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May 2005

Bankroll: $70

So, I started the month at $70. So far so good...but I wanted more. I started looking around for other sites to play at that would possibly give me more free money. I saw an ad for Pacific Poker and decided to give them a try. I'd heard that they had a huge player base and that the games were soft. Not only that - they also gave you $10 for free just for signing up.

So, over the course of the month, I played some 0.10/0.20 at TigerGaming and managed to squeeze out an additional $8.43 over about 14 hours of playing. It doesn't sound great, but it works out to well over 4 big bets per 100 hands (4 BB/100). If you're winning 1-2 BB/100, you're doing pretty well.

Over at Pacific, they had some 5-person SNGs. The buy-in was $2.50 + 0.25 (was increased to $2.50 + 0.50 later) with the top 3 spots paying. I thought that was cool - I didn't want to have to play any more 0.10 SNGs at Tiger. Out of 8 attempts, I won once, placed 2nd once, and third twice. Unfortunately, this meant that I lost some money playing these.

I also play some 0.05/0.10 fixed limit and lost 39 cents after about 50 minutes. I gave up on that since it was being played much like a play money game (including me...man I sucked...). So, after playing a bunch of the SNGs described above, I hit a new milestone in my poker career: the 25c/50c tables!

I was pretty scared. I mean, I only had $8.36 left at Pacific after all the SNGs and my play at the 5c/10c tables. But I'd done pretty well at Tiger, so I thought I'd give it a shot. When I sat down, the players were much better than I was used to. Only 6-8 players would see the flop instead of the 9 or 10 players I was used to at 10c/20c (actually, games were a bit tighter on average, but not much). The biggest difference were the number of preflop raises, reraises, and generally aggressive play. So, I was scared. I sat down and lost 75 cents in the first 5 minutes - I panicked and left the table.

I walked out of the bedroom and told my wife the bad news: I sucked at poker and had hit my limit. The players at 0.25/0.50 were too good and that was that...

So, later that night, I sat down again at the tables and gave it another shot. I scare easily, but then I just get pissed off and hit the tables harder than I probably should. When I sat down, I had about $7.50 - I promised myself that I would either lose it all or double it. It was then end of the month, so tonight was going to make or break me. After an hour and a half, I was up to $20 and cashed out.

Although May was not as profitable as April, I'd managed to make $18.50 by playing and an extra $10 with the free Pacific bonus. My bankroll was booming, I was pretty confident having had a successful (yet short) run at 0.25/0.50, and I was ready to kick it up a notch in June.

And thanks to PokerSource Online, June ended up being a huge month for me and bankroll.

Ed. Note: By the way, I'm trying to keep in the spirit of what I was feeling when writing these "back-posts"...I know that $18 is not a lot of money, but when you're used to working for your money, $18 is a lot for doing nothing except having fun. Also, $18 US is worth, like, a $100 in Canada...kinda...

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