. Kochun88 calls and we see a flop: J x x. At this point, I have position. When Kochun88 checks, I bet about 2/3 of the pot hoping to steal the pot and move on. Nope...Kochun88 calls. The turn is another J. Perfect - I'll try for another steal. I bet another 300 into the pot...Kochun88 calls. Shit! I'm screwed. The best thing to do now would be to check it down on the river or fold to a big bet. So when the river comes with another blank and Kochun88 checks, I wisely put out a nice big bet. Kochun88 thinks for a split-second, then comes over the top for what would be almost my entire stack. I chicken out and fold, putting him on a probable full-house (something full of jacks), or trip jacks (KJ, QJ or JT). After this disastrous hand, I'm down to about T500 in chips and royally screwed. I should learn to play it more conservative earlier in the tournament - why in God's name did I think I was ahead? I was behind the whole way, I think.

Other than my AQ, I'm completely card dead until level 4 or 5 when I pick up AK. I push all-in hoping that I'd get a call from either the current chip leader (who had 6x my chips) or CJ (playing as Up4Poker) (who had 5x my chips). Nope...everyone folds and I pick up the crappy little blinds. The problem with being short-stacked is that I didn't have enough chips to try and get fancy. In hindsight, I probably should've limped and let the chip leaders dictate the hand from that point on.

Anyway, two hands later I pick up AKs! I consider limping but decide against it in favour of pushing again. First off, I've only got about T400 at this point (and the blinds are extremely high compared to what I've got left) and since I'd just gone all-in, I was hoping someone would look me up. Nope...everyone folds.

As the table hits the next blind level, I'm really short-stacked and desperate. When I pick up K5s UTG, I push and CJ called me with his pocket 7s and I was done. I ended up in 64th spot out of 98 players. Not too bad given that it was my first tournament played against real players (not counting the $20 buy-in tourney at Absolute...but I didn't pay for that one).

So consider this fair warning to all poker bloggers and anyone else who likes taking my chips: I'm coming for you! Especially Kochun88 for making me royally screw myself in level 1 by playing a good, solid game - those good players are all the same. I'll keep playing in these blogger tourneys until I make the money: if anything, it'll make me a better player and you can't put a price on that (as long as it's less than $1350).


Saturday night, my wife, MrVercetti and another friend (I'll call him SC) head out to Local Heroes to catch the Sens vs. Islanders game. The Sens totally outplayed and ultimately crushed/embarrassed the Islanders, so a great time was had by all. After a few beers and some nachos, it was back to the apartment for some poker (for me) and Lego Star Wars (for MrVercetti and SC).

Being a little on the tipsy side, I decided to try my luck at the $3 Tiger Gaming SNG instead of a $5 SNG at Poker Room. I don't have my notes, but I remember that I only played about 3 hands the entire SNG. When I made it to heads up, the chip leader had a 5 to 1 chip lead on me and it was all over in a couple hands.

I honestly don't remember anything about the hands I picked up except for pocket rockets which I slowplayed pre-flop. The short stack at the table pushed all-in after I limped and I called. My aces crushed his puny pocket 5s. The chip leader then knocked out the third player left (who was second in chips at that point) and I made it into the money. This was miracle enough for me, so I didn't feel too bad for losing shortly thereafter.

I then played some $10 NL at Pacific Poker and more than doubled my buy-in to $22.20 in the space of 1 hour. Not too shabby. At that point, I'd more than made up for my $11 lost in the blogger's tourney and promptly kicked everyone out of the apartment so that my wife and I could get some sleep.


Sunday was a day more or less spent with family. After church and a huge lunch, my wife and I finally got home. We watched the movie Darkness and an episode of CSI. Afterwards, I played 40 minutes of 0.50/1.00 at Eurobet and lost $14. Yuck...there were a lot of TAGs playing, but it was the fish to my left on one of the tables who cost me the most. He called all my pre-flop raises with reckless abandon and rivered me three times. He called two bets cold pre-flop with his 75o when I re-raised it from the CO with KK - he rivered a straight on me. He also cracked my top pair (AQ) when the hit a second 2 to give him trip 2s on the river. Oh well, if it weren't for the fish, I'd never win and sometimes, the game's gotta go their way.

After that horrid display, I loaded up Pacific Poker for some more $10 NL play - which has been treating me nicely as of late. I'll tell you - when 8 or 9 players are seeing the flop, you're gonna come out ahead if you show a little patience. I can't believe some of these players...basically, it's awesome!

I picked up two good hands while playing: KK and QQ. With the QQ, I was in the SB and decided to raise it up to $1.50 pre-flop. Although there had been 8 limpers, only the UTG player called the raise. Flop came down T 8 8. Mother f*cker! If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I always lose when the flop pairs. I play it fishy and check - UTG bets the pot. At this point, he could be betting to steal it since I showed so much weakness by checking after the flop, so I call the bet. Turn is a 6 and I check again. UTG bets $1. Why so small? Either he is trying to milk me or he is not sure about his hand. Since I don't believe the level of play is so high that players would be this tricky, I read the $1 bet as a sure sign of weakness and decide to bet come over the top all-in for my last $5. I was pretty sure that UTG did not hold an 8. I was thinking he held a T with a weak kicker or possibly a lower pocket pair. When UTG insta-calls, I'm a little worried that I've been outplayed...that is, until he turns over his pocket 4s. River is a blank and I'm up to $19.

A little later, I put myself down to $16 or so when I raised to 1.52 with my pocket kings from UTG. I didn't want to scare everyone off, so I kept the bet small. For future reference, I should never do this. Even if you go all-in, you get callers about 90% of the time. But the table had been a bit tighter lately, so I wanted to guarantee some action. I got three callers including one guy who was all in. When the flop came down 2 3 6, I quickly bet the pot and everyone folded except for Mr. All-In. Well, the turn comes down with a 5 and the river is a 6. I'm thinking that my cowboys are good - but no! Mr. All-in is holding a 34o for the straight. Dirty mo-fo!

I called it quits for the night a few minutes later, having turned my $10 buy-in into $16.41 after just over an hour. I'm definitely gonna play more of this NL stuff and pray that my luck holds out. I think the game is definitely +EV for me. I may try the $25 NL play at InterPoker once I'm more confident in my game. I actually read at The Law School Dropout's blog that 2+2 publishing is coming out with a NL ring game strategy book which might be an interesting read.

That's it for now...I just typed as fast as I could and spewed as much info out as possible. I've learned that I have as many as three regular readers now (MrVercetti, SC, and JP) - still no endorsement deals though.

I may post something later today if I have time or get too bored with work...


Bored already...pathetic. Just wanted to point out that my bankroll is at $1,333.95. I guess this means that I've dropped $15 this month. In actuality, I think that my previous bankroll may have been erroneous or that I've missed a chunk of change sitting at some site somewhere on the Internet. Some people leave $20 bills in their pockets and lose it in the laundry. I lose $20 when bankroll tracking web sites crash. Maybe my claim to blogger fame will be that I'll be the first person to misplace a full $1K somewhere on the Internet. Sounds like something I'd do...


I'm also taking this opportunity to pimp another blogging site: Up For Poker. Maybe I'll make this a new habit of mine: anytime a blogger knocks me out of a tournament (in this case CJ), he or she will get instant pimping on my site. Any pimping done here is completely meaningless since my readership is almost non-existant (note the almost...). But hey - pimping is pimping and that's all I have to say about that.

Anyway, check out the links on the right under Poker Blogs to see Up For Poker's new ultra-P-I-M-P link.


MrVercetti sent me a link the other day that outlines a few ways to increase blog readership. Unfortunately, one of those ways is to provide unique information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. I don't know - are there any other blogs out there that describe shitty poker play and horrid bad beats? I think this site may take off...(I'm being sarcastic).


I posted a comment on Up For Poker and I'm hoping that the Up4Poker blogger that knocked me out of Saturday's tourney was in fact G-Rob and not some other guy just stealing the name. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

According to Dr. Pauly, it was CJ who knocked me out and not G-Rob...my bad...I never did pay all that much attention to what I was doing. CJ did go on to win a WPBT Shootout Satellite on Sunday after coming in 5th in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tourney at PokerStars. At least I know that I was knocked out by a far better player than me.


Gonna play a $5 SNG (I keep wanting to "an" SNG but I don't think that's grammatically correct) tonight and probably some $10 NL. I'm hesitant to play any 0.50/1.00 since I got bitch-slapped last night. Here's hoping for a big night - at least in NL, there is a chance. Let's see, if I double up 5 times, I'll make $320. So, if I double up 10 times, I'll make $10K. That sounds good - I'll aim for that.

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