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Sit N' Gone

First off...two weeks ago it was 35 degrees outside (that's 95 for any American readers). This morning, it's -5 degrees (26) and my car's covered in ice. Seriously - what happened to fall?


Last night, at MrVercetti's suggestion, I give the $3 + 0.45 SNGs a go at TigerGaming. I take $20 of my hard-earned bankroll and get ready to take out some fish (maybe I should stop calling them fish since they're better than I am). MrVercetti's been pushing these $3 SNGs down my throat for the past month or so, so I'm ready to start earning some easy money. First place in these things pays $11.70 and second pays $6.30.

Long story short? I suck...hard.

Long story long? I actually took some notes and have some recaps to give you. If you're wondering why I was playing such low stakes SNGs, well, I'm still a low stakes player. I wish I could play the $1000 + $65 SNGs on Party...

SNG #1 (8:05 PM)
Survivor's just starting when I finally fire up the laptop. MrVercetti shows up and I grab a seat for the next $3 SNG. In the first 4 levels, 4 people get knocked out but I'm slowly getting blinded down. I pick up only one playable hand in level 3 (A7s on the button), but have done nothing for the most part. I was dealt Q8 offsuit about 12 times over the course of this SNG!

Once we get down to three people, both other players tighten up. I'm short-stack, so I know I'm going to have to make some moves to stay in it. I pick up the blinds here and there and really start using my tight table image to my advantage. But to no avail...the chip leader is just pushing people all in on every hand and the second place a-hole has decided not to play at all.

With the blinds at 50/100, I end up all in with the nut flush draw and lose. Still, 3rd place isn't too bad for a first try.

SNG #2 (9:10 PM)
Another $3.45, another five opponents. Unlike the first SNG, I pick up some pretty good hands - just a little too early. Pick up rockets in level one and I'm up T400. Nothing really happens until level 4 with only 3 people left. I'm getting short-stacked again and push with KK - everyone folds. The chip leader is a calling station - completely unbluffable. He has T4500 chips left, so he's calling anything coming his way.

Finally with the blinds getting pretty high (my M was about 4 at this point for any Harrington readers out there), I pick up 99 on the button. I push, chip leader insta-calls, and I'm dead to a two-outer when he turns over AA. Again, out in third on the bubble...

SNG #3 (10:05 PM)
More of the same here, but this time the table is much tighter. We get to level 3 and I'm short-stacked at T500. I've had my aces cracked, Hilton sisters cracked, a missed flop with AK and a couple busted flush draws.

There are still 5 people left and I'm under the gun with 88. I raise to 3xBB (trying to induce a re-raise or all-in from someone else) and UTG+2 (current chip leader) raises to T300 and everyone folds to me. I only have T400 left, so I push all in and again, insta-call. Chip leader turns over Jacks and I'm out in 5th spot.

All in all, a miserable first outing. I can't believe I ran into higher pocket pairs on two of my all-ins. Still, serves me right. I was playing loose-weak the entire night. I'm really out of practice with my no-limit game. I'll have to see what I can do to get it back.


Going out to lunch today at work. I just started here about two weeks ago - wonder if it's a drinking crowd or not. If it is, it'll be a good afternoon.


Back from lunch. Had a beer, but no one else had any more, so I couldn't push it. Oh well...Had a "Maple Leaf Burger" - otherwise known as undercooked greasy burger covered in cheese, bacon, and mushrooms that seemed to have been dropped on the floor. I still ate the whole thing - I mean, I'm not gonna waste a bacon-cheeseburger - but it was a real trial.


Want to do something fun tonight. I'm gonna see if my wife wants to go out with some of our friends. If not, beer and Internet poker (is it considered drinking alone when I'm playing poker online?). I feel like trying some more SNGs at Tiger cuz I'm a sucker for punishment. Also want to give the $1/$2 at Empire a try and see how much $$ I can lose.


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Obviously, this is the sweetest poker blog on the 'Net. Gonna find some other ways to advertise the site...I'm such an egomaniac.

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