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Up, up and away?

I did a few things last night - had a relaxing dinner with my wife while watching Wednesday's episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, watched Survivor and The Apprentice, and played poker. A typical Thursday for me.

Although I was up for the month bankroll wise, I was down overall due to my dismal showing at $1/$2. Well, I'm back in the black after last night...

I only played about 30 minutes of limit at EuroBet. I would've played longer but I quickly built up a 21 BB winning streak and decided that I wanted to play some SNGs instead. I know some people frown on the Hit n' Run tactic, but there were other reasons for me getting up when I did.

  1. The table where I was up 14 BB suddenly split and I didn't want to play at a 4-handed table.
  2. The other table was filled with a bunch of TAGs and I didn't feel like actually improving my play - I just wanted the money.
  3. MrVercetti was over and both he and my wife find the SNGs more exciting to watch.
By the way, speaking of exciting to watch, did you see Spezza's goal in OT in the Sens / Habs game? I'm a huge Sens fan, by the way - they're taking the Cup home this year...

After leaving EuroBet, I log onto TigerGaming and start playing a $3 SNG. For the first time ever, three of the six players are gone in level 1. One guy was a crazy bastard who just kept going all-in - eventually his luck turned and the chip leader gave him the smackdown.

Then things slowed down considerably. The short stack decided to play the "I'm-not-gonna-play-any-hands-so-that-I-can-make-the-money" strategy. Well, it backfired. Both the chip leader and I started stealing his blinds any chance we got. Finally, after 30 minutes, it's heads up.

I was in second place, but only trailing about 3:2 in stack size. I quickly took the chip lead by playing it hard - raising on most hands and taking stabs at the pot. I was up to about T3500 and my opponent was down to T2500 when I realized what type of player I was up against.

I pick up AJ on the button and min-raise PF. I'd found that raising more than this almost guaranteed that my opponent would fold (unless I had crap cards, in which case he'd re-raise). Flop comes down A Q x. BB checks, I bet about half the pot and BB calls. Turn is an 8. BB checks, I bet about 3/4 of the pot and BB calls. River is an 8. At this point, I'm putting him on Ax. Since I have AJ, I'm thinking I'm ahead. When the BB checks, I put out another 3/4 pot-sized bet since I want him to call and he tended to call larger-sized bets. Well, he goes all-in. In retrospect, I should've checked on the end as well having only TP, but after my bet and his all-in, I'm pretty well pot-committed. So I call and he turns over A8 for the full house. Shit! I'm down to T1000 with the blinds at 40/80.

Even up against the ropes, I manage to pull back into the chip lead by picking up 92 on three consecutive hands and winning three pots with it (rivered straight, top pair and fold pre-flop).

I keep leaning into the guy and get him down to T1000. I'm on the button and see a pair of ducks, so I limp and BB calls. The flop comes down Q 6 2. BB bets 100, I raise 100, he calls. I'm putting him on top pair at this point because he only ever bets out with top or middle pair. With middle pair, he tended to fold a lot to re-raises. With sets, he slowplayed all the time. No flush draws on the board - hence my belief that he had a pair of queens. Turn is an 8 (fuck! his lucky card) and BB bets 100 again. I come over the top for another 400 and this induces the all-in reflex on his part. I insta-call and he's done like dinner. After 30 minutes of coming back time and time again, I managed to win my third $3 SNG.

I played one more SNG afterwards, but ended up in third place when I went card dead for the entire game. I did actually pick up rockets, but this happened in level 1 and no one wanted to play. The table was the tightest table I'd ever seen. After 30 minutes, 5 of the 6 people were still playing. And these guys were not playing NL - min bets and raises on every street, every hand. The only guy who didn't play this way was the guy who eventually knocked me out when he suddenly came to life with only T600 left in chips. With three people left, I was forced to go all in with pocket 9s and Mr. NL was holding pocket Ts. Oh well - shit happens, as they say.

All in all, I was up $25.05 last night. This brings my earnings for the month up to an incredible $5.58. Finally, my bankroll sits at $1,246.

By the end of the weekend, I should get my bankroll up to $1300 if I play it right at Eurobet and don't lose any money while completing my raked hands for my $50 bonus.

In other news, I should be getting money put into my Neteller account compliments of Rake the Rake - I've generated enough rake at Interpoker to qualify for a rakeback payment. I probably won't get that till mid-November though.

That's it for now. I'll probably write more later as the mood strikes me...


Yay! 100 hits! Number of returning users: 0

I'll keep up the good work...maybe I'll get a returning visit in the next couple years...


I added a new section to the right navbar called "Where's Klopzi Now?". Basically, it's just a list of where you can find usually find me playing. I'll add my Party account once I start playing there more regularly.

I'll see about getting affiliate codes for these places - although I highly recommend anyone looking to sign up for these places tries looking for a rakeback deal. I'll probably see about getting some sort of referral thingy for the rakeback sites too. I don't have any readers right now, so I'm not accountable for anything I do right now.

One more note: feel free to stop by and say hello if you catch me playing online. But if you're a good player, please don't sit down: I'm very fragile and easily broken. But if you're nice enough and ask me nicely, I'll play a heads-up match against you for some really crappy amount - like $2 or something. But hey, it is an almost guaranteed $2 in your pocket.

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