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Took the night off

I took a night off from the tables last night. Kinda by choice, kinda by necessity. I'm becoming a godfather this weekend (insert shitty Marlon Brando impersonation here) and I needed some new clothes. It seems that playing poker every night and eating crackers is not good for the waistline...

So, my wife and I go out shopping. We picked up some a couple nice gifts for my soon-to-be goddaughter (god-daughter?) and also pick up a few nice things for my nephew - it's his birthday tonight. I've got four nephews and a niece so far (plus two honorary nieces as well), so that's a lot of birthday parties and presents. My wife's family is pretty big so there are times when family is definitely the driving force in our lives. Where was I ...?

We pick up some clothes and some presents, but I also stop by EB Games to trade in a couple of games in exchange for some used ones. I got rid of Sid Meier's Pirates (a little too much repetition and "dancing" for me) and Forza Motorsport (I don't have the patience for realistic driving simulators anymore). I picked up a couple games that I'm happy with - Chronicles of Riddick and Mafia. Both games are good so far. I think the Riddick game is going to be a little harder for me to play since I'm old and my reflexes are crap. Mafia is a lot like GTA so far - just set in the 30s - but it's been pretty good up till now.

When will I play poker again? I've pulled my money out of Absolute Poker. Once it gets into my Neteller account, I'm going to make a $500 deposit at Empire in order to take full advantage of the 20% first-time deposit bonus. If I can just play some 0.50/1.00 limit and not lose, I should recoup my losses at Absolute. I still have another 20 BBs to lose at Interpoker's $1/$2, so I've got that to look forward to as well.

I've been reading the blogs you see at the side and most poker players seem to hit a wall every so often. I think I may have hit that wall. I've been running pretty good up till now - 5 straight months in the black. But I'm only down $33 this month, so I should be able to climb out (I've probably just jinxed myself). Still, I'll try to hit my 0 BBs won/lost at $1/$2 for you, my readers (who I'm sure still don't exist despite the 22 hits this site has received) and make a bit more $$ at 0.50/1.00.

That's all for now, more later I'm sure after I get some work done.

By the way, here's some more blatant advertising cuz I felt like trying out the Amazon product links with pictures (I suck, I know...I'm a greedy prick, what can I say?):

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