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The shame that is my $1/$2 game

Anyway, I just thought I'd give a quick recap of everything that's happened this month. Basically, excluding last night's $13K, it's been mainly $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 limit play for me. Up until the start of October, I'd played $1/$2 two times. My first session I lost $26.50 in 30 minutes and my second at the end of September saw me lose another $62 in about two hours. Needless to say, I was getting my ass handed to me.

Luckily (or unluckily if things don't work out) for me, two things helped push me back to the $1/$2 tables. First, in one of Matt Maroon's posts on The Poker Chronicles, he discusses how to move up to higher limit tables. He says that once you've won enough BB at a lower limit, try out the next higher limit. If you lose half of your bankroll, move back down and build yourself back up until you're ready to give it another shot. So what I'll do is take my 300 BB that I won at 0.50/1.00 and play the $1/$2 game until I've lost $150 or until I've won a bunch of sessions. If I lose, I'll just go back to the 50 cent games again. If I win, then I'll play until I have the 300 BB and move then move up to $2/$4. I think I'll then give myself $300 to lose, and so on...

The biggest reason for me trying the $1/$2 again is because of my wife's reassurance that I seemed to lose a lot because of some horrific luck. She watched the numerous suckouts and bad flops come down one after the other. I made some bad plays too - mainly due to tilting after catching some bad breaks.

I'm also reading Middle Limit Holdem Poker by Bob Ciaffone. His style is a little tigher than Ed Miller's, but that's ok. Lots of great hand examples with solid explanations behind every move. I'm enjoying it quite a bit and I think the new perspective on hold'em is helping my game.

Here's the rundown of my $1/$2 exploits this month. Remember I started the month with a bankroll of $1107 and I was -44 BB at $1/$2. So far, I've played only twice (it's been a busy month). I've only played at Interpoker so far, but it's been ok.

On October 5, I sat down at 2 tables and started playing. After about an hour, I was down another 11 BB! Sometimes the cards just don't come and I wasn't about to start playing crazy. I don't know, something about losing more than $10 on a hand scares me - hopefully that'll change before I hit $3/$6.

On October 10, I sat down again, determined to make it work. After three and a half hours, I was up 20 BB! My first ever winning session at $1/$2. I'm still down 35 BBs overall, but honestly, who gives a shit? I finally made some money and I'm happy. I also managed to clear my $90 September reload bonus at Interpoker in the process, so I'm happy.

I also played a little 0.50/1.00 on October 1st: I was still recovering from the once-over at the $1/$2 tables on the previous day. I managed my biggest single session win ever: $85. I was playing 3 tables and it was all clicking. That night and the next day, I lost some of it back again, but it's still been a good month. I'm up a total of $61.47 at the 0.50/1.00 tables.

October's been good so far: $90 in bonus, $61 at the 0.50/1.00 tables, and $19 at the $1/$2 tables. So I'm up about $170 so far and my bankroll's sitting at $1300. Hopefully I'll get some more playing in before the end of the month - with Thanksgiving and a wedding last weekend, I didn't really have much time to play. And I haven't played as much this week because of the tournament last night and some other family obligations.

I'll make my goal for the month an easier one: I want to be even for my play at $1/$2, which means another 35 BB. To make it harder though, I'll be playing at Absolute Poker. They gave me a VIP deal for some tournament play and a good reload bonus. I'll have to play about 24 hours of poker in the next couple weeks to clear my bonus there, but I should be able to do it. I'll really have to get over my fear of Absolute Poker players...they just seem to have my number.

Some other quick things to note: Interpoker is sending me a baseball cap and a copy of Super System II. They had a promotion in September and I guess I qualified for these things. I don't need the Super System II, but the baseball cap is cool!

Also, Absolute Poker has finally changed their software in regards to hand histories. Hand histories are now saved to the hard drive automatically. This is good news for PokerTracker users. And right on schedule, PokerTracker's been updated to make use of Absolute's new functionality.

That's it for now. I will post some hand histories when I get the chance, as well as fill everyone in on my play.

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