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Random shizzit

I'm going to start posting stuff that I read elsewhere that I find interesting. It'll usually be poker related, but I can't guarantee that. I'm a big fan of movies, video games and beer too...yes, I'm a nerd! My wife's just coming to terms with that... (love ya baby!)


Here's an excerpt from Pauly's Tao of Poker. Granted, this is an early post (December 2003), but it looks like I'm not the only one who gets screwed on the "heads-up-paired-flop-what-are-the-chances-that-he-has-the-set" hands:

I walked into an insane hand that my brother flopped. I held Q-5 suited (h). The flop: Q-7-7. I bet he calls. The turn: K. I bet he raises, I call. The river: 5. I go all-in. he quickly calls and turns over a full house Qs and 7s. He flopped the full house and I lost all my chips to go down $310.

I was telling MrVercetti that I like to read poker blogs from the first entry to the last entry, as opposed to just jumping in mid-stream. Although it's a lot of reading (or as Al put it:
"Oh god help you. I can't believe you went through my archives"
) , I find it to be a more satisfying plan of attack. Why? I think in order to become a better poker player and learn the sometime-subtle nuances that separate the fish from the sharks, it's important to see that same growth in others. Why make the same mistakes as everyone else if you don't have to?

Many of the big poker bloggers out there are successful poker players because they write about and think about poker when most casual players are sitting around doing whatever it is they do (I seem to have forgotten what I used to do and it's only been 8 months...). I started this blog for three reasons:
  1. Most importantly, to become a better poker player by being made to think about and write about my play on a daily (or near-daily) basis.
  2. To get free stuff...I don't think I will, but I'll cling to that belief.
  3. And lastly, to document my (hopeful) rise throughout the ranks of the poker world. I want to show that given a measly $5, you can gradually build it up to giant chunk of cash. I don't care about the money...I just want to sit down at a table with the big boys and hold my own. I'm just building the bankroll so that I can do it. It may take me twenty years, but it'll happen...
I know...big talk for someone just breaking even at the micro-limits. It's my blog though, so there... Still, I've read about others' exploits and read about them climbing the ranks and one day realizing that they are pretty damn good at this poker thing. I may be at the bottom of ladder, but as long as that next rung is within reach, I'll keep climbing.

Plus, poker's considered a sport now and I'm told that I need the exercise.


I've played a couple SNGs so far this evening...they're taking forever, but I've come in 2nd twice. Bit of a cold-deck the second time, but what are you gonna do. I'm only playing for $3 a pop, so it serves me right I guess.

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