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Random shizzy

From Pauly's Tao of Poker:

But I know the average poker blogger is in a relationship and most of them have children, so I can only imagine the pressure that they must deal with... toeing the line with an expensive hobby. The only thing I can suspect is that they are surrounded by people who understand poker, have faith in said person, and are ultimately supportive. Otherwise they wouldn't be playing.

It's funny - when I started playing poker, my wife never worried about the money used for playing poker. Granted, I've been free-rolling since day one, but we have a different outlook on my hobby. I used to exclusively play video games as a hobby. High school, it was video games. University, video games. It wasn't until recently that I discovered this cool little hobby that can actually make me money.

Does my wife understand poker? Yes. She knows the rules, she understands the strategy, and she knows a bad beat when she sees one.

Does my wife have faith in me and my poker abilities? Absolutely. She's the one who picks me up if I have a few losing sessions. Granted, I haven't lost all that much at any one time, but I know that if I were to lose half my bankroll in one night, she'd be the first person telling me that it's okay and that I'll get it back. Unless I played like a moron, in which case she'll let me know...

Love ya baby!


I was gonna post once my Site Meter counter hit 100 unique hits. Well, it's not gonna happen before I leave work, so I'm posting anyways. I'm at 97 hits so far, but the median visit length is about 5 seconds or something ridiculous like that. Basically, people are hitting the "Next Blog" button on the toolbar at the top of the screen and landing on my site. Poor bastards...


If anyone is reading this, I'd like to know where the easiest $5 SNGs can be found. I've played them at TigerGaming, PokerRoom and PokerStars. I actually won 3 $5 SNGs at PokerStars a few months back, but am afraid to go back since I got roshambo'ed the last few times I played there. It's almost pointless playing a $5 SNG at TigerGaming since they take a good 10 - 20 minutes to fill up. And lastly, I've had some success at PokerRoom, but I'm wondering if there is an even easier place out there.

I've got accounts at Party Poker and EuroBet. Does anyone know how the $5 SNGs play at these sites? The only concern I have is the juice on these SNGs at the party sites. Are they easy enough to cover the extra cost? (Seriously, how cheap am I?) Pauly's put me in the mood to gamble a bit, much in the same way that AlCantHang makes me want to drink and the Quiet Lion makes me want to play the WPT circuit eating gourmet food every night. Geez...talk about P-I-M-P...now if only I had readers, I'd actually be generating traffic for those guys.

My plan for tonight? Survivor (kinda sucks this year - I multi-table while that's on in the background), The Apprentice, Curb your Enthusiasm, and some SNGs. I'd have a few beers, but I'm told that drinking on a weeknight makes me a raging alcoholic. I disagree but I'm too lazy to argue...stupid teetotalers...

Anyway, that's about it for now. Twenty minutes till I get to go home.

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